Tecno HiOS 7 UI Review – Everything One Needs To Know About The Current Latest Version Of Tecno’s Proprietary Custom Ui


As you’ve always known, i mean for those who make use of Tecno phones, HiOS (pronounced as “Hi OS“), is the name Tecno Mobile chose to call its proprietary custom skin that is currently being used on all of their mobile smartphones, and HiOS 7, is simply the current latest version of this said custom Ui or skin.

Tecno HiOS 7

And just so you know, it is still based on android 10 like its previous version, HiOS 6, so don’t expect any drastic changes in terms of the overall looks and feel, or entirely new features here.

But even at that, we’re still gonna take a closer look at it today, to see what makes the new Tecno HiOS UI, different from its previous version, and to see what new features that it brings along with it, and that is if even, it brought any.

So without further ado, let’s get started.. #enjoy.

Tecno HiOS 7
Credits: Fisayo Fosudo.

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Tecno HiOS 7 Review – Looks

In terms of looks, HiOS 7 didn’t really change that much from the HiOS 6 version before it, except for some slight retouches done to the default app icons and settings page.

You now get this huge swipeable cards on the top row of the settings page (as seen above) that you can simply tap on to take you directly to different parts of settings of your phone, instead of manually digging deep into the settings page yourself.


Aside from those, everything else has remained the same the way it was on previous versions. I mean, you still get a truckload of bloatware apps that comes preinstalled with every Tecno phone out there, and you still have the annoying adverts that pops up across the entire UI.

But never to worry, cause we already have a well detailed article that addresses that issue in the simplest way possible. In the article, we talked about how you can uninstall those bloatwares and disable those annoying ads from your Tecno mobile phones.

So if you have been looking for ways to do that, you can simply tap on the link below to find yourself there.


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New Features

In terms of having new features, well, the HiOS 7 version has only but a few, though Tecno will try to sell many of its old features on former versions of its HiOS UI as new, but don’t believe that sh*t.

And in less than 10 mins today, I’m gonna show you all the new and “not so new” features that comes bundle with the latest version of Tecno’s HiOS UI..

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And once again, #enjoy.

List of all Tecno HiOS 7 New and “Not So New” Features.

  • Social Turbo for WhatsApp Business app.
  • Video Ringtone.
  • Smart Scanner.
  • YoParty 2.0 app.
  • Inbuilt Image Compressor.
  • Instant USSD codes on dialer app.
  • Ear sensor call receiver.
  • Gesture Flashlight turn on/off.
  • WiFi share (android 10 native feature).
  • Magic Button for gaming.

Now that we have listed out all the features that comes with the new HiOS 7 version, now let’s take a step further, to discuss them, one after the other…

Shall we?

1. Social Turbo For WhatsApp Business App.

Tecno HiOS 7 - Social Turbo

If you’ve been a long time user of Tecno smartphones before now, social turbo shouldn’t sound anything new to you.

But the only difference right now is, it now supports the WhatsApp Business app, formerly, it only supports the regular WhatsApp app.


So what it does is pretty straight forward. It gives you all those extra features that you’d want to have, but are not readily available or provided on WhatsApp, and you’ll usually have to download some extra apps to get them.

Features such as the ability to read messages without the sender knowing, a.k.a peek mode. The ability to save someone’s WhatsApp status uploads, ability to turn on and off beauty mode on WhatsApp video calls, etc.

2. Video Ringtone

Video Ringtone

Now i wouldn’t say this one is all that new, because we already had something similar on the HiOS 6 version, called Video Call screen.

And what it does is to let you select a different incoming call screen aside from the default one that came with your phone.

So this particular one that comes with HiOS 7 is just a step further from the previous version of it on HiOS 6, and what is does is, it lets you select any video of your choice from your phone’s gallery or photos app, to use as your incoming call screen.


So whenever you have an incoming call on your phone, you’ll get the video playing with the caller’s name displayed over it, instead of the regular default caller screen you usually get.

It’s a cool feature to have though, especially when you want to show off your new phone, but i don’t see it as something a person like me will be making use of for more than 2hrs.

