17 Best New Tips n’ Tricks For The Tecno Phantom 9 Smart Phone


If you got the Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone, and you’re searching for some tips and tricks about for it, well say no more, sit back and #Enjoy..

Tecno Phantom 9 tips and tricks
Tecno Phantom 9 Tips and Tricks

The Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone has been out for some time now since the day of it’s official launch. And from what we’ve gotten to know so far about the device, at least from our review (if you haven’t read it, you can do so right here), we can say that it’s a pretty solid and nice device.

Although it has its own short comings, i mean every device out there has theirs though, things like the cheap plastic build, a mediocre Mediatek processor, whack under-the-display fingerprint reader, and even the lack of a USB Type-C charging port and it even lacks fast battery charging.

But all those things are not what we came here to discuss today. But instead, today we’re gonna be listing out and discussing in details, some of the pretty cool stuffs (tips and tricks) that you can do, carryout, or perform on your new Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone, if you happened to get one for yourself.. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.. #Enjoy

Top 20 Best Tecno Phantom 9 Tips and Tricks

  1. How to enable, disable and change navigation gestures
  2. How to switch to One-handed mode
  3. How to hide and unhide the notch on the Tecno’s Phantom 9
  4. Three ways to take screenshots on the Tecno Phantom 9
  5. Tecno Phantom 9 Gestures (Tap to wake, Lift to wake, Flip to mute)
  6. How to change default apps on the Tecno Phantom 9
  7. How to display network speed on the status bar
  8. How to display battery percentage on the status bar
  9. How to enable and disable WhatsApp mode
  10. How to make use of, and change home-screen gesture settings on the Tecno Phantom 9
  11. How to Hide and unhide applications on the Tecno Phantom 9
  12. How to freeze and Unfreeze apps on the Tecno Phantom 9
  13. How to Enable and disable Eye care mode and AI Read Mode
  14. Changing fonts style and sizes
  15. How to setup and make use of Intelligent Voice broadcast on the Tecno Phantom 9
  16. How to enable and disable Bike mode
  17. How to make use of the Recharge King app on the Tecno Phantom 9 (scan to recharge)
  18. How to setup and make use of “Always On Display” on the Tecno Phantom 9.

1. How To Enable, Disable & Change System Navigation Gestures

The Tecno Phantom 9 ships with android 9.0 Pie out of the box, coupled with Tecno’s own custom HIOS 5.0 Launcher skin on it. The phone supports the new android pie gesture navigation, but it doesn’t come activated by default, instead, you’d get the old three button navigation, i.e Recents, Home and Back buttons.


But if gesture is your most preferred means of navigation of the Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone, then here’s how to activate it..

  • Go to your phone’s main settings page and locate “System navigation“.
  • You’ll be given three options to choose from. The first one is “Key navigation“, which is the default navigation settings, the second is “Gesture navigation“, you already know what that means, and the last is “Mixed navigation“, which is a combination of both key navigation and button navigation.
  • So just go ahead and select the one which suits you the most and you’re done. The gesture navigation erases the traditional navigation buttons from the screen and replaces them with swipe gestures. While the mixed navigation leaves you with just two buttons. A pill shaped button at the middle and a back button.
  • The back button is the same old button we use to know, while the pill shaped button acts as both the home button when you simply tap on it, and it as well acts as the recent apps button when you swipe up from it. And that’s it for changing navigation settings on the Tecno Phantom 9.

2. How To Switch To One-handed Mode

Okay this feature shouldn’t come as anything new or a big deal to anybody, cause it’s been around for a long time now on both older and new Tecno and Infinix phones combined.

Tecno Phantom 9 One-handed mode

The one-handed mode is simply a feature that will come in handed for those users with small hands, and can’t reach all the way to the top, corners or edges of the phone’s display.

It simply shrinks the phone’s display area and shifts it to a corner of your phone’s screen, whether left or right, so it can be more comfortable to use with one hand. And setting it up or enabling it is pretty easy too.

