2 ways to subscribe to and start using the Glo midnight browsing data plan

The Glo night plan data browsing subscription is one of the easiest ways to get huge data amounts on your phone at very cheap rates, but only to be used at night, specifically starting from 12:00am at midnight, to 6:00am in the morning.

Glo night plan

So, for the night crawlers among us here, today, I’ll be showing you the two different ways that you can subscribe to, buy, or do the Glo midnight data browsing subscription on your smartphones.


Before we begin, here are some things you first need to know about before subscribing to the Glo night browsing plan.

  • The Glo night plan comes in three variations;
    • The 250MB variation for ₦25.
    • 500MB for ₦50, and;
    • 1GB worth of data for ₦100.
  • You can’t use the Glo night plan during the day, and the first two variations (₦25 & ₦50) must be used up that same night, as they can’t be rolled over to the next night.
  • Only the ₦100 data plan can stay valid on your phone for up to 5 nights, after which the data will get expired if it wasn’t used.
  • Like I mentioned before, the plan automatically gets activated by 12:00am at midnight, and deactivates or expires by 6:00am in the morning.
  • And finally, you can do these data subscriptions multiple times in one night, as much as you like.

So, having said all that, now, what are the two ways to subscribe or do the Glo midnight browsing plan on our smartphones?

Well, here you go.

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2 ways to subscribe to the Glo night browsing plan

  • By using the Glo selfcare USSD code, *777#
  • By using the Glo Cafe selfcare mobile app.

How to subscribe to the Glo night plan using USSD code

  • Open your phone call dialer app, and dial the code, *777#.
    Glo night plan
  • Enter “1” on your keyboard to select “Data“, and press “Send“.
  • On the next page, enter “1” again to select “Buy Data Plan“.
    Glo night plan
  • Choose if you want the data subscription to be auto renewed or not.
  • Enter “7” on the next page to go to “Night and Weekend plans“.
    Glo night plan
  • And on the last page, select the night data plan you wish to buy by entering the number assigned to it.
  • You will receive a text message, confirming that you have successfully bought the Glo night data browsing plan.

Second method: By using the Glo Cafe self-care mobile app.

Download Now: Glo cafe self-care android mobile app.

Follow these steps below to subscribe to the Glo night data browsing plan on your smartphones, using the Glo self-care android mobile app.

  • First of all, download the Glo self-care app from the Play Store by following the link above.
  • If it’s your first time of using the app, you will be asked to register or sign up with your Glo phone number, else, you will be asked to login by inputting your registered phone number, and your four digit pin.
  • When you’re successfully logged in, you should be looking at the app’s homepage, and from there, tap the “Buy Data” option.
    Glo night plan
  • On the next page, tap the “Night Plans” option.
  • And on the last page, simply select the Glo night data plan that you wish to buy.
    Glo night plan
  • You can either make payment with your airtime, or by using your bank debit card.
  • And that’s how you get to buy the Glo night data browsing plan on your smartphones, using the Glo self-care mobile app.

How to check your Glo night plan data balance

To check your remaining data balance for your Glo night plan subscription, all you have to do is;

  • Either dial *127*0# on your phone to see all your remaining data balances, including night plan, or;
  • Open the Glo self-care mobile app, and tap on “More Details” under Data Balance to see all your remaining data balances on your Glo line, including the Glo night plan.

And that’s all about the Glo night plan midnight data browsing subscription plans. Kindly tell us what you think about these data plans by leaving a comment in the comments section below, and if you find this post to be helpful, kindly give it a thumbs up by sharing it, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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