All Glo Tariff Plans, Their Call Rates, Migration Codes, & Benefits


In case you don’t know, today, I’ll be showing you the four major Glo tariff plans that are available for both pre-paid and post-paid Glo customers today, their call rates, migration codes, and their various benefits.

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Glo Tariff Plans

Glo Tariff Plans, Their Call Rates, & Migration Codes

Glo Tariff PlansCall RatesMigration Codes
Glo Berekete 10X77k/sec (First 4 months)*777#
83k/sec (After 4 months)
Glo 22x60k/sec (Glo to Glo)N/A
75k/sec (Glo to Other Networks)
Glo 11k/s11k/sec*777#
Always On12k/sec*777#

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Glo Berekete 10X

The Glo Berekete 10X is arguably the most popular Glo tariff plan on the Glo network right now, and as the name implies, it’s a tariff plan that gives you back a 10X bonus of your recharge from ₦100 and above on the Glo network.

We already wrote a comprehensive and in-depth article on the Berekete 10X tariff plan which gives you a detailed breakdown of the bonuses you get on every recharge denomination, validity, and to migrate to it.

To read that article, kindly click here.

Glo 22X

Again, as the name implies, the Glo 22X tariff plan gives you up to 22x airtime and data bonuses on every recharge of ₦100 and above that you make on your Glo line, but it comes with a twist, which is, this plan is only available to Glo customers who haven’t used their Glo lines for at least up to 30 days.

So, there is no way to easily migrate to this tariff plan as it only becomes active once your line has been inactive for up to 30 days or more.


So, if you want to enjoy this rare 22X airtime and data bonuses, then you should be ready to sacrifice your line for 30 days, and if you’re the type of person that constantly uses their line daily, then you might never get the chance to enjoy this.

Glo 11k/sec

The Glo 11k/sec tariff plan is quite self-explanatory, and it’s geared towards those who value making lots of calls on their line over browsing the internet as it doesn’t give you any additional data bonuses.

So, what’s the Glo 11k/sec tariff plan?

Simple, it’s a tariff plan that lets you call any network in Nigeria at a flat rate of 11k/sec, making it the cheapest call rate you can find on the Glo network right now, but there’s a catch.

And the catch here is that you’ll be charged a daily access fee of ₦10 which is charged on every first call you make for the day, and then after that, the 11k/sec rate kicks in.


On days in which you did not make any calls, no access fee will be charged.

Glo Always On

The Glo Always On tariff plan is more of a yearly subscription plan that secures or protects your line from being disconnected from the Glo network even if it’s been inactive for up to 365 days.

This tariff plan is especially useful for people who travel outside the country a lot and spend a lot of time there, leaving their Glo SIM cards inactive while being on the move.

With this plan, you can rest assured that your line will always be active whenever you pick it up and insert it into your phone for as long as your Always On subscription plan is still active.

Subscribing to this plan costs ₦500 which will be deducted from your airtime balance if you were to subscribe to it.

And there you have it, folks, the four major Glo tariff plans that are available for all Glo customers today, their call rates, and migration codes.