How to Unshare Data on MTN


How do you unshare data on MTN?

A lot of people have been asking the question, how do I unshare or stop sharing my data subscription plan with someone else on the MTN network?

Well, the thing is, there is no straightforward answer to that question because MTN data-sharing service works in a quite different way than what you’d get on other networks.

How to unshare data on MTN

So, here’s the thing, unlike, for instance, a network like Glo where data sharing works by simply adding another Glo user to your line, and for as long as you have an active data plan on your line, the person or number you added to your line can keep browsing all they want.

On MTN, data sharing works by gifting or transferring a certain amount of data to someone, so when they exhaust the data you transferred to them, they will no longer be able to browse on their line until you transfer another one to them, or maybe they purchase an MTN internet bundle themselves.

So, unlike Glo where beneficiaries use directly from your data plan until it gets exhausted, on MTN, beneficiaries aren’t using directly from your data plan.


And that’s basically the reason why there’s no option to unshare data on the MTN network because you weren’t even sharing the data in the first place, but instead, you gifted or transferred data to them.

So, don’t be scared when next you gift someone data on your MTN line, because once they exhaust the data you gifted them, then there’s no way they can keep using or browsing from your active data subscription.

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