Infinix Hot 6 Pro Review – Infinix’s 1st Major Change To The Hot Series

So as it is with our tradition here, after unboxing a new device, then comes reviews, and after that, probably a comparison comes next, so in case you don’t know, we’ve already done an unboxing and quick first look of this device, and today we’re gonna be doing a complete Indepth review to show you guys all the good and not so good stuffs that comes with this device.. the comparison will come later. So if your hands are not too busy, join me today and right now, as we welcome the all new, the almighty, and the latest trending Infinix Hot 6 Pro device… can i get a round of applause.. LOL.. 🤣

Infinix Hot 6 Pro Review

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So for those who still don’t know at this time, the infinix Hot 6 Pro is the latest and sixth edition of the Infinix Hot phones line ups, and as always with every new device, it just have to come up with some new features that should make it look, feel, and act different and better from the last device.. So today, let’s see if the Infinix Hot 6 Pro is that kind of a device. And in order to achieve our goals, we will be listing and discussing the specs and features of this great device, one after the other. So first of all, let us start by talking about…

1. The Screen

Infinix Hot 6 Pro 6 Inch HD+ Screen with 18:9 aspect ratio

So like you read from the title, this device is a device that i can comfortably say yes, that Infinix really changed a lot of things. And one of the places where this change is significant is on the screen of this device. So the Infinix Hot 6 Pro is the first device from Infinix on the Hot series to launch with a complete 6.0 inch screen and a slightly little better screen resolution that is HD+. So in past years, i would say Infinix were playing a game of cooking the same soup in a different pot, and then selling the soup at a higher price. if you didn’t get what i just said, go and look up the specs of Infinix Hot 4 and the Hot 5,then you will get a better understanding of what i’m talking about.

So with the Hot 6 Pro, we got a big 6 inch screen, which is a major graduation from the generic 5.5 inch that we were used to seeing on their past Hot devices, we also got a slightly better HD+ resolution, which is also a graduation from the normal HD that we were still used to seeing, and finally thanks to its 18:9 aspect ratio display that makes the phone still as small and compact as possible even with the big 6 inch screen… A round of applause for infinix please..

Infinix Hot 6 Pro side by side the Hot S3 and Tecno Phantom 8

And then coming to the next spec and feature, we have…

2. The Overall Body Design

Now first of all, what i want to tell you all right now is “Don’t Let Looks Deceive You, Because Everything That Glitters, Is Not Gold“.

Infinix Hot 6 Pro Plastic Gold Body

So the Infinix Hot 6 Pro comes in a gold coloured body that must be mistaken for metal for those who have not seen it before, but the down side is, this phone is still a complete simple plastic that we’ve been used to seeing on its older siblings, so no round of applause for Infinix on this one. But not withstanding, the device still looks and feel, i don’t want to use the word Premium, so i will just say the phone still managed to look and feel good both in hand and in sight, despite its complete plastic build, and most of all it is very light in weight. Coming in at 150grams, which makes it two times lighter (-47grams) than the last Infinix Zero 5, and still a little bit more lighter (-18grams) than last year’s Infinix Hot 5, so you can carry this thing on your hands for as long as you want without feeling the weight telling on you, so one more round of applause for Infinix on this one.

Infinix Hot 6 Pro In-hand feel

So apart from all that plastic build and weight stuff, everything else remains the same which we’ve already pointed out and discussed in our unboxing article. Things like volume rockers and power buttons on the right, sim cards and microSD card tray in the left, all ports (holes) to the bottom, we have a mono speaker grill, a generic USB 2.0 charging port, earphones port and that’s all, then to the back is our iconic dual cameras which we are going to talk about in details in a short while. So that’s it for the general look and feel of the Infinix Hot 6 Pro. Once again to see photos of all those gibberish just listed above, check our unboxing article here… Now let’s move on to the next thing on our list, which is…