  • Just drag down your notifications toggle buttons.
  • You’ll see a button that says “One hand”.
  • Tap on it and that is all. Your device’s display will be automatically shifted to one side of the screen.
  • And you can change the position of the One-handed mode display by tapping on the button beside the screen.

3. How To Hide & Unhide The Notch

The Tecno Phantom 9 ships with a 6.4Inches AMOLED display with a water-drop notch that houses the 32MP single front facing camera, although personally i still think it looks beautiful with the notch on it, but if for any reason, you think otherwise, and don’t just feel like having that notch just sitting around there and doing nothing, then you can simply hide it by..

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How to hide the notch on Tecno Phantom 9

  • Going into your phone’s main settings page and locate the display settings.
  • Inside display settings, select the option that says “Notch area display“.
  • You’ll be given two options, one says “Self adaption“, and the other says “Hide notch area“.
  • You should already know what each option does, so just select the one that works best for you, and that’s it for hiding the notch on your Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone.

4. How To Take Screenshots On The Tecno Phantom 9 Smart Phone

Taking screenshots on our android phones is a pretty handy feature that has been around for a very long time now, and the Tecno Phantom 9 surely comes with the ability to take screenshots on it, and here’s how to.

  • You can simply take screenshots on your Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone by dragging down the notifications toggle and tap on the button that says “Screenshot“.
  • Or you can make use of the traditional old method of holding down “Volume down + power” button.
  • Or you make use of the phone’s three finger swipe gesture method by simply swiping three fingers from the top to bottom of the phone’s screen to take a screenshot.. Pretty cool right?

And here’s how to activate the three finger swipe screenshot gesture in case it isn’t already activated on your device.

  1. Go to your phone’s main settings page and locate the option that says “Micro Intelligence“.
  2. While in the page, locate the option that says “Take screenshots with 3 fingers” and make sure that the toggle is turned on. #Cheers..

Tecno Phantom 9 3 fingers screenshot

After taking screenshots, you can go ahead to edit them to your taste before saving them, or you can even decide to take longer screenshots (scroll shots) if you wish to, i.e a single screenshot of an entire page.

How to take long screenshot on the Tecno Phantom 9

For example, you can take a single screenshot of an entire webpage in just one click, instead of taking multiple shots to cover the whole page. And here’s how to.

  1. While on the page that you want to take a screenshot of, take the first screenshot.
  2. And in the list of options that will appear to you for further editing, select the first button from the left.
  3. And the phone will automatically start taking screenshot of the entire page. Pretty cool right?

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5. How To Enable and Disable Gesture Actions (Tap To Wake, Lift To Wake, Flip To Mute)

There are some pretty cool actions that you can perform with gestures on the Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone, actions such as “Tap to wake“, i.e it lets you double tap on the phone’s screen to wake it up from sleep.


Lift to wake” automatically wakes up the screen the moment you pick it up from a table where you left it, or the moment you take it out from your pocket and lifts it up to your face.

While the “Flip to mute” allows you to simply flip the phone upside down to mute incoming calls maybe when you’re probably in a meeting. And here’s how to activate those gestures.

  • Go to your phone’s main settings page and locate the “Micro Intelligence” option once again.
  • You’ll see each individual options and their respective buttons beside them.
  • So just turn on the ones you need and leave the ones you don’t need the way that they are, and that’s all.

6. How To Change Default Apps On The Tecno Phantom 9 Smart Phone

By right, there are some apps that comes enabled by default to perform some certain functions, or carry out some certain activities.


For example, the default browser app is Google Chrome, default home app is HIOS launcher and so on. So if for any reason you wish to change any of those, here’s how to go about it.

Phantom 9 default apps

  • Head over to your phone’s main settings page and locate the option that says “Apps & notifications
  • Go to “Default apps“, and from there, you can select or change what apps will be responsible for browsing, phone dial-er, gallery, SMS, etc.

7. How To Display Network Speed On The Phone’s Status Bar

Displaying network usage or speed on your phone’s status bar is a pretty handy feature, because it gives you an insight of how fast or slow that your internet network is, and the Tecno Phantom 9 gives us an option to display this as well on the status bar, and here’s how to.

