Infinix Hot 6X vs Hot 6 Pro Indepth Comparison – 10 Differences & Similarities

Alright so since Infinix has finally made the Infinix Hot 6X available for the world to see and use, don’t you think it’d be a pretty nice idea if we do a pretty quick comparison between it and the months old Infinix Hot 6 Pro.. cool right?.. But before we go into that, let us take some time to discuss some of the basic features i think everyone needs to know about these two devices.. enjoy.

Infinix Hot 6X vs Hot 6 Pro

What Is The Infinix Hot 6X

Okay so just as Infinix decided to do a duplicate version of the Original Hot S3, by putting a notch on the display and called it the Hot S3X, that was also and exactly how they came up with the idea of this Hot 6X.

So in case you don’t know, the Infinix Hot 6X is just a remodelled version of the original Hot 6 and Hot 6 Pro, with one of their main differences being just the Notch that has been added to the 6X. Apart from that, 99% of everything on both phones are practically the same, and we’ll be coming to that in a minute. But for specs purposes, the Hot 6X ships with a 6.2 Inch LCD Display, with resolution stopping at 720 × 1440p which translates to a HD+, and don’t forget about the Notch too, then there is the presence of dual cameras at the back which have are arranged vertically but still sports the same 13 + 2MP as it was on the 6 Pro. On the front is a lil bit upgraded 8MP lens from the original 5MP lens that was on the 6 Pro, then a Snapdragon 425 Processor follows suit with either a 2GB or 3GB of RAM, and a 16GB or 32GB of storage respectively. And to grace it all, is the presence of a 4000mAh power battery..

Alright now so since we have known what the Infinix Hot 6X is all about, let us quickly do a quick side by side comparison with it and the Hot 6 Pro, to see how both devices stack up against each other.. and to as well know if it is worth upgrading to if you already own the Hot 6 Pro.. shall we..? Yes i think we shall..

What Are The Differences And Similarities Between The Infinix Hot 6X And The Hot 6 Pro

Alright, so in terms of differences and similarities between both devices, well.. here you go..

Hot 6X

Hot 6 Pro

Display 6.2 Inch LCD 6.0 Inch LCD
Display Type Notch No Notch
Disp Resolution 720 × 1440p(HD+) 720 × 1440p(HD+)
Rear Cameras Dual – 13 + 2MP Dual – 13 + 2MP
Front Cameras Single 8MP Single 5MP
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 Qualcomm Snapdragon 425
RAM & Storage 2/3GB + 16/32GB 3GB + 32GB
Software Android 8.1 Oreo Android 8.1 Oreo
Battery 4000mAh 4000mAh
Price N/A Approx.. 42,000 Naira

Okay now that we have seen the core differences and similarities between both devices, now i know a lot of you might be wondering..

Is The Hot 6X Worth Upgrading To If I Already Own The Hot 6 Pro?

Now if you’d ask me that question above, i will readily tell you that the Infinix Hot 6X is never worth upgrading to if you already own the 6 Pro.. Reason is because, we’ve already seen how the specs of both devices stack up against each other on the comparison table above.. And from what we could see so far, the Hot 6X is no different from the Hot 6 Pro apart from a slightly larger display which i’m pretty sure a lot of people are even not gonna take notice of, a slightly upgraded front facing camera, and the notch.. Apart from these three things i just listed out, i don’t think that there is anything on one, which is not on the other.. So why spill your cash on same device, when the Zero 6 is coming pretty soon..

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But for those who own some other devices out there like the Hot 5 or even the Hot 4, and are looking forward to upgrading to a new smart phone, then the Hot 6X is definitely the best choice you can make right now..

But anyways and like i always used to say on cases like this, everything still boils down to personal preference, if you own the 6 Pro, but you like the 6X and you have the cash, then i don’t think i’ll be strong enough to stop you.. So just go out there, and go buy that phone.. #Bye..


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