Infinix App Freezer – What It Is, What It Does, And To Use It To Freeze Apps On Any Infinix Smart Phone In 2mins

The App Freezer is an extremely useful tool, that comes pre-installed on infinix smart phone that runs on XOS Chameleon or any of the latest XOS 3.0 and 3.2 Hummingbird versions, that can save you a lot of RAM space and some battery juice, but it is sad to say that most users of this Infinix smart phones, do not make use of this God-given tool, probably because they don’t know what it is and what it is used for, or they might not even know it is in their device. And that is the reason why, today, we’ve taken it upon our selves, to tell you guys what everything you need to know about the app freezer app on your Infinix smart phones, starting with..

  • What it is
  • What it does, or what it is used for
  • And how to take good advantage of it, in order to get the most out of your Infinix smart phones.

So without further ado, let us take some of our time to see and learn what the Infinix App Freezer is all about.. #Enjoy

Infinix app freezer
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What Is The Infinix App Freezer and How Does It Wok?

In simple terms, the App Freezer, just as it is pronounced, is a tool that is used to disable (freeze) unused apps in your smartphone. i.e it automatically makes selected applications in your device to stop working for as long as you want, thereby saving RAM space, and a reasonable amount of battery juice. Here, check the picture below..

Infinix App freezer
As you can see, by freezing a total of 28 apps on my device, i was able to save an 895MB of RAM space, which is a good thing. Now one very interesting thing about the app freezer, is that frozen apps act like they were not even installed on the device at the first place, which means that you won’t get notifications from them, they do not also appear on your app drawer, which makes it another great tool to hide apps. I’ve use the app freezer to freeze a ton of apps on my device, and i can’t stop testifying on that.

So haven known what the app freezer is all about, and what it is used for or how it works, now let us take some more time, to see how we can set it up, and probably, make use of it, on our infinix smart phones… #Enjoy


How To Setup The Infinix App Freezer On Your Infinix Smart Phone

  1. Now first of all, if you’re using a third party home launcher, you will have to switch back to the default XOS Launcher, cause that is where you can only find the freezer app.
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  2. After migrating back to XOS launcher, locate the app freezer icon on your homescreen by swiping back and forth. It shouldn’t be hard to find.

    Infinix app freezer

  3. When you’ve found it, tap on the icon to open it, and tap on the Circled plus (+) button at the bottom of your screen to add whatever apps you wish to freeze

    Infinix app freezer
    PLEASE NOTE – That you can only freeze third party apps, and not the system apps.

  4. After you’ve selected your apps, tap the check button at the top right hand corner of your screen to confirm

    And that is all, “congratulations you have successfully disabled and freezed annoying battery and RAM eating apps on your device… #Cheers..

Now one good thing about the app freezer is this; you can decide to open, and make use of any app of your choice, without unfreezing it. Just open the app freezer menu, tap on any app to open it and make use of it, and that is all, the app is working, but still remains frozen.

And you can also unfreeze any app of your choice, just tap and hold the app, until a pop-up appears, asking you to unfreeze, and select “Ok”, or simply select multiple apps to unfreeze them at once. cool right…

So that’s it for today guys, do let us know if these steps worked for you, and also tell us what other means you’ve been using to freeze apps and save RAM and battery on your device, by using the comments box below.

Don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed reading it, and as well do make sure to subscribe to subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t done so already, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow.. #Peace_Out

#Cheers… emmanuelGodwin


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  1. I was trying to arrange my icons so I clicked on "smart arrange" that is under auto arrange and all my icons was scattered. Why trying to re arrange them back, I could not find the Freezer app again. I tried downloading it from playstore but couldn't find it. Someone help.

  2. Hello Arun, i'm sorry about your icons getting missing, but on a normal ground, your icons can't just get missing, i will advice you to look carefully, it will be there, the freezer icon can only be seen on your home screen, it isn't included in your app drawer, so just look carefully and you will find it.

  3. Is there a way I can still use apps that have been frozen without unfreezing then, I use an hot 4pro. Do I need to download another freezer app.

