How to enable LED notifications on Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, & S10e

How To Setup “Hole Punch Inspired” LED Notifications on Infinix S5, Note 7 and Infinix Hot 9 smartphones

LED notifications on our smartphones have always been, and will always be a life saving feature. They let us know when we have new missed calls or messages, social media notifications, etc, and the most interesting part is that; it does all these without turning on the display of our smartphones.

Infinix LED notifications

But in recent times, these smartphone manufacturers have been in what seems like an unending race of trying to stretch the displays of our phones as farther as possible, but without increasing the overall form factor of the phones.

For one thing, this is a good practice though, because we now carry about smartphones wielding display sizes as large as 6.5+ Inches, but in a reasonably sized form factor.

But as you all know, most good things come with a price tag, and this time, one of those prices you have to pay to get smartphones such as these, happens to be the removal of the good old LED Notifications from these phones.

Now this might not really seem like a big deal to a lot of persons though, because they can easily press the power button on their phones, and check if they have any new notifications, while some persons will do just fine with the recent “Tap to wake” feature that has found its way to almost every smartphone out there, and we even have this pretty new one also, called the “Lift to wake“.

What this does is, the moment you pick up your phone from a surface, it lights up the screen, and you can see whatever information you want to see, without having to press the power button, or even unlocking your phone.

So sadly, the Infinix S5, Infinix Note 7 models and even the Hot 9, happens to fall among the continuous growing list of smartphones that are being ripped off a native LED notifications system, just so you could get that extra space of screen real estate.

And for that reason, today we’ll be showing you how to setup a creative custom-made LED notifications system on these smartphones by making use of their camera punch hole cutouts, for those whose lives depend on the native LED notifications system.

Something that looks like this..

How to enable LED notifications on Infinix S5, Note 7 and Hot 9
Custom-made LED notifications on the Samsung Galaxy S10 models.

Looks cool right? So without further ado, join us today, and let’s see how we can setup a custom LED notifications system on our Infinix S5, Infinix Note 7, and Infinix Hot 9 smartphones.. #Enjoy..

How to setup LED notifications using the camera hole punch cutouts, on the Infinix S5, Note 7 and Hot 9 smartphones.

Step One

Go to Google Play Store and download the “AOE (Always On Edge)” app. Or simply tap on the button that says “Install” below.

Infinix s5, Note 7 and Hot 9 hole punch LED notifications

AOE (Always On Edge) is a simple always-on display app that was originally meant for the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineups when they came out last year, but right now, the app currently works on all smartphones, and with this app, we are going to set an always-on display feature that only shows a ring of light round the camera hole punch cutouts of our smartphones to mimic a notifications LED.

Step Two

After downloading the app, give it access to the necessary permissions it may request for, and let’s get to setting things up proper.

Infinix S5, Note 7 and Hot 9 hole punch LED notifications.
App’s Homepage

On opening the app for the first time, you should have an interface like the one above, though this might change due to subsequent future updates to the app.

Setting up LED notifications on Infinix S5, Note 7 and Hot 9 – Step Three

From the app’s interface, click on the first option that says “Main Settings“, and make sure that you set your options exactly the same way they’re shown on the photo below.

After doing that, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on the green button that says “Save“.

Step Four

Now go back to the app’s homepage, and click on the next option that says “App Settings“, and you should be greeted with an interface that looks this way.

Now for starters, you can just set your options exactly the way it appears on the photos, but for those who have the time and want more customizations done to theirs, you can go ahead and tinker with the numerous options, until you’re satisfied with what you have.

But nevertheless, I’ll talk about each of the options, one after the other, so you’ll know what we are dealing with here.

The first one says “When to turn on Edge Lighting?“, and under it, we have numerous options such as;

When a notification is received: If selected, it let’s you choose if you want the edge lighting feature to come on when you receive a notification, and your device screen is off, on, or both. Of which in our case, it will be when a notification is received, and our device’s screen is off.

The second one says;

While the device is charging: It gives you the same options as the first one, but in this case, it is use to decide if you want the edge lighting feature to turn on, while your phone is charging. Not selecting this option means that you don’t want edge lighting to turn on while device is charging.

Lighting when listening to music: Just as it is with the first two options, this one allows you to set when or how the edge lighting feature should turn on, when you’re listening to music with your phone.

Minutes after device lock: Lets you to set the time (in minutes) when you want the edge lighting feature to turn on after your device has locked. I believe you know what that means.

Now i want to believe that with these brief explanations of the first four options, you should know what the other options do and how to set them up correctly.

Step Five

After you’ve saved your settings made in step four above, now go back to the app’s main page, and go to the next option that says “Lighting Settings“, and you should have an interface that looks like this.

Now this is the portion of the app that will let us set the always-on display or edge lighting feature, to show only around the hole punch camera cutouts of our Infinix smartphones, in a way that it mimics a native LED notifications system.

Once again for starters, you can go ahead and set your options, following the same way they have been selected for you as shown in the photos above.

But for those who wants to take matters into their hands, you can you know, go ahead and tinker with the numerous options shown to you.

But for clarification purposes, here is what each option stands for.

Device Screen Corners; Although this one doesn’t concern us due to the fact that we’re only showing our edge lighting feature, just around the hole punch camera cutouts of our smartphones, but who does who wants something that looks like that of Samsung Edge lighting, this is when this option comes in to play.

It lets you to choose how rounded that you want your device corners to be.

Lighting Placement; lets you choose the portion of your device screen that you want edge lighting to be display, and in our case, we’re making use of the “Around Notch Only” option. You can go ahead and play with the other options if you wish to.

Enable Notch Support; lets you choose the type of notch that your device screen has. And did i forget to tell you that this application also works for smartphones such as the Infinix Hot 8, S4, Smart 3, 4, and all other smartphones with notches?

Aside from choosing your device notch type, this is where you can adjust the width, height, and position of the edge lighting so it aligns properly with your phone’s hole punch camera cutout.

Edge Style; lets you choose the style of edge lighting. No need to talk much here, just go ahead and play with the different options shown to you.

We have other options such as Edge color amount, Edges speed, Edge thickness, etc. So just set all those up the way you want them, and don’t forget to save your settings before leaving the page.

Setting up LED notifications on Infinix S5, Note 7 and Hot 9 – Step Six

Now by right, this is where this very tutorial section should have best be ended, but just for the sake of those who still want more customization, go back to the app’s homepage and click on the option that says “Extra Widgets“.

Display clock; lets you show either a digital or analogue clock widget as a form of always-on display. You can choose from different clock faces or styles, and even set the clock behavior to your choice.

Bouncing Balls for recent 5 notifications; shows something like a carousel on your lock screen, to let you know when you have new notifications. Nothing much going on here though, just for fun and customization.

Display notification icons; lets you show the app icons for the different notifications entering your phone.

Go ahead and set the rest options to your preference, and make sure you don’t forget to click the save button before leaving the page.

Now back to the homepage, we have two more options. The first one says “Enabled Apps“, while the second one says “Block List“.

Enabled apps lets you go to the settings for each app individually, while block list shows you a list of all the apps you excluded from the AOE “Always On Edge” LED notifications app.

You can as well preview your setups as you go about the app, to know how each new setting you apply looks like before leaving the app. To preview your setups, go back to the app’s main page, scroll all the way down to the bottom, until you see the preview button.

After you’ve done everything written on this tutorial and you made sure that you saved your settings, you can go ahead and close the app, then await when next that you’d get a notification.

Alright guys, that is all for today, do share this article if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, i’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.


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