How to Link NIN to MTN: 10 Steps to Link Your NIN to MTN


How to link NIN to MTN: Even after two years of the federal government making it compulsory for all citizens to link their NIN to their various SIM cards, a lot of people still haven’t been able to do this, probably because they don’t know how to.

But all that is about to change now, at least for MTN customers, as today, I’ll be showing how to link your NIN to your MTN lines.

So, you’re ready?

Sure, then let’s begin. #enjoy.

How to link NIN to MTN

But wait, there’s a little problem, and what is it?

Recently, the NIMC issued a directive that providing your NIN to telecom providers must be done through a process called NIN tokenization, or VNIN, which simply stands for Virtual NIN.

It’s a 16-digit alphanumeric code that’s only generated on request by a user, and only valid for 72 hrs. It’s a way of masking your NIN so hackers don’t get access to it.


So, instead of submitting your NIN in plain sight to telecom providers, all you have to do is generate a VNIN, and use that in place of it.

And how do you get this VNIN? Well, good thing it’s pretty easy to do so. Simply follow the steps below.

How to generate a VNIN on your MTN line

  • Open your call dialer app, and dial the code, *346#.
  • From the options shown to you, select “3” to go to “Virtual NIN”.
  • On the next page, you’d be required to provide your NIN, simply do so.
  • After that, you’ll be required to provide something called an “Enterprise ID”.
  • Each telecom provider has a unique Enterprise ID, and the one for MTN is; 109071
  • Simply enter the code, and your VNIN will be generated for you and sent as a text message.
  • Alternatively, you can simply dial, *346*3*Your 11-Digit-NIN*109071# to perform the six steps above in one go.
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Do take note that this service costs ₦20, so make sure you have up to such an amount of airtime on your line before attempting it.

And having done that, now it’s time to link our VNIN to our MTN line.

More guides

Follow these steps to link your NIN to your MTN line via the USSD code format.

  • Open your call dial app, and dial the code, *996#.
  • From the options shown to you, select “1” to submit your VNIN.
  • Simply enter the 16-digit VNIN you generated a while ago, and you’re done.
  • Simply wait for a confirmation SMS from MTN to know if your NIN has been linked or not.

And that’s how to link your NIN to your MTN line. If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comments section below, and if you find this post helpful, then kindly give it a thumbs up by sharing it, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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