How to Convert MTN Points to Airtime in Nigeria


Can I convert my MTN Pulse Points to Airtime?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is, No, as you can only convert or exchange your accumulated MTN Pulse points for data, and not airtime, and today, I’ll be showing you how to do that, but before that?

What even are MTN Pulse Points?

How to convert MTN Points to airtime in Nigeria

It’s simple. They’re simply rewards you get for making calls, recharging your line, and purchasing data plans on the MTN line, but this is only limited to customers on the MTN Pulse tariff plan.

The more you perform any of the above-mentioned activities, the more points you will accumulate on your line, and once you’ve accumulated enough points, they can be redeemed or exchanged for data bundles.

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How to redeem or exchange your MTN Pulse Points for data bundles

Once you’ve accumulated enough Pulse Points, then follow these steps to exchange them for MTN data bundles.

  • Dial *406# on your phone, and send.
  • Enter “7” for Pulse Points.
  • Enter “1” to redeem your Pulse Points for data bundles, “2” for Nightlife bundles, and “3” for Instagram & TikTok bundles.
  • The amount of data bundle you can redeem your Pulse points for depends on the amount of Points you’ve accumulated so far, as 1 Pulse Point is equivalent to ₦1, so, if you have, say 100 Pulse Points, it basically means you can redeem it for data bundles worth ₦100 or less.
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Alternatively, you can also redeem your Pulse Points when purchasing data plans when you dial *312# as along the process, MTN will ask you if you want to purchase the said data plan with your airtime alone, or airtime + Pulse Points.


So, there you have it, folks, you can’t convert your MTN Pulse Points to airtime, but they can be exchanged for data bundles.

I hope this article helped you, and if it did, then kindly give it a thumbs up by sharing it, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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