Infinix New XOS 5 Cheetah Phone Master App Review & Its 20+ New Features


For those who don’t know, the Phone Master app has been around, probably wandering in Google Play Store for a long time before now, but only recently, has Infinix thought it wise to start including it as a pre-installed default app on new Infinix smartphones.

Infinix smartphones that came with XOS 5.0 Cheetah UI and above, all have this app on them, smartphones such as the Infinix S4, S5, Hot 8, Note 6, Smart 3 Plus, 4, etc, including their various Lite versions.

And then you might probably be wondering, what is this Phone Master app used for?


The thing is, if you’ve been a long time user of Infinix smartphones, i mean, if you used Infinix smartphones such as Zero 4 and 5, the Hot 4 and 5, etc, you’d probably noticed one thing by now.

And that thing is, apps such as the XManager, Xhide, XSecurity and XPower, are no longer available on these new generation Infinix smartphones such as the S4, S5, Note 6, Hot 8, etc.


This is because, these apps have been shrunken, and all their features have been combined and brought into a single app, called the Phone Master app.

And that is the reason why today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at this almighty phone master app, to see and know some of the things it is capable of, and how it can help us to make the best use, of our Infinix smartphones.. #Enjoy.

Oh wait.. Before then, we actually have separate articles each, for some of those apps we mentioned back there, like the XManger, Xhide, XSecurity, etc.

So if you don’t mind, you can follow the links below, to see what they are used for, and how you can make use of them, in case you still own any one of those old Infinix phones mentioned back there.


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Okay, now.. #Enjoy.

Infinix New Phone Master App Review (Everything you need to know about it, Including its Tips and tricks).

What is it?

So as the name suggests, the Phone Master app, or just Phone Master for short, is a simple pre-installed app on infinix phones, that helps to run and manage all the affairs of the phone.

Affairs such as helping to free up storage, by regularly checking for and reminding you to clean up junk files, reduces CPU workload and overheating by putting unused apps to sleep, helps you to hide and lock your files and apps through XHide and App lock respectively, etc.

It is a really great app, but that is for only those who will care it a try, and that is the reason why today, we’ll be discusiing in details, one after the other, everything that this phone master app can do.

And to begin with, let’s talk about..

Junk Files, CPU Cooler, Phone Boost & Power Saving

Okay, first of all, i remember when i said that we’ll be talking about the features of the Phone Master app, one after the other. But forgive me for combining these four features together, because why not, they pretty do much the same thing.

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And what is it?

Well, first of all and for the Junk files cleaner, if you ever felt that you’re running out of storage space on your phone, the first place you should probably run to is your junk files cleaner.


Although the phone master app can help you avoid the stress of always running to the junk files cleaner, by reminding you at intervals, whenever the junk on your phone has reached up to 1GB or so.

So as the name suggests, the junk files cleaner helps you free up usable storage space on your phone, by cleaning unusable files such as Cache files, Residual junks from uninstalled apps, unused installation packages (apks), etc.

And as for the CPU Cooler, Phone Boost and Power saver, they basically kill apps running in the phone’s background, that might eventually cause the phone’s CPU to overheat, slow down, and drain the phone’s battery.

All these features can be found and be made use of, when you open the Phone Master’s app.


Infinix XOS 5 Cheetah Phone Master app review

The antivirus feature simply scans through the apps installed on your phone, trying to fish out anyone that might seem malicious to it.


If it finds any, it tells you to uninstall it, and if it doesn’t, it tells you that your phone is safe.

Data Manager

Data Manager

The Data Manager simply helps you to monitor and manage network data usage on your phone, by showing you a list of all the installed apps on your phone, and how much of your data that each of them are consuming.

It also gives you the option to set up data management plans from the phone master app, and what this does is that, you can limit yourself to a particular amount of data that you want to be consuming on your phone, maybe daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your choice.

And when you’ve used up to that amount, your phone’s prompts or warns you that you’re exceeding the amount of the set data plan.

App Lock

Just as the name suggests, the App Lock feature lets you to lock apps on your phone, either by making use of an unlock pattern or password, your fingerprints, or face unlock. A great way to keep intruders away from your personal businesses.

Smart Charge

Smart Charge helps you to monitor the battery charging state of your phone. It can help your phone to charge faster, by killing off running apps while the phone is plugged in to a power source.


And lastly, it also reminds you to unplug your phone from the socket, when the battery is filled.

