Infinix Smart 3 Plus & Smart 4 Android 10 Update – A hard pill to swallow


You see, personally, I’m not even supposed to be doing an article such as this one, because you and i know that when it comes to new android version updates, the Infinix Smart series, are the least Infinix phones that comes to mind.

Infinix Smart 3 Plus and Smart 4 android 10 update

But here’s why I’m doing this article..

You see, sometime around last year (2018), something very unexpected happened, Infinix took everyone by surprise and released a new android version update (Android 9.0 Pie), for the Infinix Smart 2 HD.

In case you didn’t know about that, you can follow the link below to see the article, and as well as how to update the phone, in case you own one.

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So like i said, Infinix took everyone by surprise, because the Infinix Smart 2 HD was the least phone that anyone would have expected to get android pie update as at that time, even when we had the likes of the Infinix Zero 5, Infinix S3X, Hot 6X, etc, not having any updates coming their way, not even a simple monthly security update, but the Infinix Smart 2 got an update to a whole new fresh android version.


So what does that tell us?

Well who knows, but i think that there might be a “very thin” possibility, that this year’s Infinix Smart 3 Plus and the Smart 4 smartphones, might be getting an update too, to android 10 Q.

Speaking of how much that this possibility or chance might be, that i don’t know, but I’m guessing of around a scale of two out of ten.

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Very thin right?

Now the reason why i say so, is based on a number of few different reasons, reasons which I’m gonna tell you right now. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.. #Enjoy

Reasons why the Infinix Smart 3 Plus & Smart 4, might or might not be getting android 10 update, anytime soon

Now android 10 has been out for quite a long time now, and I’m even sure that as at the time of writing this article, the next version of android (android 11 R), should already be in the works.

And even when every smartphone manufacturers are all on their feet, trying to push the new android version update to their eligible smartphones, what can be said of Infinix?



Even up to this time, Infinix hasn’t said anything or made any announcement rather, as to which of its smartphones, will be getting android 10 Q update. So does it mean that no Infinix smartphones are eligible or capable, or even not powerful enough to run android 10?

Not even the likes of the Infinix Note 5 & 6, or their most popular and most sold smartphone this year, the Infinix S4, or even the flagship Zero 6?

Does it mean we’ve been buying the wrong smartphones all these while? Smartphones that can’t even get a simple android version update?

Well i don’t want to sound rude, but it seems that is what we have been doing all along. When even the likes of the androidOne Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus hasn’t gotten the update up till this time, what more can be said for the non-androidOne ones.

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In case you don’t know what androidOne smartphones are, and what makes them different from the everyday regular Infinix smartphones, you can follow the link below, to learn more about them.


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So in conclusion, I’ll say that i don’t think the two smartphones in question, the Infinix Smart 3 Plus and the Infinix Smart 4 will ever be getting android 10 updates. Let’s just take what happened last year, as a mistake.

So because they updated the Infinix Smart 2 HD to android pie last year, does not mean that they’ll be doing same for the Infinix Smart 3 Plus and Smart 4 smartphones, this year.

Although this isn’t a final decision from Infinix, this is just what i think that will happen for the Infinix Smart 3 Plus, and the Smart 4 smartphones.

But nevertheless, the best we can do in situations like this one, is to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best, but those are for people who still buys these smartphones though.. “Laughs in Xiaomi Redmi Note 8”..LOL


Alright people, so that’s all about android 10 Q’s update for the Infinix Smart 3 Plus and Smart 4 smartphones. I’m sorry if this article hurt you, but at the same time, please let us know what you think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share, if you enjoyed reading it.


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