30+ Movies Like “The Prince of Egypt” for Biblical Story Film Fans


Movies like “The Prince of Egypt” – If you’re a fan of the animated musical drama film, “The Prince of Egypt,” which tells the story of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt, you might be on the lookout for similar movies.

Fortunately, there are dozens of films out there that tell different stories from the Bible, both animated and non, and today, we’ll be sharing some of these movies with you, the best ones of course, so you can catch up on all the Bible stories that you’ve missed or probably forgotten.

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Movies like "The Prince of Egypt"

30+ Biblical Story Movies Like “The Prince of Egypt”

The Passion of the Christ20042h 7m7.2 (235K)
Exodus: Gods and Kings20142h 30m6.0 (171K)
The Ten Commandments19563h 40m7.9 (73K)
Risen20161h 47m6.3 (29K)
Jesus of Nazareth19776h 22m8.5 (23K)
Son of God20142h 18m5.7 (19K)
Joseph: King of Dreams20001h 15m6.4 (14K)
The Bible20137h 20m7.4 (12K)
The Nativity Story20061h 41m6.8 (12K)
Mary Magdalene20182h 00m5.9 (11K)
Paul, Apostle of Christ20181h 48m6.6 (9K)
Samson and Delilah19492h 14m6.8 (8.4K)
The Bible: In the Beginning…19662h 54m6.2 (5.7K)
A.D. The Bible Continues2015TV Series7.4 (5.1K)
The Gospel of John20033h 00m7.7 (3.9K)
Joseph19953h 5m7.6 (3.2K)
Jesus19994h 00m6.0 (3.1K)
David and Bathsheba19511h 56m6.1 (2.5K)
The Ten Commandments20071h 28m2.9 (2.5K)
The King of Kings19272h 40m7.4 (2.2K)
Moses19953h 00m6.7 (2.2K)
Abraham19932h 55m7.0 (1.7K)
Jeremiah19981h 30m6.9 (1.6K)
David19973h 10m6.9 (1.5K)
The Bible Collection: Esther19991h 30m6.6 (1.5K)
Jacob19941h 31m6.5 (1.5K)
Solomon19973h 00m6.5 (1.4K)
The Book of Daniel20131h 30m6.1 (1.3K)
St. Paul20002h 50m6.6 (1.1K)
Samson and Delilah19962h 52m5.8 (1.1K)
The Book of Esther20131h 30m4.1 (1.1K)
The Apocalypse20021h 36m6.2 (964)
David and Goliath19601h 35m4.4 (774)
Genesis: The Creation and the Flood19941h 31m5.4 (661)
Joseph of Nazareth20001h 30m5.9 (256)

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The Passion of the Christ

“The Passion of the Christ” is a 2004 film directed by Mel Gibson that depicts the final hours in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The movie primarily focuses on the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus, with flashback scenes that show his teachings and miracles.

The film portrays the brutality and violence that Jesus endures during his crucifixion, including graphic scenes of beatings, whipping, and torture. It also portrays the emotional turmoil of Jesus’ mother, Mary, and his disciples as they witness his suffering.


“The Passion of the Christ” is notable for its use of Aramaic and Latin dialogue, and for its depiction of Jesus as a human being who experiences pain and suffering, rather than a distant and idealized figure.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Movies like "The Prince of Egypt"

Similar to the animated film, “The Prince of Egypt”, “Exodus: Gods and Kings” is a 2014 non-animated epic biblical film directed by Ridley Scott. The movie follows the story of Moses, who rises up against the Pharaoh Ramses and leads the Israelites out of Egypt, as told in the Book of Exodus.

The film begins with Moses, an Egyptian prince, discovering his true identity as a Hebrew and his conflict with Ramses, who has become Pharaoh after his father’s death. Moses then leads the Israelites through a series of plagues that God sends to punish the Egyptians for refusing to free the Hebrews. The plagues culminate in the death of every firstborn Egyptian, including Ramses’ own son, leading Ramses to finally allow the Israelites to leave Egypt.

The Israelites then embark on their journey through the desert, with Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai.


After Jesus is crucified, his body disappears from the tomb, leading many to believe that he has risen from the dead. Clavius, a hardened and skeptical soldier, is ordered by Pilate to find the body and put an end to the rumors of Jesus’ resurrection. Clavius follows a series of clues and interviews witnesses to the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection.

As Clavius investigates, he becomes increasingly intrigued by the story of Jesus and his teachings. He witnesses the impact that Jesus had on his followers and is drawn to the message of hope and love that Jesus preached. Eventually, Clavius encounters the risen Jesus himself and is transformed by the experience, leading him to question his allegiance to Rome and consider a new path in life.


“Risen” is a unique take on the biblical story of Jesus’ resurrection, told from the perspective of a non-believer. The film combines elements of historical drama with a spiritual message of redemption and faith.

Son of God

Movies like "The Prince of Egypt"

“Son of God” is a 2014 epic biblical drama film that tells the story of Jesus Christ, from his birth to his crucifixion and resurrection. The movie depicts his teachings, miracles, and conflicts with the Pharisees and Roman authorities, as well as his relationships with his disciples and followers. The story is told through the eyes of John, the disciple whom Jesus loved.

Joseph: King of Dreams

“Joseph: King of Dreams” is a 2000 animated biblical musical drama film. The movie tells the story of Joseph, a young man with a gift for interpreting dreams, who is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. Through his faith and perseverance, Joseph rises to become a powerful leader in Egypt and helps save his family from famine. Along the way, Joseph learns important lessons about forgiveness, humility, and the power of hope.

And there you have it folks, some of the best biblical story movies like “The Prince of Egypt” available today.

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