Android 10 update for Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus

Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus Android 10 Q Update – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Will the Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus smartphones ever get Android 10 Q update? Well..

Infinix Note 5 Android 10 Q update

Alright welcome back guys, and today we’ll be trying to find out if truly, the Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus smartphones, will be getting an update to Android 10 Q’s version.

You see, left to me, I’ll say that, this is a very silly question to ask at the time like this. Reason being that, the both phones in question, the Infinix Note 5 and 5 Stylus, are both Google’s androidOne enabled smartphones.

And being a Google’s androidOne certified smartphone, means that there are lot of benefits that you stand to gain, with the most important being that you’re entitled to latest and faster android software versions updates, for at least two to three years.

For example, when the Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus launched last year, they both came with Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box.

But immediately Android 9 came out, it didn’t even take them up to a month before they got updated to it. So that is one of the few benefits you stand to gain by making use of an androidOne enabled device.

Android 10 update for Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus

Have you ever asked yourself why Nokia has blindly refused to build a custom UI for themselves? But instead they choose to keep pumping out androidOne enabled smartphones, year in, year out. Well i bet you get the gist now..

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So with that, we can all generally agree that the Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus smartphones, by right are supposed to be updated to Android 10 Q.

In fact, they should have even gotten the said update by this time already, so Infinix what’s up?

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When will the Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus Get Android 10 Q Update?

Well the thing is, i can’t really tell the reason behind their total silence and delay, even when all other smartphone OEMs are literally going apesh*t about this Android 10 update thing.

I mean, it now seems like a competition for these smartphone OEMs, as to who will launch it first on their smartphones, and who will update the most smartphones.

Take for example the likes of Huawei, Xiaomi, and even Samsung that were known to be slow to software version updates before, are all now in the race of getting Android 10 on their smartphones, as early as possible.

Even the likes of Realme, realme of yesterday oh, they’ve already released a list of all their smartphones that are getting Android 10 update, starting from 2020. But Infinix just decided to keep quiet and turn deaf ears, like it doesn’t have anything to do with them or their business.

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Well i don’t want it to sound like I’m lamenting or anything of sort, because personally i know that with the Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus being androidOne smartphones, Infinix are not really in total control of the software on those things.

So whether they’re getting Android 10 update or not, that decision is solely left for Google to make. But i strongly believe that they are gonna get the said update, maybe before the year runs out, or early next year.

So if you own any of the aforementioned smartphones, and you’re expecting, or wondering why you haven’t gotten Android 10 update notification, despite it being an androidOne device.

Well you’re not alone on this one. The best reason i can give now is, Android 10 is still pretty new, and even Google has not launched their Pixel devices, so maybe when they do, then they’ll shift their focus to all eligible androidOne enabled devices out there.

So don’t lose hope, keep your heads up, and take this article with a pinch of salt, and a lil bit of pepper.

So that is all about Android 10 Update for the Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus smartphones. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, don’t forget to share this article if you think it will be useful to someone else out there.

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