How To Automatically Load Airtime On Your Phone, Using The Recharge King Android App + Your Phone’s Camera

The Recharge King app is a simple android app that lets you to automatically load recharge card vouchers into your phone without you having to manually dial the digits yourself.

It makes use of your phone’s camera to automatically scan the digits and tops up the airtime to the appropriate sim card. Wanna know how to make use of the Recharge King app, then join us today and let’s discuss everything you need to know about this nifty new app. #Enjoy

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So this app is called the Recharge King Android App, and just like what it is called, it simply allows you to top-up your phone with airtime, without the need of you having to manually input the airtime digits by yourself.. Cool right?

And guess who this awesomely great app is coming from. The app is designed, developed and owned by Transsion Holdings, the smart phone company that is based in china, who owns Tecno, Infinix and Itel devices… cool again right? Yea very cool.. so then lets see how it works, and how we can make a very good use of it.

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Recharge King


How The Recharge King App Works

In the most simplest terms, the recharge king app simply lets you use your device camera, to scan or lookup the digits of an airtime top up or recharge card, then it automatically loads it into your phone just like you would have done, depending on the network provider that is available in your smart phone…

Now the fun part is this; all this processes happens in a period of a few seconds. So let us go ahead and see how we can make good use of it.

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How To Make Use Of The Recharge King App

Now, in making use of the recharge king android app, there are only three steps involved. One is downloading and installing the app from the google play store, which you can do right here.. 👇

Download recharge king for android

Second is purchasing the airtime top up or recharge card, and using the app to scan it..

How to recharge or top-up airtime on your phone without dialing the digits

Then third is Hurray, you will receive a notification from your network provider, that your airtime has been successfully loaded.. as easy as it sounds.

Recharge is successful, completed, and confirmed.

So guys that is it for the recharge king app, the android application that let’s you top-up airtime on your smart phones, without you touching your keypad. Leave a comment to us about your thoughts on the app, and if there are other apps which you think can do a better job than this, as well let us know.. Have a very nice day.

Cheers… emmanuelGodwin

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