155+ Best Halloween Movies on Netflix To Watch Today


Okay, so, Halloween is almost upon us, and if you’re one of those people who prefer to be indoors binge-watching movies, then you might as well want to see some of my most recommended and best Halloween movies on Netflix that you should try watching during this period.

Halloween Movies on Netflix

155+ Best Halloween Movies on Netflix You Should Watch This Year

192220171h 41m
#Alive20201h 39m
A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting20201h 34m
A Nightmare on Elm Street20101h 35m
A Quiet Place20181h 30m
A Quiet Place Part II20201h 37m
A Series of Unfortunate Events2017 - 2019TV Series
All of Us Are Dead2022TV Series
Animas20181h 27m
Annabelle20141h 39m
Annabelle Comes Home20191h 46m
Annabelle: Creation20171h 49m
Apostle20182h 10m
Army of the Dead20212h 28m
Ash vs Evil Dead2015 - 2018TV Series
Bird Box20182h 4m
Blood2015TV Series
Blood Red Sky20212h 3m
Bloodride2020TV Series
Cadaver20201h 26m
Cam20181h 35m
Cargo20171h 45m
Carrie20131h 39m
Case 3920091h 49m
Castlevania2017TV Series
Child's Play 319911h 29m
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina2018 - 2020TV Series
Corpse Bride20051h 14m
Creep20141h 22m
Creep 220171h 20m
Creeped Out2017 - 2019TV Series
Day Shift20221h 53m
Dead Places2021TV Series
Death Note20171h 41m
Devil in Ohio20225h 56m
Doctor Sleep20192h 32m
Don't Breathe20161h 28m
Don't Breathe 220211h 38m
Don't Listen20201h 37m
Dracula2020TV Series
Eerie20181h 41m
Eli20191h 38m
Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil20171h 38m
Family Blood20181h 32m
Fear Street Part 1: 199420211h 47m
Fear Street Part 2: 197820211h 49m
Fear Street Part 3: 166620211h 54m
Final Destination 520111h 31m
Fractured20191h 40m
Friday the 13th20091h 37m
Gantz: O20161h 36m
Gerald's Game20171h 43m
Ghost Wars2017 - 2018TV Series
GHOUL2018TV Series
Goosebumps20151h 43m
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween20181h 30m
Gremlins19841h 46m
Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities2022TV Series
Halloween20072h 1m
Happiness2021TV Series
Haunted2018TV Series
He Never Died20151h 39m
His House20201h 33m
Hollyblood20221h 28m
Hostel: Part II20071h 34m
Hostel: Part III20111h 28m
Hotel Transylvania20121h 31m
Hotel Transylvania 220151h 29m
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation20181h 37m
Hubie Halloween20201h 42m
Hush20161h 27m
In the Shadow of the Moon20191h 55m
In the Tall Grass20191h 30m
It20172h 14m
It Chapter Two20192h 49m
Ivy + Bean: The Ghost That Had to Go20221h 1m
iZombie2015 - 2019TV Series
Jaws19752h 4m
Jaws 219781h 56m
La Influencia20191h 39m
Marianne2019TV Series
Midnight Mass20217h 30m
Monster House20061h 31m
Night Teeth20211h 48m
Nightbooks20211h 43m
Nightflyers2018TV Series
No One Gets Out Alive20211h 27m
Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight20201h 42m
Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 220211h 37m
October Faction2020TV Series
Orphan20092h 3m
Paranormal Activity 220101h 31m
Paranormal Activity 320111h 23m
Paranormal Activity: 420121h 28m
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones20141h 24m
Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes2021TV Series
Ratched2020TV Series
Rattlesnake20191h 25m
Ravenous20171h 36m
Reality Z2020TV Series
Resident Evil2022TV Series
Sabrina20181h 53m
Santa Clarita Diet2017 - 2019TV Series
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed20041h 33m
Secrets in the Hot Spring20181h 48m
Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments2016 - 2019TV Series
Slasher2017TV Series
Slender Man20181h 33m
Stranger Things2016TV Series
Superstition2017TV Series
Sweet Home2020TV Series
Texas Chainsaw Massacre20221h 23m
The Addams Family20191h 27m
The Babysitter20171h 25m
The Babysitter: Killer Queen20201h 41m
The Block Island Sound20201h 39m
The Cloverfield Paradox20181h 42m
The Conjuring20131h 52m
The Curse of Bridge Hollow20221h 31m
The Grudge20201h 34m
The Haunting of Bly Manor2020TV Series
The Haunting of Hill House20189h 32m
The Host20061h 59m
The Incantation20221h 51m
The Invisible Man20202h 5m
The Last House on the Left20091h 49m
The Mist2017TV Series
The Number 2320071h 38m
The Old Ways20201h 30m
The Open House20181h 34m
The Perfection20181h 30m
The Privilege20221h 47m
The Ritual20181h 34m
The Rope Curse 220201h 44m
The School for Good and Evil20222h 27m
The Silence20191h 30m
The Strange House20201h 39m
The Swarm20201h 41m
The Unholy20211h 39m
The Walking Dead2010 - 2022TV Series
The Whole Truth2021TV Series
The Worst Witch2017TV Series
There's Someone Inside Your House20211h 36m
Things Heard & Seen20212h 1m
Typewriter2019TV Series
Under the Shadow20161h 24m
Unsolved Mysteries2020TV Series
V Wars2019TV Series
Van Helsing2016 - 2021TV Series
Velvet Buzzsaw20191h 53m
Veronica20171h 45m
We Can Be Heroes20201h 37m
Wendell & Wild20221h 45m
World War Z20131h 57m
Wounds20191h 35m
Z Nation2014TV Series
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And there you have it, folks, from the scariest to the spookiest, most thrilling, and horror-est Halloween movies you can find on Netflix today.

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