Samsung Android 10 Q update

Complete List Of Infinix Phones That Will Receive Android 10 Q Update [2019/2020]

Android 10 Q is still pretty new and a hot cake for all mobile smart phones OEM right now, though we can’t say much about the likes of Infinix and Tecno updating their phones to this new android version, because you and i already know how their update records has been ever since.

Infinix Android 10 Q update

But for the sake of just being hopeful, here is a list of some of the Infinix devices, which we think should be getting Android 10 Q update, maybe not now, maybe next year, or even maybe not forever.

Though we are pretty sure of the Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus to be getting the update anytime soon, because those are purely androidOne devices. But for the rest, they are merely just speculations, and should be taken with a pinch of salt, and a lil bit of pepper. So without further ado, here is the list you all have been waiting for.

List of Infinix phones to be receiving Android 10 Q Update in 2019 and 2020

  • Infinix Note 5 [sure]
  • Infinix Note 5 Stylus [sure]
  • Infinix Note 6
  • Infinix Hot S4
  • Infinix Zero 6
  • Infinix Hot 7 Pro
  • Infinix Smart 3 Plus

So you see that this list contains mostly of Infinix phones that were released in this year. We couldn’t say anything for the older Infinix phones, because they didn’t even get an update to Android Pie, so what makes you think they’d be getting one for 10 Q?

So that’s it guys, let us your thoughts in the comments section below, make sure to bookmark this page as well, because we’ll be updating it frequently with the more news we get about these devices listed above.

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