  • Go to the phone’s main settings page and locate and select the option that says “Network & Internet“.
  • Locate and turn on the toggle that says “Status bar network speed display” and that’s all. You will begin to see your Internet’s network speed on your status bar afterwards.

8. How To Display Current Battery Percentage On The Status Bar

By default, you will not see your current battery’s percentage on your Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone, but instead you’ll get this battery bar icon that gradually gets empty as your battery begins to run down.

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But in order to see the exact battery percentage, here’s what to do.

  • As usual, go to your phone’s main settings page and locate & select the option that says “Battery lab“.
  • Enable the toggle that says “Battery Percentage“, and that’s all. From that time onwards, you’ll be able to monitor the exact current percentage of your battery.

9. How To Enable and Make Use Of WhatsApp Mode On Your Tecno Phantom 9 Smart Phone

Okay in case you don’t know or you haven’t heard, WhatsApp mode is simply a feature that launched with Tecno’s new HIOS 5 Launcher, and it is targeted for those who are very conscious of their browsing data on their smart phone, and what does it do?

Simple, it only allows internet data access to only the app you’re currently making use of. For example, if Facebook and WhatsApp are both open and running at the same time, but you’re currently viewing Facebook, it’ll only allow Internet access to Facebook.


And when you switch to WhatsApp, Internet access will no longer be made available for Facebook until you get back to it. So with that, background apps cannot consume your data and you can conserve data in the best way possible. So how to you get this to work? Simple..

  • You can quickly activate WhatsApp mode by dragging down your notifications toggle and select the button that says “WhatsApp Mode“.
  • To turn it back off, simply drag down the notifications toggle buttons once again, and again select the button that says “WhatsApp mode”.. #Cheers..

10. How To Make Use Of, & Change Homescreen Gesture Settings On The Tecno Phantom 9

Apart from Gesture navigation, Tap to wake and Lift to wake gestures that we already spoke about, there are still some pretty cool gestures that can be performed only on the home screen of the Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone.

For example, a swipe up from the bottom can bring up the app drawer, a swipe down can bring down the notifications tray and so much more. So how do we go about it? Simple.

  • While on the phone’s home-screen, tap and hold on any empty space.
  • A list of options will be shown to you at the bottom of the screen.
  • From there, select “Desktop settings“, and while in the desktop settings page, go ahead and select the option that says “Gesture settings
  • From there, you can change what actions each gesture performs, and that’s all.

Phantom 9 home screen gestures

11. How To Hide & Un-hide Applications On The Tecno Phantom 9

If for any reason you wish to hide your applications on your Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone, here’s all you have to do.

  • Once again tap and hold on an empty space on your phone’s home screen and head over to the “Desktop settings”.
  • This time, select “Hide Apps” and tap on the “+” button at the bottom of your display.
  • A list of all the apps that are currently installed on your phone will be shown to you, so select the ones you wish to hide, click “Done” and you’re done.

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12. How To Freeze and Unfreeze Apps

In case you don’t know, freezing an app is another means of disabling that app. The app won’t send you notifications, and you can’t even find it in your app’s drawer. In fact it acts as if it wasn’t even installed on the phone in the first place.

Tecno Phantom 9 app freezer

This is a good practice for those who care a lot about RAM and battery management on their smart phones, because freezing apps helps to reduce a lot of workloads on the phone’s RAM.

So how do we get it to work on our Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone? Simple, all you have to do is;

  • Go to phone’s home screen and locate the icon that says “Freeze“, when found, simply tap on it to open.
  • In there, you can add as much app as possible, for as long as they are not the default system apps.
  • When you’re done, you can simply click on the “Ok” button to save your selection.

Now when you want to make use of an app after freezing it, all you have to do is;

  • Open the freezer folder, and tap on the app you want to make use of to open it without unfreezing it.
  • But if you wish to unfreeze it completely, all you have to do is tap and hold on the app, and select the unfreeze option, and that’s all.
  • You can as well unfreeze multiple apps at once.

