How To Hide Incoming Calls Caller Number and Name Using Infinix Xhide On Any Infinix Phone In 2mins


Snooping and peeping into people’s devices has been and will always be a re-occurring issue among smartphone users. People will always want to see who texted you, who called you, and all that. And that is the reason why today, we are helping to solve a part of that problem with this article. In this article I’m going to show you the simple steps I took and the method I used to hide caller ID (i.e. incoming call number and name) for all of my incoming calls, so people don’t know, who was calling my phone at the moment. Well grab a cup of coffee, and let’s see what we have for today

Now this works with the Infinix XHide app that comes pre-installed with any of the latest Infinix smartphones running on any version of XOS Chameleon, XOS 3.0, and 3.2 Hummingbird, or higher. Right here I’m using an Infinix Zero 4 smartphone running on XOS 2.2 Chameleon.

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So how do we get this done? Simple..

How To Hide Incoming Caller Number and Name – Step 1

First of all, we’ll have to set the Xhide feature in our smartphone, if you’ve not read our article on how to set Xhide, you should do so right now, so that this article will make more sense to you

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how to setup xhide on any infinix smart phone.

Hide Incoming Calls Caller Number and Name – Step 2

In the Xhide main menu screen, go to settings, and there you will see the “Disguise Incoming Calls and SMS


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How To Hide Incoming Calls Caller Number and Name – Step 3

Tap on it (of course, you must tap on it, or you ain’t going nowhere) and you’ll be presented with two options, the first one is the number that you would want to appear on your screen whenever a call comes in instead of the original caller’s number, and the second is a text that you want to appear on the screen whenever a message comes in instead of the original messenger’s name, so setup those two quickly, and you are on incognito mode.

Hide Incoming caller number and name

So that’s it for today guys, hope you enjoyed it, if you have any questions or suggestions concerning this particular topic, please make sure to use the comments box below, also tell us your experience if you’ve been using this feature before now.


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