TECNO HIOS 6 REVIEW – BASED ON ANDROID™ 10 (Everything you need to know)


What is Tecno HIOS 6 UI?

Tecno HIOS 6 UI (user interface) is Tecno’s latest version of its proprietary HIOS UI for 2020, it is based on android™ 10 and comes with some android 10 built in feature such as dark mode.

It was first seen on Tecno’s Camon 15 smartphones that launched earlier this year, and since then, it has trickled down to some of its low-budget entry -level smartphones, such as the Tecno Spark 5 lineups.

So today, we’re gonna be having an exclusive review of the Tecno HIOS 6 UI, and with this, we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about the UI, ist features, and what makes it different from its predecessor, the HIOS 5 UI, based on android 9 Pie.

And without further ado, let’s get started..

Tecno HIOS 6 review and features


  • System-wide dark mode.
  • Android 10 based new gesture-based navigation system.
  • Gesture incoming call picker.
  • Focus mode.
  • WiFi share.
  • Instant USSD in dialer app.
  • Parental control.

System-wide dark mode

Are we still supposed to be talking about dark mode in 2020? I guess no.


But for this sake of this article, it is of great joy and happiness in my heart that i announce to all Tecno mobile fans out there, that finally, you guys can now enjoy a system-wide dark mode on your Tecno mobile smartphones, but that’s obviously if you purchased any of the new Tecno smartphones that were launched in 2020, sorry old Tecno mobile phone users.. laughs in Xiaomi.

Tecno HIOS 6 dark mode

Sorry if i sounded mock-like, but what I’m trying to say is, with Tecno’s new HIOS 6 UI, Tecno has introduced the long awaited system-wide dark mode feature to its devices, something that other smartphone brand that are running on custom UI has been enjoying since the days of android 9 Pie.

And it is a sad thing too, because you wouldn’t be able to partake in it, unless you go buy yourself a new Tecno smartphone, cause we all know older Tecno smartphones, even as recent as the ones released just last year, wouldn’t be getting updated to android 10, or HIOS 6 either.

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Android 10 based gesture navigation system

Since the days of android 9 pie, Google has been tinkering with gesture based navigation across its UI, and with android 10, it seems that experiment is not going to end anytime soon.


So with HIOS 6 running on new Tecno smartphones, you can make use of simple left and right swipe gestures from either sides of your phone’s screen to go back.

Tecno HIOS 6 android 10 gesture navigation

A short swipe and hold from the bottom of your screen, takes you to your recent apps menu, and a longer swipe, all the way to the top, takes you “Home“, or back to your home screen.

In addition to that, you can as well reset your navigation preferences to the traditional three-button navigation if the gesture-based one doesn’t go well with you.

Gesture Incoming call picker

Okay so this one is quite new, though I’ve been making use on Infinix smartphones running Android 9 + XOS 5 Cheetah.

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So what is it?


With this feature, you can pick and reject incoming calls by just making simple hand (finger) gestures..

Gesture call picker

Like raising two fingers above your phone’s screen (a peace sign), picks up the call, and making a stop sign rejects the call.

Personally, i don’t see this as a feature to be overly excited about, and i don’t see it replacing the traditional way of picking up and rejecting calls anytime soon, but it’s just there.

Tecno HIOS 6 Review – Focus Mode

Focus mode is a new feature that was officially introduced by Google with the launch of android 10, but on Tecno and Infinix smartphones, let’s just call it a rebranded version of App freezer.

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So what does it do? Simple..

When activated, it lets you select ones which you only want to make use of at that particular time, and guess what happens to the rest apps on your phone, they all get deactivated.

Here’s what i mean, when activated, you can decide to make use of just say your Facebook app, and maybe your music player app, and the rest apps will have this grey tint to their icons, indicating that they’re currently deactivated.


Follow this link to read more about focus mode and how you can get it running on your HIOS 6 powered Tecno mobile smartphone.

Wi-Fi Share

With HIOS 6, Tecno introduced android 10 Wi-Fi sharing feature to its smartphones that are currently running on the said version.

Android 10 wifi sharing

And what does it do? Simple..

It simply lets you share your Wi-Fi network with other users, without them having to know the actual password to the network, and you do this, by just generating a QR code from your Tecno mobile android 10 powered, HIOS 6 running device, the person who wants to connect scans the QR code with their phone (whether android 10 powered or not), and that is all.

Personally, i will say that this is a good move from Google, as you don’t have to tell everyone the password to your mobile hotspot, and you don’t even have to memorise your own password at the first place.


You can follow this link to learn more about Google’s android 10 wifi sharing feature, and how to set it up on your Tecno mobile phone.

Instant USSD codes in dialer app

What this feature does is pretty simple and straight to the point, and will come in handy for persons like me who seems to forget the USSD codes of accessing most services on our smartphones.

Tecno HIOS 6 instant USSD feature

USSD codes such as airtime and data balance request, bank ussd codes, etc. So what this feature does is, immediately you type in the first “*” symbol to start entering a USSD code in your dialer app, it will provide you with a drop-down of the all available USSD codes that it currently supports, and maybe from there, you can find the one you’re looking for.

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A welcome feature if you’d ask me, and one which i think a lot of people like me out there who makes use of a lot of USSDs, will really come to appreciate.

Parental control

With this feature, you can manage and monitor the affairs of a second device, which in this case, will be your child or ward’s phone.

Google's parental control

So what does it do? Simple..

It lets you set specific time for which apps should run on the phone, you can see how long the phone has been kept up and running, what apps are downloaded on the phone..


You can even restrict some apps from being downloaded on the monitored phone, and to cap it all, you can even set schedule on/off durations for the smartphone.

So with parental controls from Google, you can know what is going on, on your child’s phone.

Okay guys, so that’s all about Tecno’s HIOS 6 UI which is based on Google android 10 operating system.

Don’t forget to like this post if you enjoyed reading it, and make sure that you’re subscribed to our push notifications system if you haven’t done so already, and as always, i’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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