Infinix XOS 6 Dolphin review

Infinix XOS 6 Dolphin Review, Features & Updates.

So, with the launch of Infinix new S5 Pro smartphone, along came a new version of its XOS UI, the XOS 6 or 6.0 Dolphin UI, and guess what…

It is based or built on the new android 10 google’s operating system. And do you know what that means? I guess you don’t, but I’ll tell you what.

First is that, the aforementioned Infinix S5 Pro smartphone happens to be first Infinix smartphone to ship with the said Android 10, including the new XOS version UI out of the box, second is that it has all the latest android 10 features such as a system-wide dark mode, gesture navigation, etc.

Infinix XOS 6 Dolphin review
XOS 6.0 Dolphin UI, running on the Infinix S5 Pro smartphone.

And last is that as from now onwards, new Infinix phones that will be launched during this year, will as well ship with the said XOS 6 Dolphin UI out of the box, based on android 10 too.

It’s a sad thing though that Infinix are not gonna be updating their old smartphones to this new version of android and XOS UI, but at least we now know that we’re not gonna be stuck with android 9 pie for one more year.

So today, as requested, we’re gonna be reviewing this latest version of XOS UI, by picking features mainly from the Infinix S5 Pro smartphone, to see and know what makes it different from last year’s XOS 5 Cheetah, and without further ado, let’s get started.

Infinix XOS 6 Dolphin review
Credits GSMArena.

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Infinix XOS 6 Dolphin Review and Features

  • No significant visual or cosmetic changes.
  • Dark mode.
  • Android 10 based system navigation.
  • Native video calling and WiFi video calling.
  • New theme options for “Phone Dialer” app.
  • New Xtheme option (My Video Show animations) for Incoming calls.
  • Focus mode.
  • Quick data sim card switcher.

The list above, shows all the major changes and new features that we found on Infinix’s new XOS 6 Dolphin UI, so to make this article elaborate enough, we’ll be talking about each feature or change, one after the other. So without further ado once again, let’s get started.

Any Visual Changes?

No, there are none.

Though if you pull the notifications drawer all the way down, you will noticed that the quick toggle icons, have taken a different look and shapes.

First is that the overall background of the notifications toggle menu have been changed from dark (black), to light (white), though this can be changed when you switch to dark mode.

And even the quick setting toggle icons themselves, are way larger, and have this green accent color, when you tap on them, or have them enabled.

So aside from the notifications quick setting toggles, there is no where else that i can say, that Infinix has made any visual or cosmetic changes, on the new XOS 6 Dolphin UI.

The home-screen seem to be the same from the last version, including areas such your app drawer, main settings menu options, etc.

Dark Mode

So as with all things android 10, the new XOS 6 Dolphin UI has the dark mode option as a native feature. I guess this is not the first time that you’re probably hearing the word “Dark mode”, so I’m not gonna be writing any long epistle on it.

But if you ever get a chance to make use of any of the new Infinix phones that will be shipping with android 10 out of the box, including the new version of XOS, all you have to do is pull down your notifications drawer to reveal the quick setting toggles, locate the toggle that says “Dark mode“, tap on it, and immediately, your phone should look this way.

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Android 10 based system gesture navigation

Infinix XOS 6 Dolphin review

You know how it works right? Swipe all the way up from the bottom of your phone’s screen to go “Home“, a short swipe up and hold action takes you to “Recent apps” menu, and then lastly, an inward swipe from either sides of the screen (left or right), takes you “Back“.

In addition to that, the native three-button navigation system is still available, for people who might have time getting used to the new gesture navigation system.

Infinix XOS 6 Dolphin review

XOS 6 Dolphin Review – Android Native Video Calling

Though i haven’t had enough time to explore this feature, but i think it has something to do with making video calls directly from your phone dialer, or contacts app, instead of using third party apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Imo, etc.

If you want to learn more about android’s native video calling feature, you can follow the link below.

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New theming options for the “Phone Dialer” app.

Okay remember i said that there were no cosmetic changes done on the new XOS 6 Dolphin UI, well i might be wrong, cause if you dig into your dialer app settings, there is a new option there that says “Theme“, and i guess you already know what that means.

So instead of the regular white background that you’d get on past XOS versions, or even black as the case may be (if you switched to dark mode on the new version), you can set the phone dialer app that take different colors and accents, such as blue, green, red, etc.

Infinix XOS 6 Dolphin review

To me, it isn’t necessarily much of a change, cause i know a lot of folks that will be using these new phones running XOS 6 Dolphin, wouldn’t even know that the feature was there at the first place, probably because it is a kind of hidden from the public, but i just think that it is worth pointing out.

New Xtheme option – “My Video Show”

Now if you go to your phone’s main setting menu, and go to the option that says “Theme and Lockscreen“, you should notice that aside from the usual old options that we’re already used to, such as My theme, My wallpaper, My fonts, etc, a new option has been added there, and it says “My Video Show“.

Infinix XOS 6 Dolphin review

And what does it do? pretty simple, but fun.

It let’s you to choose different video backgrounds for incoming calls. I don’t know if you get what I’m trying to say.

Simply put, instead of the good old way of displaying something that looks like a head with the caller’s name or phone number below it, you can choose to make use of something entirely different.

Something that looks this way.

XOS 6 Dolphin Review – Focus Mode

Personally, i think it seems that with every new update done to Infinix XOS UI, they’re more focused on privacy and speed of their phones.

From the release of Xhide and app freezer on XOS Chameleon, to the release of Bike mode, WhatsApp mode and game mode on XOS 5 Cheetah, and now we have “Focus mode” on this version.

And what does it do? Simple..

When activated, it let’s you select only the apps that you wish to make use of at that particular moment, and then it disables the rest apps.

Let’s say you turned “Focus mode” on and selected only apps such as Facebook, maybe your music player, browser app, etc. It is only those apps that will be available for use at that particular moment.

Infinix XOS 6 Dolphin review
XOS 6 Dolphin “Focus Mode” setup.

Other apps will have this grey tint to their icons, to show that they’re currently not usable, until you turn focus mode off.

Personally, i think that it is a welcome addition, and might turn out to be the most useful feature to me on the new XOS 6 Dolphin UI, because it let’s you focus on what’s important to you at a particular moment.

Quick Data Sim Card Switcher from the notifications toggle menu

Infinix XOS 6 Dolphin review

Though this feature was first advertised on the now old XOS 5 Cheetah UI, but for some reasons best known to Infinix, we never saw it manifest on the then Infinix smartphones running the said version of XOS UI.

But finally, here it is now, and what does it do? Simple..

It saves you the stress of you having to dig all the way to your phone’s main settings menu, then going to “Mobile networks” options, before you can switch data connection from one sim card to another.

So with the new version of XOS UI, all you have to do is;

  • Pull down your notifications drawer to reveal the quick setting toggles.
  • Locate the toggle that says “Switch data Sim card“, and tap on it, just once.
  • Data connection should be immediately switched from the current sim card, to your second sim card, from Sim 1 to Sim 2, and vice versa.

Alright guys, so that’s all concerning the new XOS 6 Dolphin UI, do show us some love by sharing this article if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.


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