Android 10 Q Update For Infinix Hot S4 and Hot 8 – When Are They Getting Theirs?


You’re here because you own either an Infinix S4, or the Hot 8 smartphone, and you want to know if they’d be getting Android 10 update, and even if they will, when will they be getting the said update.. right?

Infinix Hot S4 & Hot 8 Android 10 Q update

Well, the thing is, first of all, there has been no official statement or announcement so far from Infinix, as to which of its smartphones that will be getting Android 10 update, and when they’d be getting it.

But today, we’ll be trying to see some reasons, as to ascertain or guess rather, whether the Infinix S4 and Hot 8 smartphones, are gonna be getting the said Android 10 Q’s update, or not.

So with that, i believe you know what to do in times like this. Take everything written on this article, with a pinch of salt, and a lil bit of pepper.


And without further ado, let’s get started… #Enjoy..

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Android 10 Q Update for Infinix Hot S4 & Hot 8 smartphones – What we think is gonna happen..

Now there’s no doubt that Android 10 Q version update is the hottest cake in town right now, i mean since the first day it was announced by Google, all major smartphones OEM are trying their best to get it on some of their most popular smartphones, as soon as possible,

Even the likes of Realme are in this race all together. But as for Infinix, our biggest known brand right here in Nigeria and other major African markets, we’ve not heard anything from them, not even a single rumor, right from the first day that Android 10 was announced.

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So what’s happening.

Does it mean that no single Infinix smartphone will be getting Android 10 update? not even one? Not even the S4 and the Hot 8 smartphones?

Infinix Hot S4 and Hot 8 Android 10 update

Cause if you will agree with me, the Infinix S4 and Hot 8 smartphones were the most popular and most sold Infinix smartphones of 2019, i mean we don’t have any data to prove this, but going by the kind of hype, especially the S4, and the level of popularity and attention that they garnered on social media, then you can’t agree less with me.

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So why shouldn’t they be getting Android 10 update, because they are definitely worth it.

Well the thing is, i don’t want to just bluntly say that they would definitely not be getting this update, but what i know is, going by past Infinix records for the S and Hot series smartphones, no Hot or S device has ever gotten an update to a newer Android version. It was always the Note devices mostly.

I was even dead shocked in 2018 when Infinix announced android pie update for the Smart 2 smartphones. I mean, i was never expecting that to happen, at a point i thought it was a kind of “April fools day joke“.

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But what about the Smart 3 and 3 Plus devices that were launched in this year, nothing.


When they shipped the Infinix Zero 4 smartphone in 2017, with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and later updated it to Android 7.0 Nougat, i thought they were going to continue that trend for the rest of the coming Zero phones, but up till this very moment, the Infinix Zero 5 is still stuck with Android 7.0 Nougat that it came with, without a single update, and they were even dumb enough to ship the latest Infinix Zero 6 smartphone with Android 8.1 Oreo in 2019.

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Now if you sit back to reason all the things I’ve said up there, you should notice one significant negative factor about Infinix, Inconsistency.

Yes that is just it, when it comes to updating smartphones to newer android versions, though they were trying in the past, at least more than their next door sibling “Tecno“, but they are not just consistent in doing that.

They might decide to update some sets of smartphones this year, and then next year, they wouldn’t update the newer versions of them, just as with the case of the Zero 4, 5 and 6 series.

So with that being said, when it comes to whether the Infinix S4 and Hot 8 smartphones are gonna be getting Android 10 update, I’d look you in the face and say no to you.


Okay, now take a look at this, the Infinix S5, a successor to the S4 in question, was launched globally, with the same Android 9.0 Pie out of the box.

So what makes you think they’re gonna be updating the S4 and Hot 8 to Android 10, when even newer models are still coming with Android Pie out of the box.

But just so you, Infinix has already started shipping its newer 2020 smartphones with the said android 10 software, coupled with its new XOS 6 Dolphin UI.

So smartphones such as the Note 7 and Note 7 Lite, the S5 Pro and Hot 9 all shipped with android 10 with XOS 6 Dolphin UI out of the box.

So in conclusion, I’d say well, if i were you, I’ll stop expecting an Android 10 update from these guys anytime soon, but even at that, all hopes are not lost.

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Who knows, tomorrow they might just decide to give everyone a surprise package by announcing Android 10 Q update for the Infinix S4, Hot 8 and even the Smart 3 and Smart 3 Plus smartphones.

Well until that day comes, all you can do right now, is to keep your fingers crossed, and hope for the best.. #Cheers…

Alright guys, so that’s everything we can say right now concerning Android 10 update for the Infinix Hot S4 and the Hot 8 smartphones, please do let us know what y’all think in the comments section below.

And remember that everything written in this article today, are just mere speculations and never to be taken too seriously.

But in the mean time, please help us share this article if you enjoyed reading it, and subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t done so already, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out…



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