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13. How To Setup & Make Use Of Smart Panel

Smart Panel is one out of the many useful features that launched recently with Tecno’s new HIOS 5 Operating System.

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Take it like Samsung’s popular Edge Panel, because it does pretty much the same thing as the Edge Panel on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy smart phones.

Tecno Phantom 9 Smart Panel

So when activated, it gives you a button at the edge of your phone’s screen, and when that button is tapped on, or drag to the center of the display, it gives you some quick means to perform some actions.

Such as opening pre-selected apps, taking screenshots, dialing a contact and so much more.. So how do we activate and make use of Smart Panel? Simple, all you have to do is;

  • Go into your phone’s main settings page and locate the option that says “Smart panel“.
  • Tap on it to open it, and you’ll see a toggle button that you can press to activate the Smart Panel.
  • Upon activation, a pill shaped button should be made available at either the right edge or left edge of your Phantom 9’s display.
  • You can drag that button to the center of your screen to access the quick actions, or you can go ahead and reset the options to your taste.
  • The same way you activated it, is the same way you can deactivate it as well, just in case you don’t have any use for it anymore. #Cheers…

14. How To Activate & Make Use Of Intelligent Voice Broadcast

Intelligent Voice broadcast is simply more like a gimmicky feature that reads out your notifications loud to your hearing whenever one comes in.


For example, when you have a WhatsApp message, it tells you “You have two new WhatsApp messages“. So in case you like your notifications being read loud to your hearing even in public, who am i to tell you otherwise, here’s how to enable “Intelligent voice broadcast” on your Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone.

  • Go to your phone’s main settings page and locate the option that says “Intelligent Voice Broadcast“. Tap or click on it to open it.
  • While on it, you’ll press the toggle button at the top right hand corner of your screen to activate it.
  • You can further customize it by setting your preferences as to which app notifications can be read out to your hearing, or you can even schedule it to turn on and off automatically at certain times of the day.

15. How To Enable & Disable Bike Mode

Bike mode is more like a do a “Do not disturb” mode, that when activated, especially when you’re driving, biking or cycling, it rejects the call whilst sending a polite message to the caller, asking them to call back later. So you can focus more on what’s actually important at the moment. So how do we get it activated on our Tecno Phantom 9?. Simple;

  • Drag down your notifications toggle buttons tray.
  • Locate the button that says “Bike mode“.
  • Tap on it to activate, and that’s all. #Cheers.

16. How to Make Use Of The Recharge King App (Scan to Recharge)

With the new HIOS 5 Operating system, Tecno introduced a pretty cool feature, or app rather, that let’s you load airtime recharge vouchers into your phone, by just making use of your phone’s camera.

And this feature is first seen on the Tecno Phantom 9. So how we make use of it? Simple;

When next you want to load airtime vouchers to your phone, simply go to your phone’s app drawer and locate the “Recharge King” app icon, click on it to open, and from there, follow the simple but necessary prompts. Trust me, the app is very easy to make use of.


But just in case you still need a step by step instruction on how to make use of it, then you can simply click on this link to do so. #Cheers…

17. How To Activate USB OTG (On-The-Go) On The Tecno Phantom 9

The Tecno Phantom sure do comes with USB OTG functionality just as you can easily find it on very mid-range, even low end smart phones nowadays. But the thing is, it doesn’t come activated by default.

So how do you do this? Simple;

  • Go to the phone’s main settings page, and locate the option that says “Connected devices“. Tap on it to open.
  • While in it, you’ll see an option with a toggle button that says “USB OTG“.
  • Tap on it to turn it on, and you’re done.

USB OTG - Tecno Phantom 9

Alright guys, so that’s all for today concerning the best tips and tricks for the Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and as well let us know if there is anything we missed out, your contributions will be very much welcomed.

And while you’re on that, don’t forget to share this post by making use of any of the social share buttons on the page, also subscribe to our free newsletter if you haven’t done that already, and as always, I’ll see you tomorrow.. #Peace_Out


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