The Glo Campus Booster Data Plan: Get 200% Of Your Airtime & Data Subscriptions


In less than 5 min today, I’ll be telling you everything you never knew about the Glo Campus Booster data plan, and how you can use it to get up to 200% of your airtime recharge, as well as your data subscription.

Sounds cool, right?

Sure, it does, and now, let’s begin. #enjoy.

Glo campus booster

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What is the Glo Campus Booster Data Plan?

Simple, and like I said, the Glo campus booster is a special data plan that gives you back up to 200% of your airtime recharge and even data subscriptions, but you’ll only get to use the extra data bonuses when you’re on any school campus in Nigeria.

So, for instance, let’s say you recharged a ₦100 airtime on your Glo line and want to subscribe for a data subscription.

Now, on a very good day, ₦100 can only get you a total of 150MB worth of data, but with the Glo campus booster data plan, that same ₦100 will get you up to 225MB of data, and an extra ₦100 airtime bonus for Glo to Glo calls, and the bonuses are split this way.

  • First is 100MB, which is the original data amount you get for ₦100 with the Glo campus booster data plan.
  • On top of that, you get an additional 100MB as your data bonus to be used only on campus.
  • Then you get an extra 25MB that can be shared with anyone, making the data bonus a total of 225MB.
  • And finally, Glo still gives you back the ₦100 you used in subscribing, but this time, it can only be used for making calls and sending texts from Glo to Glo lines.
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And below is a table showing all the available Glo campus booster data plans, along with their prices and duration.

Glo Campus Booster data plans, prices, duration, & subscription codes

100MB (225MB on campus)₦1002 Days*777#
200MB (450 on campus)₦2004 Days*777#
500MB (1.12GB on campus)₦5001 Week*777#
1GB (2.25GB on campus)₦1,0002 Weeks*777#
2GB (4.5GB on campus)₦2,0001 Month*777#
5GB (11.2GB on campus)₦5,0001 Month*777#

So, having known this, how does one subscribe to the Glo campus booster data plan?

Well, it’s simple, trust me.

  • First of all, make sure that you’re on any tertiary institution campus within the country.
  • Now, open your call dialer app.
  • Dial the code, *777#, and press send.
  • Select “1” from the options to go to “Data“.
  • Select “1” again for “Buy Data Plan“.
  • Select “1” again to enable “Auto-Renew“, otherwise, select “2”.
  • Select “5” to go to “Special Data Offer“.
  • Select “2” to go to “Campus Booster“.
  • And from there, simply select the Campus data booster plan you wish to subscribe to.
  • And you’re done.

To learn how to check your data and bonus balances, simply follow the links below.

And that wraps it up for today on the Glo campus booster data plans. If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comments section below, and if you find this post helpful, then kindly give it a thumbs up by sharing it, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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  1. Are we to believe GLO has in it’s database every campus in the country? Is there a way to asćertain if GLO acknowledges my school’s campus?

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