How To Setup and make use of “Hole Punch Inspired” Notification LED on your Infinix S5 smartphone.


LED notifications on our smartphones have always been, and will always be a life saving feature. They let us know when we have new missed calls or messages, social media notifications, etc, and the most interesting part is that; it does all these without turning on the display of your smartphone.

Infinix S5 LED notifications
A native android notification LED light.

But recently, these smartphone manufacturers have been in what seems like an unending race of trying to stretch the displays of our phones as farther as possible, but without increasing the overall form factor of the phones.

For one thing, this is a good practice though, because we now can comfortably carry about smartphones wielding up to 6.5+ Inches display sizes, but still in a reasonably sized form factor.

But as you all know, most good things come with a price tag, and this time, one of those prices you have to pay to get smartphones such as these happens to be the removal of the good old LED Notification light from these phones.


Now this might not really seem like a big deal to many, i mean, a lot of us out there can easily live without a notification LED on our phones, but for the few out there, who feel like having a notification LED is a necessity on their smartphones, today I’ll be showing you a fun way that you can use the camera hole punch cutout on your Infinix S5 smartphone, as a notification LED.

Something that looks like this..

Infinix S5 hole punch inspired notification LED
Custom hole punch notification LED on the Samsung Galaxy S10 models.

Looks cool right?

So whenever you get a new notification on your phone, say something like a missed call, an unread message, social media notifications, etc, you’ll get that light ring over there, hovering over the hole punch cutout of your Infinix S5 smartphone.

So how do we set this thing up?


Just follow the steps listed below, and in no time, you should have your own custom hole punch inspired notification LED running on your phone.

And without further ado, let’s get started. #enjoy.

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How to setup & make use of hole punch notification LED on the Infinix S5 smartphone.

Step One

Go to Google Play Store and download the “AOE (Always On Edge)” app. Or simply tap on the button that says “Install” below.

Infinix S5 hole punch notification LED

After you’ve downloaded and installed it, open the app and grant it access to the necessary permissions that it will request from you.

Step Two

After you’ve done everything from the first step above, you should be taken straight to the app’s homepage, and it looks this way.

Infinix S5 custom hole punch LED notification.
App’s Homepage

From there, tap on the first option that says “Main settings” and you should find yourself on a new page that looks this way.

While on this page, you can skim through it by reading the descriptions written under each setting option, so you can learn what each option does.

But in a bid to save time, I’d advice that you set yours the same way they have been set for you from the screenshot above, and make sure that you save your settings before leaving the page.

Setting up hole punch inspired notification LED on Infinix S5 – Step Three

Now go back to the app’s homepage, tap the second option that says “App Settings“, and you should find yourself on this page.

Now this is one pretty long page, and for starters, you can set your options the exact way they have been set for you from the screenshot above.


But for those who want to go gangster, you can take your time to go through the page and tinker with the options one at a time, until you’re satisfied with what you have.

The options are self-explanatory, so i don’t think anyone should have a problem telling what each one does.

Step Four

After you’ve saved your settings from the last steps above, now go back to the app’s homepage and select the third option there that says “Lighting settings“.

Now this is the portion of the app that lets you set and customize the hole punch notification LED the way you want it.


So the first thing we’re gonna do here is to carve out a shape or a cutout for our custom hole punch notification LED, and after that, we’ll try to align it with the actual hole punch cutout on our Infinix S5 smartphone, and finally, we’ll go ahead and add features such as colors, effects and animations, etc.

So, here’s what we’re gonna do;

  1. First of all, make sure that the option for Enable Edge Lighting is enabled. This option is located at the very top of the page. You can make use of the screenshots posted above as a reference.
  2. Now move further down the page and enable the option that says “Enable Notch Support” and select the option that says “Adjust Manually” from the two options made available for you to choose from.
  3. For “Notch Type”, select “O”. Then you can use the slider below that is labelled as “Notch Height” to adjust how big or tiny that you want the light ring to be.
    • There is also a second slider at the top that is labelled as “Edges thickness“, and as you already guessed, it is used to adjust how thick or thin that you want the light ring to be.
    • You can set “Curve Radius” to “0” as it doesn’t do anything at this point.
  4. Now keep scrolling down the page until you see a section of it that is labelled as “Notch Placement”, and make sure it is set to “Around Notch Only”, and from this point, everything should begin to make to a lot more sense to you.

Now that we have successfully carved out a shape for our custom hole punch LED notification, it is time to make it align with the actual hole punch cutout on our Infinix S5 smartphone.

And to do that, follow the succeeding steps that are listed below.

  1. To select the position of your phone’s camera hole punch cutout, you have three options to choose from, namely; “Right, Left & Center”. You should see them in this same page that you’re still in.
  2. If you selected Left which is probably what you’ll do cause that is where that of the Infinix S5 is located, the light ring wouldn’t just move over to the left immediately. You will still have to adjust it so it properly aligns with the phone’s hole punch camera cutout.
  3. And to do so, you’ll have to make use of the slider that is labelled as “Top (set 0 if not hole)”, it is located just above those three options that lets you select the position of your phone’s hole punch cutout.
  4. This slider lets you move the light ring upwards or downward, and then one last slider that is unlabelled, but is located just below those same three options that lets you select the position of your phone’s hole punch camera cutout. This one lets you move the light ring left or right.

So now that we have successfully gotten a shape for our custom hole punch notification LED, and made it align perfectly to the physical one on our smartphone, now is the time to customize it by adding colors, effects, animations, etc.

And to do so, you can use all of the setting options that have already been provided for you in the app, in this same page that we’re currently in.


The Edges style option lets you customize things such as the notification LED style, you can make use of the option that says “Edge color amount” to add colors, set the notification LED behavior by making use of “Lighting mode” and “Lighting effect” options respectively, and finally, “Edges speed“.

When you’ve setup everything to your taste and you have saved your settings, you can go ahead and take it for a spin by closing the app, turn off your phone’s display, and trying sending a short text to it using another phone.

Infinix S5 hole punch LED notification

That way, you can be sure that everything is working as expected, and from that moment onwards, you now have a full working custom hole punch notification LED, running on your Infinix S5 smartphone.. #cheers..

Don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out…

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