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How To Hide Apps On Infinix XOS 5.0 Cheetah Enabled Smartphones

If you’re making use of any of newer Infinix phones that are running on the new XOS 5.0 and 5.5 Cheetah versions, you should have noticed one thing by now.

XHide, is no longer there.

How to hide apps on Infinix Hot S4, Infinix Note 6, Infinix Hot 8 and Infinix Smart 3 Plus

You see, XHide used to be one of the most used used features on older Infinix devices running on older versions of XOS, such as the XOS Honeybee, Hummingbird and Chameleon.

But for some reasons best known to Infinix, they decided to remove XHide, starting from XOS 5.0 Cheetah.

I don’t know if this was a mistake though, or if they did it deliberately, but what i know is that, you can’t find XHide on newer Infinix smart phones, such as the Infinix Hot S4, the Note 6, Smart 3 Plus, Hot 8, and i bet it is still going to be absent on the coming Infinix Hot S5.

How to hide apps on Infinix Hot S4, Note 6, Hot 8, Smart 3 Plus

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So after removing XHide, is there any means we can still hide app on our Infinix smartphones, without having to download third party apps from Google Play Store?

Well, there is, but in this case, this one isn’t as secure as XHide was.

Remember on Xhide, after selecting the apps the want to hide and moving them into the XHide app, you can decide to completely hide or remove the XHide app icon itself, from your phone’s app drawer, so nobody would even know it was there at the first place.

But in the case of this one now, though there is no app icon present on your phone’s screen, but for someone who has been making use of Infinix smartphones for a long time, and knows the “ins and outs” of Infinix XOS UI, he/she can still easily have access to your hidden apps.

But even at that, here’s how to hide apps on your newer Infinix smartphones, running on XOS 5.0 Cheetah UI.. #Enjoy..

How to hide apps on Infinix XOS 5.0/ 5.5 Cheetah enabled Infinix smartphones.. (Infinix Hot S4, Infinix Note 6, Infinix Smart 3 Plus, Hot 8, Hot S5, etc.).

So this is a pretty simple exercise, and there are no much steps required..

All you have do, is just..

  • Make sure you’re using XOS launcher as your default launcher on your phone, and you’re as well running it on it’s latest version.
  • For those who are yet to update to the latest version, you can go to Google Play Store, type “XOS Launcher” into the search bar, and do the needful.
  • Go to XOS Launcher homescreen, and long press on any empty space, till the menu options are shown to you.
  • from there, locate the one that says “Hide App” and tap on it to open it.
  • You will be required to select the apps that you wish to be hidden from your phone’s app drawer.
  • When you’re done selecting, just tap on the back button that is located at the top left corner of your phone’s screen, and you’re done.

Now one of the biggest disadvantage of this new app hider feature from Infinix, is that it doesn’t require maybe a PIN, Password, Fingerprint or Face Unlock before you could access the Hide apps folder.

Which means anyone can pick up your phone, and still have access to your hidden apps, but that is only if they know their way around in the Infinix XOS UI, and i bet a lot of people already know how to do that..

So what was the need of hiding those apps in the first place?

But anyways, that’s just it, that’s just the new method of hiding your apps on newer Infinix smartphones that are running on XOS 5.0 Cheetah UI and above.

Do let us know what you think about it in the comments section below, don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed reading it, and then also subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t done so already, and as always, I’ll see you on the next one, #Peace Out..


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