Message Security

Personally, i don’t know how this one works, but i think it has something to do with message encryption on your phone, though I haven’t made use of it for once. But i just think that is what it is.

When you tap on the feature from the Phone Master app, it gives you a list of all the installed apps on your phone, and automatically picks out those that has anything that has to do with sending and receiving messages, such as Facebook, Messenger, your default messaging app, Twitter, etc, and a button will be provided to you, that says “Protect”.

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Personally, i haven’t gone more than that, i don’t know why, probably because i don’t really have anything that serious going on in my phone.. LOL.

Clean WhatsApp

The Clean WhatsApp feature simply helps you clean up unnecessary media files from the WhatsApp folder on your phone. Files such as backup conversation history, sent and received images thumbnails, videos, MP3s, etc.

Smart Cleanup

The Smart Cleanup feature does simply the same thing as the Junk files cleaner that we discussed some moments ago, but this time, in an automated manner.

So what this does is that, it lets you set a time for when your phone will be automatically cleaned, everyday.

Deep Clean

Now unlike Junk Files Cleaner that does nothing more than cleaning especially cache files, the deep clean goes further than this, by allowing you to clean even your installed apps, personal video and MP3 files, photos and a lot more.


But you got to be careful though, so you don’t end up cleaning up files which you initially didn’t intended to.

App Uninstall & Auto-start management

App Uninstall is a way of uninstalling multiple non-system apps from your phone at once, by making use of the phone master app.

The moment you tap on it to open it, it gives you a list of all the apps that are installed on your phone, select the ones you wish to uninstall, press the uninstall button at the bottom of your phone’s display, and that is it.

While for “Auto-start management“, it is a way of telling your phone which apps should automatically start-up, whenever the phone is turned on.

Notification Management & Harassment Filter

These are two different features that have something in common. The notification management feature, lets you select apps that could send your notifications.


While harassment filter is more or less a phone number blocking tool, that prevents certain pre-selected phone numbers from calling you. To do this, you first have to add these numbers to the harassment filter blacklist.

File Mover

Phone Master app files mover

File mover let’s you move your files such as MP3s, Videos, Photos, documents, etc, to your phone’s micro-SD card, if you have one inserted though.


Infinix new app freezer from the phone master app

Freezing apps is not a new thing on Infinix smartphones, as it has been here, since the days of XOS 2.0 Chameleon.

The only thing new here, is that you can even access it, through the phone master app. It does pretty much the same thing as the original app freezer on former Infinix phones, and it follows the same procedures as well.

And in case you’re here, and for one reason or the other, you don’t know what the Infinix app freezer is all about;

Well, you can follow the link below, to learn everything you need to know about it, such as “What it is, what it does, and how to make good use of it..” #Cheers…


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Payment safe

Personally, i haven’t used this feature before, but i think it has something to do with credit card numbers, and payment details encryption.

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When you on the option from phone master app, it asks you to add apps which you usually make use of for online payments, and i haven’t gone more than that.

Maybe you can try it, and then give us your feedback in the comments section, below.

Speed Protector

Speed protector lets you know how fast or slow that your data network is. It has two options labeled as “WiFi List”, and “Speed Test”.


WiFi list shows you a list of available WiFi networks that are within your range, while speed test is a tool for measuring how fast or slow, that your current data network is.


For the past two years now, we have been talking about XHide, on this blog. What is XHide, how do we make use of XHide, problems of XHide and how to fix them, benefits of XHide, etc.

And once again, it has managed to find its way to this very article, and what does that tell you, that this is one very important features, on Infinix phones.

Now I’m not gonna bored you with long sermons, by trying to repeat the things I’ve said in past articles, although if you want to read up all our article concerning XHide, you’re free to do so by following the links below..

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So for those who already know what XHide is, and its various benefits, and you’re probably wondering where this wonderful feature might have gone to, on your new Infinix smartphone.

Well, it is right here, inside the phone master app, and you can follow the link below, to see the two new ways of hiding apps on newer Infinix smartphones, of which one happens to be our good old long lost XHide.. #Enjoy

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Alright guys, i guess that will be all for today. Please let us know what you think about this new Infinix phone master app that comes with the latest XOS 5 Cheetah UI, by leaving a comment with us in the comments section below.

Don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed reading it, and as well make sure to subscribe to our push notification service in case you haven’t done so already, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow.. #Peace Out..



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