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Infinix Android 11 Update Roadmap: The Sad Fate For All Infinix Smartphone Owners

Will my Infinix phone ever get android 11 update? If yes, when will this be?

Infinix android 11 update
Android 11 version.

If you happen to be among those that uses an Infinix mobile device, these should be some of the type of questions that should be running through your mind right now, and probably the reason why you’re here, to find out if your Infinix phone will ever be getting an update to the new android 11 version, and when it’ll be doing so.

Well, I’m gonna try to answer your questions in the shortest and quickest way possible, and in order not to try to mince words here, the simple answer is..

NO, your Infinix smartphone will never get such updates to any new android version such as the new android 11 that was launched by Google a couple of months ago, at least not now.

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And this is simply because..

Wait, is there even any reason for that? I mean, is there any reason for the likes of Infinix and Tecno not sending out new android version updates to their users, even when their smartphones are capable of running them?

Well, i don’t know, but what i can tell you is;

From the first day that i started making use of Infinix smartphones and up till this very moment, i can only testify about just two occasions that Infinix has ever sent out new android version updates to their users, and those were with the Infinix Zero 4 and Note 4 smartphones. Both of these phones were updated from android 6.0 Marshmallow version, to android 7.0 Nougat version.

The Infinix Note 5 and 5 Stylus models both got two major android version updates, but that is because, those two phones were operating under the Google androidOne program, so software updates were being handled by Google, and not Infinix.

Infinix Android 11 update
The Infinix Note & 5 Stylus both got updates for android 9.0 Pie & Android 10 versions.

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So if you’re an Infinix smartphone user, I’m sorry to say this, but your current phone might never get the new android 11 update which happens to be the talk of the town right now.

But I’m still gonna do you one favor, in less than two minutes, I’ll list out some Infinix phones that I’m pretty sure that they deserve, and are most likely to be updated to the latest android version, just in case Infinix decided to have a change of mind in the nearest future, and here you go.

Infinix android 11 update
More android 11 images.

List of Infinix phones that are more likely to get updated to the new android 11 version in 2020 & 2021

So like i said, here’s some Infinix phones that are most likely to get updated to the new android version in case Infinix decided to change their minds, and update some of their smartphones.

  1. Infinix Zero 8.
  2. Infinix Note 8.
  3. Infinix Note 8i.
  4. Infinix Note 7.
  5. Infinix Note 7 Lite.
  6. Infinix Hot 10.
  7. Infinix S5 Pro.

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Now if you observed very well, you’ll notice that all of the smartphones that are listed up there, are all Infinix phones that were launched in 2020.

We didn’t include any phones from last two years simply because, those phones, such as the likes of the Infinix S5, the Hot 8, Note 6, and even the all fan-favorite Infinix S4, all came with android 9 Pie versions out of their boxes.

And from that time till now, none among these above mentioned smartphones ever got an update to the now slowly ageing android 10 version, so what makes you think that they’d be updated to android 11 version?

I bet that you get the gist now right?

So that is it for today, this is the plain answer to your question of if your Infinix phone will ever be getting android 11 update, and some of the best Infinix phones in the market today that are most likely to get updated, if ever they will.

Don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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  1. hot 10 me android 11 kab aayega??

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    Andre Yusuf Akbar

    simply put, we’re at the mercy of the manufacturer… 🙁

  5. Textured back and the Helio G70 are two attractive points in the Infinix hot 11.

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