3. Smart Scanner

Tecno HiOS 7 - Smart Scanner

Just as the name is pronounced, the Tecno Smart Scanner does everything from scanning QR codes, to scanning and translating over 40 different languages in real time.

It can also do some futuristic stuff like helping you to scan & automatically recharge airtime vouchers to your phone for those who still make use of them, thereby eliminating the need of you having to punch in the figures yourself, a.k.a recharge king app.


And then lastly, it can also look up drugs. Personally i don’t know how this aspect of it works, but i think it has something to do with knowing what contents are contained in a drug, in what quantity that they are, and what a particular drug works for.

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4. YoParty 2.0

Tecno HiOS 7 - YoParty

The YoParty is one fun app that has been neglected and hasn’t really gotten the attention it deserves since its first inception on Tecno’s HiOS 5 version, due to lack of proper advertising, and the name as well.

I mean, who names an app “YoParty”?

So what it does is pretty simple and straightforward. It lets you play the same song across six different connected Tecno smartphones at the same time, so it seems like you’re having a mini party in your room.

Cool right?

All you have to do to get it started is look for the app icon on your phone’s app drawer, open it and use one phone to create a party, and then the rest phones joins the party.

And like i said, you can connect a maximum of six devices at same time, and play the same music across all of them, at once.

5. Inbuilt Image Compressor

Tecno HiOS 7 - Image Compressor

For those who work with pictures either on their phones or on the web just as i do, or you’re just finding ways to save more storage spaces on your phone by compressing images, Tecno now provides a built-in image compressor that helps you achieve that, so you no longer have to download third party apps for it.


The Image compressor tool can be found under the “Tools” tab located inside the default Tecno gallery app, a.k.a Ai Gallery app.

6. Instant USSD codes on Phone Dialer app.

Tecno HiOS 7 - Instant USSD codes

This one is no new feature as it has been around since the days of HiOS 6. And what does it do? Simple.

It works when using the dialer app on your phone, and what it does is; immediately you strike the “*” button your number pad, it brings out all the available USSD codes that you might possibly need, so you don’t have to cram them any longer.

7. Ear Sensor Call Receiver

Tecno HiOS 7 - Ear sensor receiver

This is another feature that is currently being heavily advertised as new, but it is nothing close to that, as this one like the last feature before it, has also been in existence since the days of HiOS 6 UI.

And what it does is; when activated, whenever you have an incoming call on your phone, all you have to do is simply raise the phone to your ear to receive the call and start speaking with the caller immediately.


You no longer have to press or swipe the receive button on your phone to pick up calls anymore. It’s a nice feature to be honest, but i still find myself going back to the good old way of receiving calls every single time.

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8. Gesture Flashlight Turn On/Off

From the name, you should already know what it does. It simply lets you turn on and off your phone’s flashlight, by drawing already specified gestures on the screen, even when the screen is off.

This will come in handy for those who quickly want to see what ran over their legs or what bit them in the dark.

9. WiFi Share (an android 10 based featured)

Tecno HiOS 7 WiFi share

The WiFi share feature is not exclusive to Tecno smartphones alone, and this isn’t the first time that we’re seeing it on an Tecno device, so i don’t get the reason behind them advertising it as one.

It is available on any android device today that is currently running on the android 10 version of Google’s operating system and upwards, and what it does is;


It simply lets you share your phone’s internet connection via hotspot tethering, but this time, by using QR codes.

So the sharer or the host, which is you, generates a QR code on their phone which others can easily scan in order to get connected to your network and have internet access on their phones, thereby eliminating the need of having to tell everyone the password to your mobile hotspot.

And it also eliminates the need of anyone who wants to get connected to same network from having to cram or lookup complex passwords that you have setup for the network.

So it’s a win-win situation for everyone, but both parties will have to be running on the android 10 operating system or higher.

10. Magic Button For Gaming

For those who are chronic gamers, what magic button does is; it lets you set either your volume up or volume down button to perform specific actions in a game.


Actions like shooting, running, looking around, jumping, etc. So if gaming is your thing and you’re comfortable spending up to 3 to 6 hours playing games, then you might want to take a look at this feature.

So guys, those are all the new and “not so new” features that comes with the current latest HiOS 7 UI version from Tecno.

Give this post a thumbs by sharing it if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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