Xhide – What It Is, What It Does, And How To Set It Up In 2mins, On Any Infinix Smartphone.


What is Xhide?

If you must know, Xhide is a secured vault folder found on Infinix smartphones running on Infinix’s own proprietary XOS Chameleon UI or higher.

Just as the name is pronounced “Xhide”, this tool is used to hide stuff on your phone that you want to keep away from the public. Stuff such as apps, pictures, videos, music files, and even contacts and messages.

Infinix Xhide
Things you can hide, using Xhide.

What makes Xhide unique from all other similar third-party apps out there is the fact that Xhide has its own unique way of unlocking it.

It works by dialing an already preset code in your phone’s app drawer in order to have access to the files that are hidden in there, and this method is not common among other similar third-party apps out there.


But, this feature is only made available on Infinix phones, running older versions of android like Android 7.0 Nougat and 8 Oreo.

The code looks like this.

In addition to having its own special way of accessing the Xhide vault, the Xhide app icon can also, be completely hidden from your phone’s app drawer and home screen, so no one will even have an idea that it is there in the first place.

Sounds cool right?

So, today, let’s see how we can setup and start making use of the Xhide vault on our various compatible Infinix smartphones.

Remember, your phone must be running Infinix XOS 2.1 Chameleon UI (based on Android 7.0 Nougat), or higher.

And with that out of the way, let’s get started. #enjoy.

Infinix Xhide

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How to activate Xhide on Infinix phones.

Step One

First thing first, if you’re using an older Infinix phone, probably the ones running the Android 7.0 Nougat version, kindly go to Google Play Store and download the “Phone Master” app.


Or, you can save yourself the stress of going to the play store, and simply tap on the download link below.

Download Now: Infinix phone master app.

For those using newer Infinix smartphone models running newer versions of android, your phone should probably come with the phone master app already pre-installed in it.

But just in case you still couldn’t find it on yours, you can also follow the link given above to download it from the Google Play Store.

Step Two

When you’re done downloading and have probably installed the app too, open it up, and you should have an interface that looks this way.

Phone Master app’s home screen.

From here, go to the tab that says “Toolbox“, and scroll all the way to the bottom of your phone’s screen, there, you should see the “Xhide” option.

Infinix Xhide

Tap on it to open it.

Infinix Xhide – Step Three

If you’re opening it for the first time, you’ll be asked to first set a unique code which will be used in opening it whenever you try to access the vault.

But if that wasn’t your first time of opening it, you’ll be asked to input your already preset code.

When you’re done, you should have an interface that looks like this.

Infinix Xhide
Things you can hide, using Xhide.

You can tap any of the tabs to start adding items that you wish to be hidden in them.

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Step Four

Like I mentioned earlier, if you using an old model Infinix smartphone, specifically the ones running on Android 7.0 Nougat with XOS 2.1 Chameleon UI, you can activate “Hidden mode” for Xhide.


What this does is, removes the Xhide icon from your phone’s app drawer and home screen, and the only way that you’ll have access to it is by dialing that same unique code that you created, in your phone’s app drawer.

To activate “Hidden mode”, simply tap on the “Settings” option, and enable the toggle that says “Hidden mode”, and that’s it.

How to activate “Hidden mode” on Xhide.

Remember that this feature is only available for those using older models of Infinix smartphones, that are running on Android 7.0 Nougat.

So guys, that wraps it up for today on “What is Infinix Xhide, and how to setup this feature on your Infinix smartphones”.


Kindly let us know if you encountered any issues while setting it up on your smartphone, and also, do well to give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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  1. Well in that case you will have to wait till it is added through a software update.. Because XOS Hummingbird is still a kind new, so there are many features which are still absent in it. But not withstanding you can still download an alternative to it from Play Store. you can download Vault Hide

  2. Hello Bro you can go to Google Play Store and download the "Phone Master" app. It does pretty much everything you'd do with the Infinix XOS Launcher as it comes bundled with Xhide, App Locker, System Manager and many more.. enjoy.

  3. No bro, the Infinix Note 5 is an androidOne smart phone so it doesn't come with all those apps preinstalled in it.. But if you want something like that, you can downnload an app from Google Play Store, the name is Phone Master, and it has stuffs like Xhide and App Freezer already bundled with it.

  4. انا تليفوني انفنكس نوت 3وكان شغال عندي تمام بس مش عارفه ليه بقا يعلق دلوقت ومابقاش يخفي حاجه

  5. Hello Life of Solomon, sorry for your loss.. but there's a way you can get around it..go to your phone's dialer app and dial this code "####".. it will bring out your Xhide and prompt you to change the password if you would want to… or you follow this link and follow all instructions written on it..

    Please write back to us to let us know if we were able to solve your problem..Cheers.

  6. Hello Unknown, to hide apps using the Xhide app, when you open the Xhide app itself, from the list of icons presented to you, you will see one written Video on it, another one says Music, another one says Photos and the last one says "Apps"..

    Select the one that says apps, and you will be presented with a list of all the third party apps that is currently installed in your phone..

    Select the ones you want to hide and press okay. that should do the trick..

    And to make the Xhide app to disappear itself, you've got to activate the Hidden Option from inside the app..

    Go to settings inside the app, locate "Hide Xhide".. you will be asked to set a unique pass code which can only be access through your phone's app dialer.. Just follow the prompts shown to you one step after the other.. and in less than a minute, you should have your xhide app completely hidden from intruders. Cheers..

    Please let us know if we were able to solve your problem and Subscribe to our free newsletter too if you haven't done so.. thanks.

  7. Hello.. sorry about your issue but yours is probably a software problem from the Infinix's end. Go to your phone's settings and check if there is a software update available for your phone.. If there is none, try updating your Infinix XOS Launcher to its latest version through Google Play Store..Let us know if any of those steps were able to solve the problem.

  8. The xhide in new version like zero x pro isnt cool at all. For one you cant access it from the dialer and 2 you cant hide your specific communication ie calls n sms

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