How to Activate Your Glo SIM Card in 2 Mins


How to activate your Glo SIM – If you recently bought a Glo SIM card and discovered that you couldn’t use it to browse, make or receive phone calls, well, maybe it’s just due to the fact that the SIM hasn’t been activated yet, and today, I’ll teach you exactly how you can activate your new Glo SIM on your smartphone, in just 2 mins.

How to activate Glo SIM

So, you’re ready?

Sure, then let’s begin. #enjoy.

But wait, before we begin, kindly make sure that you have registered the said Glo SIM card at any of the appropriate SIM card registration centers.

How to activate your Glo SIM in 3 steps

  • Make sure the SIM card in question is inserted into a mobile phone.
  • Recharge at least ₦100 on the SIM.
  • Finally, dial and call the number, 125, and that’s it.

After doing these, you’ll receive an SMS from Glo confirming that your SIM card has been successfully activated, and can now be used like every normal Glo SIM out there to call, browse, send, and receive texts.

Easy, isn’t it? And that basically wraps it up for how to activate your new Glo SIM card. Give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you find it helpful, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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