Infinix Note 6 android 10 update

Will The Infinix Note 6 Be Getting Android 10 Update Anytime Soon? Let’s Find Out

Will the Infinix Note 6 be getting Android 10 update anytime soon?

Well, left to me, I’d say “Maybe”, and at the same time, “maybe not”.

But before we conclude, let us take out some of our time, to see a couple of reasons why we think that the Infinix Note 6 should be getting an android 10 update, and why it might not really be getting it.

So without further ado, let’s get started.. #Enjoy

Infinix Note 6 android 10 update

Why we think the Infinix Note 6 should be getting Android 10 update anytime soon.. maybe in 2020

Going by past records of how Infinix android software updates has been, you’d notice that the Infinix Note series have always been the most updated Infinix phones till date, getting at least a onetime update to the next newly released android version.

It started from the days of the Infinix Note 4 and Note 4 Pro smartphones way back in 2017, getting updates from android 7.0 Nougat which they launched with, to the current android 8.1 oreo as of then.

Then in 2018 which was just last year, the Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus both got updated from android 8.1 oreo which they launched with, to android 9.0 Pie.

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And there is even still a 90% chance that they might be among the few Infinix devices getting the current android 10 update, because why not, they are both androidOne enabled smartphones…

and as with all androidOne enabled smartphones, they’re entitled to at least two years of android software updates.

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So the thing is, if Infinix should stick to this selfish schedule of updating at most its Note lineups year after year, then the Infinix Note 6 should be getting its own share of onetime android software update, to the new android 10, probably next year, that is in 2020.

And even aside from following the past updates schedule for its Note lineups, personally i still think the Infinix Note 6 is the best phone that Infinix has launched in this year, and so, it deserves to be updated to the latest version of android, as soon as possible.

I mean take away the not too eye pleasing design, although that’s for me though, because i know that a lot of people still sees it as very attractive, pleasing and all that, but that’s not just me.

So take away the not too eye pleasing design, and focus your attention on some other aspects of the smartphone…

such as the Full HD+ superAMOLED display, the hardware, its X-Pen, fast battery charging and all that…

Infinix Note 6

and you’d notice that the Infinix Note 6 is definitely gonna be the best Infinix smartphone that you can get your hands on right now, and in this year.

Oh..! and by the way, if you haven’t read our extensive review of the Infinix Note 6, you should treat yourself some good by doing so immediately.

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So with all those impressive specs, I’d say that even if Infinix decides not to update any of its smartphones to android 10, the Note 6 shouldn’t be among those unfortunate ones that are not gonna be updated.

But on a second thought, here’s reason why we think android 10 might never make it to the Note 6,

or not even just the Note 6 alone, but all other Infinix smartphones.

Why we think the Infinix Note 6 might never be getting any android 10 update for whatever.

Well the thing is, we can’t say that there is any absolute reason as to why the Infinix Note 6 shouldn’t get an android 10 update.

I mean the phone is good in every aspect, cept for the design, but the thing is..

If you observed very well, you’d notice that it’s been months now since the first day that android 10 was officially unveiled to the public by Google.

And since then, every other smartphone OEMs, both big and small, and when i say small, i mean the likes of Realme.

So these other smartphone OEMs are practically on their heels, trying to get the new android 10 update to most of their popular smartphones, but for the likes of Infinix, what have we?


Not even a false rumor or teaser.

So what does that spell for consumers who bought all the recent Infinix smartphones that were launched in this year?

Does it mean that they’ll have to dump their not up to one year old smartphones and go for their newer models just because they want to enjoy the new android version?

Well I’m afraid to say, but it is beginning to look to like that is exactly what is about to happen, with the Infinix Note 6 included.

Personally i don’t want to believe it that no Infinix phone will be getting an update to android 10, i mean, not even one.

But if by the second month of next year, and we haven’t still heard anything from them, concerning its list of smartphones that will be getting android 10 update, then i might be forced to believe it.

But for now, let’s just keep our fingers crossed, and put our ears to the ground concerning android 10 update for the Infinix Note 6, who knows, maybe something good might just happen.

But that is all we can say at this time, considering the state of the Infinix Note 6 and android 10 update.

In the meantime, do let us know what you think in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed reading it..

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