Infinix Flash Charging – What It Is, How It Works, & Its Problems And Solutions


What Is The Infinix XCharge Or Flash Charge?

Infinix XCharge or Infinix Flash Charging technology as many would love to call it, is Infinix own take on the recent and now rampant fast battery charging technology innovation that has been around for some few years now..

One of the most popular ones we saw back then was Qualcomm Snapdragon’s Quick Charging technology, nowadays many other phone companies have their own which is proprietary to them, like Huawei’s SuperCharge, with an 80W charger, it can literally take the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro from 0 to 70% in just 30mins of charging, crazy right..

Other ones include OnePlus Dash Charge which was actually the fastest before Huawei took over, we still have the likes of OPPO VOOC Charge, i don’t know what that stands for, and finally we have Infinix XCharge.

Infinix XCharge flash charging technology

So Infinix started the XCharge thing on the 2016’s Infinix Zero 4 smart phone, and today you can literally find it on almost every and any Infinix smart phone you lay your hands on, phones like the Zero 5, the Hot 4, 5 and 6,the Infinix Hot S3 and S3X, the 6X, just name them, it is everywhere.. So having known what the XCharge is all about, now let us go a little further, to explain how it really works for those of you who might be wondering..


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How Does Infinix Xcharge Flash Charging Technology Work

Well, very simple, first of all, the fast charging technology itself is a way that these phone manufacturers tend to tweak their chargers in order for it to deliver more power to the phone’s battery, for it to get charged faster and gets filled up in a lesser amount of time.

So it simply works by making use of a dedicated fast charger, such as Infinix’s own XCharger (Flash Charger), and surely, a phone that supports it or that supports fast charging either.. If one of these things is missing, then XCharge can’t be activated.

Infinix Zero 5 phone with XCharge


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How To Know Original Infinix Flash Charger

Well, again, very simple.. Now if for any reason you’ve misplaced or you succeeded in damaging the original Infinix XCharger that came with your Infinix phone, and you’re planning to get a new one, but you’re confused or don’t know how to identify the Infinix XChargers, now here’s what to do..

Infinix flash charging

Whenever or when next you’re going to get an Infinix Charger or an Infinix XCharger rather, check the numbers that are written on it.. Charges that are labeled as 5V – 1A are normal Infinix chargers and probably wouldn’t support Flash Charging or XCharge.


The ones that are written 5V – 2A are a little bit faster than the 5V – 1A ones, but still won”t support flash charging. The ones you should be on the look out for are those ones written anything from 7V – 2A, 9V – 1.8/2A or 12V – 1.8/2A, those are probably the ones that are Infinix Flash Chargers, and will get your phone’s battery leveled up quickly in no time..

Infinix Xcharger or flash charger
Original Infinix Flash Charger

Alright, so far so good, we’ve succeeded in discussing what fast battery charging is, and what XCharge is at the same time, including how it works also.. Now let’s talk about the one common problem everybody is literally gonna face maybe once in their life time, for as long as they are relying on Infinix XCharge to get their phones up and running in no time..

Infinix Flash Charging Problems And How To Solve Them

Now if you are or have been using XCharge for some time now, one of the very common problem you likely going to face at least once in your life is; your phone’s battery running low, you make a run to your wall socket to get it plugged in, but on getting there, you plugged the USB charging adapter into your phone’s charging port, and like black magic, flash charging or XCharge refused to come up…

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At first it seem like a joke to you right, so you removed it and plugged it in again hoping it will come up this time, but the last drama only replayed itself.. this time you’re beginning to get panicky a little bit, so you decided to unplug the charger itself from the wall socket itself and for one last time, plugged it in again. But still, flash charging was no where to be found.

At this point you don’t know where the fault is actually coming from, if it is from your phone, or the charger itself, and you never can tell, it might even be from the charger cable itself..

Infinix flash charging USB cable

Now when bad things like this happens, the first thing you should do is; first of all it is okay to get worried, but don’t just get worried too much.. First of all, follow these steps below..

How To Fix Infinix Flash Charging Problems Or A Broken Infinix Flash Charger

  1. Change The USB Cable: Remove the USB cable that came with the broken or bad Infinix Flash Charger and try to test that same charger with a different USB cable, cause on most cases i have seen, the cable is mostly the cause of the problem. If after changing the cable, everything returned back to normal, then Goodluck to you, just go ahead and keep enjoying Infinix Flash Charging on your phone. But if it doesn’t work for you, then follow the next step below.
  2. Change The Charging Adapter: Now most of the times also, the problem is almost never mostly from the phone, so don’t go ahead and start making plans on how to take your phone for repair.. But instead, look for someone who has a working Infinix Flash Charger and test it to see if it also works on your phone.. If it works with your phone, then you get it, the problem is actually and probably from the charger itself, but if it doesn’t work, here’s one last thing you should do..
  3. Take the charger which you think is broken and test it using another Infinix phone that supports flash charging. If it works, then the problem is probably from your phone, but that is mostly on very rare cases. On other cases, it wouldn’t work, and that is to confirm that the problem is from the Flash Charger itself, and the only thing you should do on cases like this is to go get a new Infinix Flash Charger.
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Alright guys, so that is pretty much everything we think you should know about Infinix Flash Charging and how they work including their most common problem and solution.. Please let us know if you have experience a different issue from the one discussed above and we will make sure to include it on this article.. Bye and catch you on the next one..




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