Android 11 Update For Infinix Zero 8 And Note 8i In The Works, Expected To Roll Out Soon

The Infinix Zero 8 and Note 8i might just be the tiny glimpse of hope for Infinix mobile phone users that have been waiting hopelessly to receive Android 11 updates on their smartphones.

The company disclosed this information themselves when it shared a post on Twitter, asking its fans what they think will make Android 11 update on Infinix phones better. See tweet below.

So does this mean that Android 11 update for Infinix phones is actually in the works, and users all around the world will soon start receiving it via OTA on their various Infinix phones?

Well, yes, and no.

First of all, Yes, Android 11 update for Infinix phones might actually be in the works, and at the same time, just like we’ve known Infinix as a company that doesn’t always live up to its promises, we might never get to see this update until Android 11 starts to fade out.

Infinix Zero 8 android 11 update

And secondly, from the picture used in the tweet above, you can clearly see that two Infinix phones were showcased, the Infinix Zero 8 and the Note 8i.

So does this mean that it is only these two phones that are getting updated to the said Android 11 version?

Well, I can’t particularly say “Yes” to this for now, but seeing how Infinix in the past have always chosen to update just a couple of its smartphones whenever they feel like it and leaves the rest of its phones to rot, I wouldn’t have any reason to doubt that only the Infinix Zero 8 and Note 8i phones will be getting updated to android 11, and that is even if Infinix will eventually fulfill their promise as regards to this.

But on the brighter side, this might just simply imply that the Infinix Zero 8 and Note 8i will be the first phones to get this update, thereby kicking off the process, and then after that, other eligible Infinix phones will follow suit.

I mean, if a phone like the Note 8i will be getting updated, then nothing should stop its bigger sibling, the Note 8 from getting updated as well, likewise the Infinix Zero 8i, and even the Note 7 and Hot 10 lineups.

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So when is this update coming to the Infinix Zero 8 and Note 8i phones, or maybe other Infinix phones in general?

Well, no date has been given for now and none can be predicted for now as well, seeing the fact that Infinix has never ever lived up to their promises, so we’re not even sure if the update will see the light of the day at the long run.

But let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that the update will finally arrive, both on the Zero 8 and Note 8i phones, and other eligible Infinix phones as well.

So while we wait for that to happen, don’t forget to give this article a thumbs up by sharing it if you found it helpful, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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