3. The Processors, Memory and Storage [Performance]

Infinix Hot 6 Pro specifications

So in the storage aspect, as we all know the Infinix Hot series are strictly midrange phones. So don’t expect me to say things like a whooping and mind shattering 128GBs of inbuilt storage, no no no, don’t expect that, because even this thing doesn’t ship with a 64GB of inbuilt storage. But not still withstanding, Infinix managed to give us a manageable 16GB of inbuilt storage on this device, of which after infinix and android have taken up their own share of it with their XOS Hummingbird UI and a lot of the numerous XOS apps which i know that an 80% of persons making use of infinix phones doesn’t use, you are still left with another 10GB of the inbuilt storage. But just in case that plenty amount of storage isn’t enough for you, maybe you are planning to install Microsoft Windows on the phone.. LOL, well you still have an option to expand the storage for up to the 128GBs mentioned above, via a microSD card.. So you see, there are a lot of ways to kill a bird.

Then coming to the processor side of things, first of all, i will like us to know that this is the second device from Infinix this year to launch with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the first was with the last Infinix Hot S3, and now is with the Infinix Hot 6 Pro. So this simply means that we are in to get a lot of treats and good stuffs from infinix this year with the soon to come Infinix Zero 6..Read our first rumored specs of the device below.

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So in case you don’t know, but of which you should probably know by now if you’ve read our unboxing article, the infinix Hot 6 Pro ships with a lower end Snapdragon 425 chipset, of which if we want to compare it to a Mediatek equivalent, we will be talking of the MTK MT6737T Chipset, so you should know how old skool that thing is. But not withstanding, the Infinix Hot 6 Pro still managed to render a not so fluid performance, that wouldn’t even stand as a single issue to most people, especially the ladies who’s only plan is to use this phone to take photos. But if your mission or plan is to play some very high end games on this thing, then i think you should be checking on the next door right now. But you know what, this phone surprised me, of all the games available in Google Play Store, this phone still managed to handle the latest, and console like PUBG Mobile flawlessly under minimal graphics settings, but play games for too long, and then you will know reasons why this phone is called the Hot 6, it will get six times hotter than it used to be.. LoL.. 🤣

Infinix Hot 6 Pro Gaming Performance

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And then coupled with 2GBs of RAM, it means that most basic apps will stay open in the background for as long as you want, but try keeping heavy games open in the background and going to do something else means you will come back meeting it completely closed, under lock and key.. LOL.. 🤣.

So that is it for the processors, memory and storage of this device, now let’s move on to the most crucial aspect for most people about this device, which is…

4. The Cameras [13 + 2MP Dual Combo]

Infinix Hot 6 Pro Camera Review

So once again, the Infinix Hot 6 Pro is the second device from Infinix to launch with dual rear cameras after the days of the Infinix Zero 5.

Infinix Hot 6 Pro Dual Back Cameras

So you should know what you are getting, cameras that can take bokeh shots (background blurry photos) like a DSLR, but not really like a DSLR does it. Now once again, if you are expecting to hear words like The Infinix Hot 6 Pro takes stunning, clean, clear, sharp, crispy and perfectly saturated photos that will blow you off your feet, well i’m sorry to disappoint you because the Infinix Hot 6 Pro is not that kind of a device. But all i can say out of genuinity, honestly and pureness of heart is that the Infinix Hot 6 Pro takes pretty good photos with its 13MP shooter, especially during very sunny days when there is enough light. But take that inside the house or at night or low lit environment, then you will know that the cameras are not so hot, just like Man’s Not Hot..

So below are some pretty decent photos taken with the Infinix Hot 6 Pro camera under different lighting conditions. Be the judge, i won’t say anything else on those.

Infinix Hot 6 Pro Camera Sample 01


Infinix Hot 6 Pro Camera Sample 02


Infinix Hot 6 Pro Camera Sample 03


Infinix Hot 6 Pro Camera Sample 04

Then the bokeh shots are pretty decent too, just that you don’t expect to get the kind of shots you’d get when shooting with an Infinix Zero 5 device. But why worry? Bokeh is bokeh, am in my house, come and beat me.

Then coming to the front facing camera, of course this thing has a front facing camera, which is capped at 5MP, so you should know the quality of photos you’d get with a 47,000 Naira device with a 5MP front facing camera.

