Infinix Zero 6 Review – A Solid Midranger Flagship In Glass Body

So the long waited Infinix Zero 6 is finally here, and permit me to say this, but this is Infinix’s yet most beautiful, most expensive, most premium feeling and flagship looking device, that Infinix has ever released into the Zero series of smart phones.

Taking a first glance at it, and i can’t help to say that this is the best good looking Infinix phone till date. Forget about the attractive, attention drawing and stunning looks of the Hot S4, especially when you get the Purple variant with gold accents.

I can bet you that this one looks better, stunner, feels more sturdier and solid in the hand, and anyone who takes a first glance at it will immediately know that this is a flagship device.

Infinix Zero 6

Now if you’ll agree with me, I’ll say it’s been long that we’ve been waiting for the next flagship Zero 6 smart phone from Infinix. I mean this was supposed to be a 2018 device that was supposed to launch during late November.

But for some reasons best known to Infinix, they decided to delay the launch, and not until, was it even during late February or the early days March this year that they finally decided to launch the almighty Zero 6 smart phone.

I can tell you that many people had even lost interest in the smart phone due to long months of waiting and not even getting any reason or response from Infinix as to why the coming of the Zero 6 was delayed.

And i can bet you that this phone will not make much sales, because the likes of the Hot S4 with slightly identical specs and same glass body design, coupled with triple rear cameras, has taken the shine and show from it.

But nevertheless, let us take some time, to see what the all new Infinix Zero 6 smart phone has to offer, in a sea of mid-range-to-flagship smart phones with premium designs and top notch performance.. So without further ado, let us get this done with.. #Enjoy

So taking this phone out of the box for the first time and turning it on, you’ll immediately notice that it is a 2018 smart phone, as it doesn’t look all that 2019-like and doesn’t have that type of 2019 feelings to it, especially when it ships with a now dated Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box, coupled with another dated version of Infinix XOS 4.0 Honeybee on it.

Infinix Zero 6 running XOS 4.0 Honeybee

But in order not to speak too much ill of the device, let’s take a look at the bright side of things, and try to see what makes this phone to stand out and shine bright when placed among other Infinix smart phones, and with that, let’s start with..

1. Infinix Zero 6 Review – The Design

So taking a first glance at this phone, and i can’t help to say that this is the best good looking Infinix device till date. Forget about the attractive, attention drawing and stunning looks of the Hot S4, especially when you get the Purple variant with gold accents. I can bet you that this one looks better, stunner, feels more sturdier and solid in the hand, and anyone who takes a first glance at it will immediately know that this is a flagship device.

Infinix Zero 6 all glass design

The variant we have here is the Rose Gold color, though there are a couple other colors that you can choose from such as the Sapphire Cyan which has this hue or gradient transition between blue to green and vice versa depending on the angle that light hits it from.

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Then there is the Milan Black, which in my opinion is the most beautiful looking of the trio, because it has this reddish finish that goes all the way round the device and even on the camera rims. Infinix calls it the Lava red.

Infinix Zero 6 colors
Infinix Zero 6 colors

So that’s for the colors, and moving on to the external hardware of the device, we have a huge 6.2 Inch LCD Full HD+ display that sits majestically at the front, with a large rectangular iPhone X-like notch on it, mind you, this was supposed to be the first Infinix phone with a notch, if only it was not delayed.

Infinix Zero 6 6.2 Inches Display

At the top of the device we have nothing, save for a tiny microphone hole, at the left side, there’s nothing much going on as well, save for a hybrid sim card + Micro-SD card tray, that supports the use of two sim cards and no Micro-SD card, or one sim card, and a Micro-SD card, reason why it is called hybrid.

Left Side with Hybrid Sim + Micro-SD card slot

Then on the right side, you have the usuals, two volume rockers and a power button, and at the bottom is where you’ll find all the ports that you’ll ever be needing in this life.

A USB Type-C charging port sits at the middle, loudspeaker grills to the right, 3.5mm headphones jack to the left, and another microphone hold that sits beside the charging port.

I personally love the way the charging port and the 3.5mm headphone jack has that milk-ish gold accent finishes to them, makes them stand out and makes the phone looks and feels as premium as possible that it should be.

Right side with volume rockers + power button
Bottom with ports

So in terms of design, i will say Infinix really gave it their all, i mean even though this phone doesn’t come anywhere close as to the top flagship performing devices we have today such as the likes of the Galaxy S10 and the likes of it, but seeing that Infinix is taking a step in the right direction, then this should be your go to phone if you’re looking for a good and stunning looking premium smart phone at a lesser price.

And did i even mention that the both glasses at the back and front are of the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 variant? first on an Infinix device.

Infinix Zero 6 featuring a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 body, both front and back

Alright so that’s for the design, now let’s move on to some other interesting aspects of the device, such as the display..