  4. Hello Tade, first of all, i must say that i'm glad you stopped by. And as for your question..The answer is YES. You can practically use apps without unfreezing them. All you just have to do, is open the app freezer folder, it will show a list of all your currently freezed apps. From there just tap on any one you wish to open, and that is it. Your app is open and running, but still freezed.. Cool stuff right? Tell us if we were able to solve your problem

  5. I some how can't find the freezer on my Infinite Note 4. What do I do?

  6. Sorry but did you at any time upgrade your phone to the latest android 8.1 oreo version? if yes, then that is a general problem with everyone who have updated their phones to Android 8.1 Oreo update. But if no, check very well on the folders on your home screen, it is included there. The app freezer cannot be found in your phone's app drawer. It is only found in your home screen. And make sure that you are using the default XOS Launcher

  7. Hi , some how my son deleted the freezer folder and i don't konw how to restore it …help

  8. Hello Dear, first of all you should know that the app freezer folder cannot be deleted because i once tried doing that on my infinix Zero 4 and it couldn't be deleted. But all i can say to you right now is if you are really sure that you couldn't find your app freezer folder, try downloading the latest version of XOS Launcher from Google Play Store.. Thank You for stopping by and let us know if it worked for you.

  9. Hello please been trying to add apps to the freezer app, but it keeps asking that I pin icon to screen. I don't understand.

  10. Hello Ebony, i don't know what steps you are using to add your apps to the freezer, but the correct method is, first of all you open the app freezer folder, then scroll all the way down until you see a plus(+) icon, click on the icon, and you will be shown a list of all your apps that are installed in your phone. From there you can select the apps you want and click ok "OK". and that is it. I hope this helps.

  11. My freezer is not working properly .Whenever I tap the add app icon it always tells me pin icons to screen and does not add anything .what's wrong.

  12. My freezer is not working properly .Whenever I tap the add app icon it always tells me pin icons to screen and does not add anything .what's wrong.

  13. Sorry about that bro, but i need to know what version of XOS are you currently using and if you have at any time upgraded your phone's android version or have at any time installed and used a custom rom before. Please let me know of all those things before i can know where exactly your problem is coming from.

  14. Hello please I can't download app outside my play store, even if I click the allow untrusted app on my infinix hot 6 pro

  15. I use infinix note 4 I do freeze app but recently I don't know what I pressed. When I try to freeze app or even move an app. It tells me 'pin icon to screen' I don't understand it

  16. Sorry about that bro, but i've heard like a couple of persons also complaining of this kind of problem. But i think the best thing to do here is to run a factory reset on your phone. But please make sure to backup your files first.

  17. Hello, I have been using the app freezer for some time on my infinix hot 5 and it's working fine then. But all of a sudden, I can't see it again. For more than 3 months now I can't see it. What could have happened to it? However, how do I know whether I am using default XOS Launcher or not? Thanks

  18. Hello, I have been using the app freezer for some time on my infinix hot 5 and it's working fine then. But all of a sudden, I can't see it again. For more than 3 months now I can't see it. What could have happened to it? However, how do I know whether I am using default XOS Launcher or not? Thanks

  19. Hello Sanmi, first of all i must apologise for the late reply.. And now to your issue, you must have probably missed your infinix app freezer simply because you are using a third party launcher on your infinix phone, because naturally, the Infinix App Freezer sits comfortably on your homescreen and there's no way it could be deleted, so in order to get back to it, i will advise you to switch back to the default XOS Launcher and you will find it.

    Now how do you switch back to default XOS Launcher, all you have to do is go to your app drawer, search for XOS Launcher icon, when you find it, click on it, and on the homescreen, you will see your app freezer smiling back at you.. thanks for stopping by Sanmi, and please let us know if we were able to solve your problem.. bye for now and have a very nice day ahead..

  20. Hi, I appreciate your swift response to my mail. However, I couldn't get through the second paragraph of your reply. I searched through all my phone but I can't locate the icon. In fact I don't know how the icon looks like? Kindly help me further. Thanks

  21. Alright Sanmi, so since you couldn't locate the XOS Launcher app icon on your phone's app drawer, you should know that there are many ways to kill rat, but the most important thing is for the rat to die.

    So in this case, all you have to now is go to Google Play Store, in the search bar at the very top of your screens just type XOS LAUNCHER, or Infinix XOS LAUNCHER, whatever way you want it and it should be the first result that will be shown to you. To know if it is the real one, check the makers of the app directly below the app name, it should be written "Shalltry Group", when you see it, just go ahead and download it to your phone and then everything should be back to normal..

    Please don't fail to let us know if it worked for you or not, as we are always here to help you out with any more issues you might have been experiencing.. Cheers..

  22. Dear Emmanuel, I'm so sorry for this late feedback. After much troubleshooting my phone even before yoir response came in, I finally got the app freezer back. I so much appreciate your support.