One thing i love for the Infinix Hot 6 Pro cameras (both back and front), is that it tries as hard and as much as possible to make colors look as they appeared in real life, which means no too much of over saturation which always end making your photos look too colorful and artificial. But with the Hot 6 Pro, i can say that problem has been managed to be solved up to an extent, and that is the more reason why i can’t wait to see what infinix will do with the next Zero 6 Phone. So in case you missed, jumped, or skipped that link i gave above but still want to get back at it, here is it below one more time.

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And here are some pretty decent comparison photos of the Infinix Hot 6 Pro cameras and the Tecno Camon X Pro.

Infinix Hot 6 Pro Camera Sample 05


Infinix Hot 6 Pro Camera Sample 06


Infinix Hot 6 Pro Camera Sample 07

And then one last thing you have to know about the Infinix Hot 6 Pro 5MP front facing camera, is that it also takes bokeh shots, but this time, it does with software as there is no dedicated telephoto camera for it like you have at the back, so you shouldn’t be expecting that kind of wow wow quality, but it pretty gets the job done.

So that is it for the camera guys, now let’s take a quick walk around this device, to see if we left any stone unturned.. Okay i got one… which is.

5. Miscellaneous

So apart from all those crucial specs and features we’ve been discussing above for so long, there are still a couple of other handy, sometimes gimmicky features that you can still find on this device. The first and most significant one is the not so trending Infinix Face ID. So we first saw Face ID on infinix phones earlier this year with the Infinix Hot S3, we even put a test with it against the Apple iPhone X Face ID, and it gave us amazing results, you can see it below.

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So the Face ID thing on the Hot 6 Pro is no different from you’d get with the Hot S3, it is pretty fast, but not that OnePlus 6 or Samsung Galaxy S9 kind of fast, but it always gets the job done most of the times, but one down side is that for you to use the Face ID, you must have to press the power button to wake up your phone, as the thing doesn’t just start scanning immediately you raise the phone to your face. Might not really be a turn off for some people, but was a turn off for me.

So apart from Face ID, we also got a lot of other not so cool stuffs like Android 8.0 Oreo, XOS Hummingbird UI with its long list of XOS apps which cannot be uninstalled unless you root your phone, and i guess nobody even has the time to do all that nowadays again. Then there’s no Quick Charging feature, no dual front facing loud speakers just we saw on the Hot 5, so don’t expect that party kind of audio when playing music or watching a movie. So that is pretty much it, nothing else, the Infinix Hot 6 Pro is just a simple basic phone that is meant for people with simple lifestyles who doesn’t want plenty paparazzi and features clustering all about their devices. Now let’s talk about one more very crucial aspect, yes crucial for especially in places like Nigeria.. which is..

6. The Battery

So the Hot 6 Pro here has the same battery capacity of its older brother from last year, the Infinix Hot 5, a 4000mAh power battery that lets you do all what you want to do with the phone during the day, and will still have some good percentage of battery left at the end of the day, say a 40 to 30 or even 20% left depending on the kind of user that you are.

Infinix Hot 6 Pro Battery

But now my worry is that this battery is huge, and there is no Quick Charge on this thing. So charging the battery from 0 to 100% will take you a period of approximately 3hrs and some minutes. Mehn who is ready to wait for a phone for 3 hours? But you just have to live with it, considering the price of the device.

Charging The Infinix Hot 6 Pro

And as for the pricing, the Infinix Hot 6 Pro costs a maximum of 47,900 Naira for the 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM variant, and a 58,900 Naira for the 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM variant.

Pheeeeww… So folks, that is pretty much everything we have to say about the Infinix Hot 6 Pro device. Tell us what you think about this smart phone, if you caught between choosing it and choosing the Hot S3, which one will you choose? So get the comments coming, and we will try as hard as much to reply you all as soon and as possible.

And in the meantime, don’t leave without sharing and subscribing to our newsletter, that is one very good way of showing us you love us. So bye, have fun and have a very nice day ahead…


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