Infinix XOS UI Vs Google’s androidOne software – A short but detailed comparison


For a long time now, the battle has always been between stock android UI, vs custom UI(s). So today i thought we’d do something a little different, and that is; Infinix XOS UI vs Google’s androidOne UI.

Infinix XOS vs Google androidOne
Infinix Note 5, running androidOne

Though taking a look at it from an angle, you’d notice that we’re still debating on the regular stock android vs custom ui(s) here, but this time, in a more specific and pinpointed approach.

So to start with, what really sparked up this topic, or this post rather, was for the fact that way back in 2018, Infinix launched their Note smartphones, I’m talking about the Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus, with Google’s androidOne stock UI out of the box, rather than the iconic XOS UI that they have been known for, for a long time now.

Infinix Note 5 androidOne

And then in the upper year (2019), they launched their next generation Note device, the Infinix Note 6, but did so, while moving back to their XOS UI.

And as a matter of fact, this wasn’t the first time that Infinix Mobility had decided to take a break from their custom-made XOS UI software, and allowed Google handled things their own way with their stock android software.


They once did it way back… i think that should be in 2015, with the Infinix Hot 2 smartphone, then the second time was with the aforementioned Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus smartphones.

And that is the reason why we’re making this post today, to know if Google’s androidOne stock UI is in any way than Infinix XOS UI that makes them to keep switching back and forth, what are their strengths and weaknesses against each other, and what you as a user will stand to gain, if you chose anyone of the two..

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So without further ado, let’s get started… #enjoy.

What Is androidOne?

Infinix XOS vs Google Android one (androidOne)

Now for those who don’t know what androidOne actually stands for, it’s just a complete, pure, and a non-customised version of android which Google actually made official and available to all smartphone OEMs out there, who wants to get a taste and feel of what true and pure android, looks and feels like.

You can learn more about androidOne when you follow this link..


androidOne simply means you wouldn’t be getting any of those added pre-installed third party apps and features that you’d get with custom UI(s), such as the Infinix XOS UI, even if they’re actually useless 90% of the time.

Infinix XOS vs Google Android one (androidOne)

So on androidOne, what you’re getting is what is currently available and accessible on the current version of android, with no additional skins, apps or features added to it.

All Google Pixel phones run on the pure android software, while popular smartphone makers that makes use of the androidOne software on their smartphones, include Nokia, and sometimes, Xiaomi.


What is Infinix XOS UI?

Infinix S5 android tips and tricks
Infinix S5, running XOS 5 Cheeta

Well, i guess this one is pretty simple..

Like every other smartphone manufacturer out there that makes use of a custom skin or UI on top of the original Google’s pure android OS, XOS is just the name for Infinix’s own custom-made proprietary UI.

Aside from Infinix XOS, we also have a host of other custom UIs out there from other smartphone manufacturers.. UIs such as Samsung’s One UI (formerly Touchwiz), Huawei’s EMUI, Xiaomi MIUI, and even Tecno’s HIOS.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Custom Ui

So like i said earlier, sometime in 2018, Infinix decided to sweep everyone off their feet by launching their next generation Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus smartphones, both preloaded with Google’s androidOne software, instead of their own custom-made XOS UI.

Infinix Note 5 Android One.
Android One Experience On The Infinix Note 5 Smart Phone
Android One Experience On The Infinix Note 5 Smart Phone

And that brings us back to the question, what makes one UI or software rather, better than the other, and from a user standpoint, what will one stand to gain or lose, if they chose one over the other, assuming that Infinix releases two different variants of its smartphones every year, one with XOS Ui on it, and the other running google’s androidOne UI.

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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Infinix XOS vs Google androidOne

Now the thing is, whichever UI or software you tend to go for, they will both have their advantages and disadvantages over each other.

For example, two of the biggest advantages that you’ll stand to gain while using a smartphone that is running on Google’s androidOne software is speed, early software (new android version) updates, and as well as a longer update period, or timeline.

Here’s what i mean..

In terms of speed, since the overall UI is free from pre-installed and most times un-removable bloatware apps, and doesn’t come cluttered with maybe unnecessary features that you usually see on custom UI, then it is bound to be fast, responsive, reliable, and efficient.

And then in terms of early software updates and a longer update timeline, since the software is being provided and managed by Google itself, then all smartphones running on the pure android software are usually the first set of to get a taste of any new android version release.


And they get these new android version updates, for at least 2-3yrs of their life, whereas most smartphones running on custom UI(s) like the Infinix XOS in question, can’t even boast of a single new android version update.

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Then one of the biggest disadvantages that you’ll stand to lose if you went with a Google’s androidOne powered infinix device over the XOS powered ones is;

You will lose out on all of the essential stock infinix apps such as the infinix Xhide, the Infinix XManager app, the app freezer, and the overall Infinix XOS UI as a whole.

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But even at that, you’re not losing completely though, cause you can still get third party apps from the play store to help you get done what those aforementioned stock Infinix apps usually do on your smartphone.


in case you don’t know what the function of those apps are on an Infinix smartphone, you can follow the links provided above, to read more on them, and that brings us to end of our today’s topic, the Infinix XOS UI vs Google’s androidOne software.

Don’t forget to hit that share button if you enjoyed reading this post, make sure that you’re subscribed to our push notifications system, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out..

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  1. Wow, i must say, i lovel your points bro. Even me too, a part of me kind of like it for its simplicity, while a part of me keeps saying its too boring.. LOL.. 🤣

  2. Android one is basically going back into 20s. Infinix android one is not an upgrade. But it is the smartest way to save money by removing thwir own infinix ui

  3. Hi,please advise on the best battery replacement for my infinix x602 in Nairobi. It has swollen . No any other mechanical issues and I love dearly.

    • Hello Mutuku, good morning.

      To get a battery replacement for your Infinix Zero 4 Plus smartphone, you can check any of the available 3CHub shops nearest to you. You should be able to get an original battery replacement for your phone at a lesser price, since they’re official patners of Infinix.

      Or you can as well download the “Carlcare” from Google Play Store, from there you can locate any Infinix repair centres, nearest to you.

      I hope this helps, thanks for stopping by.. #Cheers..

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