Glo Special Data Offer: Get 7GB Worth of Data for Just ₦1,500 on the Glo Network


Apart from the regular daily, weekly, and monthly data plans that you can subscribe to on the Glo network, there is also a separate or special data plan that is available to all Glo mobile subscribers, called the “Glo special data offer“.

Glo special data offer


What is the Glo special data offer?

Simple, the Glo special data offer is a special data plan that gives you up to 1GB worth of data for just ₦300, 2GB for ₦500 instead of the regular 1.35GB for the same amount, and even a whopping 7GB worth of data for just a token of ₦1,500, where on a very good day, the same amount can only get you just 4.1GB of data, and if you wanted to get the same 7GB of data, you’d be paying almost double the price of the special data offer, which is ₦2,500.

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So, who is the Glo special data offer meant for?

Simple, the Glo special data offer is available and open to all Glo mobile subscribers. So, no matter what tariff plan you’re currently on, you’ll be able to subscribe to and use the special data offering by Glo.

And as I mentioned before, the Glo special data offer comes in three variations, the Special 300, Special 500, and the Special 1500 data plans, and below is a table showing all three data plans along with their prices, duration, and subscription codes.

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Glo Special Data Offer, Prices, Duration, & Subscription Codes

1GB (Special 300)₦3001 Day*777#
2GB (Special 500)₦5002 Days*777#
7GB (Special 1500)₦1,5001 Week*777#

How to subscribe to the Glo special data offer

Follow these steps to subscribe to the special data offers by Glo.

  • Open your phone’s call dialer app, dial the code *777#, and press send.
  • Select “1” from the options to go to “Data“.
  • Select “1” again for “Buy Data Plan“.
  • Select “1” again to enable “Auto-Renew“, otherwise, select “2”.
  • Select “5” to go to “Special Data Offer“.
  • Select “1” to go to “Special Plans“.
  • And from the list of options, simply select the special data plan that you wish to subscribe to.
  • And you’re done. Simple.

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So, that wraps it up for today on the Glo special data offers. If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comments section below, and if you find this post helpful, then kindly give it a thumbs up by sharing it, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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