2 Easy ways to check your Airtel mobile phone number in 2021 & 2022.

If you’re here, it simply means that you forgot your Airtel mobile number, and you’re finding it difficult to check it on your phone.

Was I correct?

If I was, then today I’m gonna show you the two easiest ways to check and know your Airtel number, in just two minutes.

So, you’re ready?

Well, then let’s get started. #enjoy.

How to check airtel number in 2021/2022

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2 ways to check and know your Airtel number in 2021/2022.

  • By calling or texting a friend.
  • By dialing the Airtel number check code.

By calling or texting a friend

This is one of the first thing that should usually and naturally come to your mind when you can’t seem to remember your phone number.

Simply pick up your phone which contains the line that you can’t seem to remember the number. Now, get a second phone, and use your phone to make a quick call or send a short text message to the other phone, when you do this, your Airtel mobile number should be displayed on the screen of the second phone, either as the caller or as the sender of the text message.

Easy peasy right?

But, what if there is no second phone nearby that you can send a quick call or a text message to?

Well, that is where the second option comes in.

How to check your Airtel number by using the Airtel number checking USSD code.

Follow these steps to check your airtel mobile phone number using the airtel number checking USSD code.

  • Open your phone’s call dialer app.
  • Dial *121*3*4# and press send.
  • When you do this, your Airtel mobile number will be displayed on your phone’s screen.
  • And that’s it. Simple as whatever.

So, like I told you before, these are the two proven easiest ways to check your Airtel mobile number on your smartphones if you happen to forget it.

So, kindly tell us which method you think is the easiest one among the two by commenting that in the comments section below, and if you find this article informative or helpful, kindly give it a thumbs up by sharing it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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