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Steps To Find & Restore Missing App Freezer Folder Icon On Infinix Phones In Just 2 Mins.

Did the app freezer folder icon suddenly disappeared from your Infinix phone and you don’t seem to know where it might have gone to?

Well, not to bother, cause in less than 5 mins today, I’m gonna show you the easy and practicals step to follow, in order to restore the app freezer folder icon on your Infinix phones.

Ready? Well, then let’s get started. #enjoy.

How to find and restore lost app freezer folder icon on Infinix phones.

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5 practical steps to find and restore missing app freezer folder icon on Infinix phones in just 2 mins.

Step One

First thing first, go to Google Play store and update your Infinix XOS launcher, just in case yours wasn’t updated before now.

You can easily do so by simply tapping on the link below.

Update Now: XOS Launcher 2021.

Infinix app freezer – Step Two

When you’re done updating the XOS launcher, now go to your phone’s home screen and long-press (tap and hold) any empty space on the home screen.

If your XOS launcher is updated, you should get options like the ones shown below when you long-press on the home screen.

Step Three

From the options shown to you, tap on the one that says “Menu” as pointed out in the photo above.

When you do so, a new page will be opened to you with a list of new options. From this new page, tap on the option that says “Other settings” as shown from the image below.

How to find and restore lost app freezer folder icon on Infinix phones.

Infinix app freezer – Step Four

When you tap on the “Other settings” option, a new page will be opened to you which contains a new list of options with toggle buttons in front of them.

From this new list of options, look for the one that says “Freezer”, it should be turned off at this moment, which happens to be the reason why the app freezer icon is missing from your phone’s home screen.

Now simply tap the toggle button in front of it to turn it back on.

Step Five

Now go back to your XOS launcher home screen and from there, you should see that the app freezer folder icon has been added back on it.


How to find and restore lost app freezer folder icon on Infinix phones.
App freezer icon back on home screen.

Alright guys, so that’s how you can restore the missing app freezer folder icon on your Infinix smartphones in just less than 2 mins.

Kindly give this article a thumbs up by sharing it if you found it helpful, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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  1. I did not see the option there

  2. Sorry..what option are you referring to bro?

  3. Thanks a lot I have been trying to unfreeze some app on my phone but it didn’t work but after following the steps correctly I was able to unfreeze it

    • We’re happy our tutorial has helped you Chinenye.. Do make sure to stop by some other time, whenever you have issues with your phone. We’ll be glad to assist you..


  4. hi, i followed the steps you outlined. the freezer botton was on still couldnt find the app on my home screen.

  5. Wonderful…..a Kenyan here and I have done it on my Hot4. Thanks. And I write essays..LOL

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