2. Infinix Zero 6 Review – The Display

Well there’s nothing much to say here, save for the fact that you’d get a large 6.2 Inches LCD display with a Full HD+ resolution. Personally i love the bump in resolution, but i don’t for a life of me understand the reason why Infinix has not began making plans of switching to OLED displays, at least for its flagship series, such as this present Zero 6 smart phone, i still don’t just fucking get it. But that’s by the way sha.

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Another thing you’ll notice immediately anytime you look at the display is the huge notch on it. Like personally i think this notch is unnecessarily too big for a phone of this size, i mean this is not a Google Pixel phone, so why is it so big.

And placing it beside the new Hot S4 smart phone with a water drop notch makes it look even more outdated and weird. But nevertheless, you have a 20MP front facing camera sitting in a notch, some speaker grills for the phone’s earpiece, and a front facing flash, which makes me keep wondering why they had to waste that much space.

Infinix Zero 6 notch display

So that’s all for the display, nothing special here, just some usual LCD panel with a Full HD+ resolution, and has a notch. No HDR10+ thing going on in here, or an Always On Display, or even an under the display fingerprint reader.

And lest i forget, the fingerprint reader on this device is located at the back and it is super fast as you must have expected it to be. It also has face unlocking too, which is also pretty fast.

3. Infinix Zero 6 Review – Software n’ Hardware

For hardware, you’re getting a Snapdragon 636 processor, coupled with a 6GB of RAM and either a 64GB or a 128GB of internal storage for the regular and Pro variant respectively, making the storage size the only difference between the Infinix Zero 6 and the Zero 6 Pro.

Both ships with Android 8.1 Oreo + XOS 4.0 Honeybee UI out of the box. And i just pray and hope Infinix updates this phone to 9.0 Pie with the new XOS 5.0 Cheetah on it, so it could have all those new features that the likes of the Hot S4 and Hot 7 Pro are currently enjoying right now.

Features such as the new Dark Mode, Smart Panel, Mixed Navigation, Reading Mode, etc, you can follow the link below to see all the cool nifty new features that XOS 5.0 Cheetah brings along with it.

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But for now, you still get all the usual features of any Infinix smart phone running on XOS, things like your Xhide, App Freezer, etc, and you have Face Unlocking as well, which as i said before, is pretty quick in getting the job done. But one down side about it is that you’d have to press the power button first to wake the display before it unlocks, unlike on the Tecno Camon 11 Pro that works even when the display is turned off.

Keeping the device running is a 3650mAh battery, personally i don’t know why Infinix had to downgrade the battery size from the 4350mAh battery that was on the Zero 5, for me i feel they did that because the phone makes use of a Snapdragon Processor which has been known to utilize battery very well, but whatever other reasons they have for playing throwing such a stunt on us, i’d say that is their personal problems and not mine, for as long as my phone stays alive for as long as i want it to be.

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4. The Cameras

Now when you talk about cameras in smart phones, we all know that this is one of the most crucial criteria that many people consider when thinking of choosing or getting a new smart phone, and that is one of the main reasons a lot of phone manufacturers out there have been really pushing so hard on it, and i can bet you that Infinix doesn’t want to be left behind in this crazy photography rat race.

Infinix Zero 6 camera

So out of the box, you’re getting three cameras in total, two at the back and one at the front. At the back you have a dual 12 + 24MP lens, while on the front, sitting inside the notch is a 20MP lens for taking selfies.

Infinix Zero 6 cameras review

Infinix has been really pushing hard on AI lately and the cameras of the Zero 6 is one place that it reflects the most, as they have this new AI Scene and object recognition going on in them. It can recognise different scenes and objects such as food, plant, landscape and so on.

And when you talk about the quality of photos these cameras produce in general, well the thing is, you can never wrong when it comes to the cameras on the Infinix Zero series. The first Infinix Zero phone i made use of was the Zero 4, and i was amazed with its unmatched camera quality, even till today, i haven’t come across any Infinix phone from the Hot or Smart series that its camera beats that of the Zero 4 all the way from 2017.

Now if i could speak so good about the cameras on the Zero 4 even when it is now 2 years old, then imagine what this present Zero 6 could do in terms of image quality. The images this phone produces are as crisp as crispy could get, sharp, well detailed, and perfectly saturated. Here are some samples below.

5. Pricing

Well as for pricing, first is there are two variants of this smart, namely the Zero 6 and the Zero 6 Pro. The Zero 6 comes with a 6GB of RAM and a 64GB of Internal Storage, and costs a 105,500 Naira, while the Zero 6 Pro comes with the same 6GB of RAM as the regular Zero 6, but with a doubled 128GB of Internal Storage.

I’m sorry we don’t have any Information yet as pertaining to the price, but we’ll make sure to update this article accordingly whenever we do so. So make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get notified of it and as well as many of our very interesting tech stories.

So that’s it guys for the Infinix Zero 6 review, tell us what you think in the comments section below, don’t forget to keep spreading our gospel by helping us to share this article, and as always, i’ll see you all tomorrow.. #Peace Out


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