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Tecno Android 11 Update Roadmap: What Every Tecno Smartphone Users Need To Know

Will my current Tecno phone ever get the new android 11 update? If “Yes“, when will that be, and if “No“, why wouldn’t it?

This should be the question that should running through the minds of “almost” every Tecno smartphone users out there, right now.

Tecno Android 11 update
Android 11

But first of all;

What Is Android 11?

As the name implies, android 11 is the eleventh iteration and the latest current version of Google’s android operating system.

It was officially unveiled by Google on the 8th of September 2020 for all compatible Google Pixel devices, and since then, almost all smartphone manufacturers have been working tirelessly to get this new version of android on all of their eligible devices, with big names such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and even Realme.

But the burning question that should be going through your minds right now is;

Will Tecno phones out there, or is my current Tecno smartphone ever going to get the new android 11 update, or will Tecno just go ahead and start producing and shipping new phones with the said android 11 version out of the box, instead of updating some of its old and most capable smartphones like the Tecno Camon 16 series, the recently launched Spark 6 model, the Tecno Pova and even the Camon 15 series?

Tecno android 11 update
Tecno Camon 16 Premier

Well, in order not to try to mince words here, the simple answer is;

NO, your current Tecno phone will never get updated to android 11, at least that not gonna happen anytime soon.

I mean, by following past records of how Tecno phones have always ended up, not a single Tecno android phone has ever been updated to a new android version.

And YES, Tecno will just go ahead and start shipping new smartphones with the said android 11 version out of the box, instead of updating some of their old phones to it.

Sad right?

Well, that’s just the world that we live in. I mean it’s Tecno right? So nothing can be done about that. They’ve always did so in the past and got away with it, so i don’t think this time will be any different.

But.. There’s a catch.

Now just in case Tecno decided to have a rethink, change their minds and decided that it is high time some of their smartphones begins to get new android version updates, at least for once or twice during their lifetime, here is a list of current Tecno smartphones that are most likely to get the new update.

List of Tecno smartphones that are most likely to get android 11 update, probably this year or next.

  • Tecno Camon 16 Premier.
  • Tecno Camon 16.
  • Tecno Camon 15 Premier (Pro).
  • Tecno Camon 15.
  • Tecno Pova.
  • Tecno Spark 6.
  • Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro (Spark Power 2).

So if your current Tecno phone is among the above listed smartphones, then I’ll advice that you take this piece of information with a pinch of salt and a little bit of pepper, while keeping your hopes high. And please do note that this is no official list from Tecno mobile, this is just me thinking out loud.

Alright guys, so that will be all for now concerning if your Tecno phones will ever get updated to android 11 or not.

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