  23. Alright bro.. am very happy you got back your freezer.. Please do make sure to stop by next time.. One Love Bro.

  24. I can't find my freezer app at all and I have a lot of apps frozen, now I can't access any of frozen apps because the freezer has just simply disappeared from my phone.

  25. I am using Infinix note 5, I have downloaded the XOs stuff, No luck in finding the freezer, please help

  26. Hello Ayo, please you should take note that the Infinix Note 5 and the Note 5 Stylus smart phones, are different Infinix devices that are running on an entirely different kind of software.

    Now in this case, your Infinix Note 5 in question is a Google androidOne device, which means that it isn't running on Infinix's own proprietary self customized XOS UI.. So they are bound to lack are those smart features that you always get to see on other Infinix devices..

    And downloading the Infinix XOS launcher from Google Play Store won't solve the problem either, because it is just a launcher and it doesn't bring with it all those features you wanted. It is just like going to Google Play Store to download a Samsung Galaxy S9 launcher, yes quite alright, you have the launcher, but you don't have the Galaxy S9 features..So i'm very sorry bro..

    And in case you want to learn more about the differences, similarities, and the advantages and the disadvantages between Infinix XOS UI and Google's androidOne UI, please follow this link below.. cheers..

    Click Here To Learn More About Infinix XOS vs Google's androidOne

  27. Hello Unknown, please before we can get to seeing how to go about your problem… May i ask you what Infinix device you're using and what were some of the things that took place in your device before your freezer suddenly disappeared as mentioned by you..

  28. To ebony, clearing xos launcher app data should solve the problem.

  29. Hello good evening I am having problems finding my freezer I have done everything here and still haven't found my freezer.

  30. Hello Dear, all you have to do is..

    1. First of all, update your Infinix XOS Launcher from Google Play Store in case it is not up to date.

    2. After you've done that, the next thing you should do is to go to XOS Launcher settings page by long pressing on an empty space on your home screen, and select "Menu"

    3. Go to the option labeled as "Other Settings".

    4. Right in there, you should see the Freezer option with a toggle button right next to it, it should probably be turned off at this time.

    5. Tap on the toggle to turn it on. and that is all.. #Cheers.

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. Hello, I trust that all is well with you.

    Please assist me, How can I Unstall app from Infinix HOT 8. My phone records all my calls (Outing and Incoming) I hate that and I want to delete this Yo Party Apps. Please tell me how to do it. Thanks

    • Hello Mary, good evening.

      I’m so sorry about the fact that your Infinix Hot 8 smartphone is recording your calls, both incoming and outgoing. But personally, i don’t think the “Yo Party” app which you wish to uninstall, is the culprit behind this malicious app.

      Although i can’t trace it down to any particular app, because i don’t know the apps which you downloaded and installed on your smartphone, but i think you might sometimes installed a kind of malicious app, whether from Google Play Store or elsewhere, that is silently taking records of Incoming and Outgoing calls on your phone, without your knowledge.

      And mind you, this app malicious activities might not just be limited to recording calls only, it might also be reading your text messages and have access to every other useful data on your phone.

      So here’s what you’re gonna do.

      1. Go to your phone’s main settings page.
      2. Locate the option that says “Apps and notifications” and click on it.
      3. When the next page opens, from all the options listed, you should see an option that says App permissions, click on that one too.
      4. When the next page opens, go to the permissions that says Call logs, Contacts, Microphone, Phone and SMS, go through them one after the other, and disable any app that you think shouldn’t have anything to do with those permissions
      5. For example, What does a game app such as “Candy Crush” have to do with Calls and messages permission? i hope you get the gist now. So just remove any app that doesn’t have anything to do with those permissions, and you should be go to go.

      Now if for any reason that method seems a little bit confusing or complicated to you, here’s another simpler method that you can try.

      • Follow the same process from Step 1 and 2 above to get to your apps and notifications page
      • Now click on the option that says “See all so so so number of apps
      • From the next page that opens, you should see a three dot menu at the top right hand corner of your phone’s screen, click on it.
      • When you do so, two options will be given to you, click on the one that says “Reset app preferences
      • And when you do so, the permission for all the apps on your phone should be reset back to their default states, and from there, you should be able to trace the app which was responsible for recording incoming and outgoing calls on your phone.

      I hope this helps.. And before i take my leave, I’m sorry to say that no matter how you try to it, the “Yo Party” app cannot be uninstalled from your phone, as it is a system app, system apps are apps that cannot be uninstalled from phones.

      And i guess that will be it for now. Do let me know if my method helped solve your problem, and as always, I’ll see you on the next one.. #Peace Out..

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