50+ Best Matt Damon Movies on Netflix, Today


50+ best Matt Damon movies on Netflix so far – Matt Damon is a fan favorite actor featured in tons of movies in the past and present, taking both the lead and supporting roles.

Some of his most popular movies include but are not limited to;

  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Good Will Hunting
  • The Great Wall
  • Ocean’s Eleven
  • Ocean’s Twelve
  • The Last Duel, etc…

So, today, I’ll be showing you 50+ best Matt Damon movies that you can find on Netflix right now, and start watching right away.

You’re ready?

Sure, then let’s begin. #enjoy.

Matt Damon movies on Netflix

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50+ Best Matt Damon movies on Netflix

Saving Private Ryan19982h 49m
The Bourne Supremacy20041h 48m
Green Zone20101h 54m
Ocean's Eleven20011h 56m
Ocean's Twelve20042h 5m
True Grit20101h 51m
Ocean Thirteen20072h 2m
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot20191h 45m
Brave Blue World: Racing to Solve Our Water Crises202050m
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron20021h 23m
Interstellar20142h 49m
The Bourne Ultimatum20071h 55m
Contagion20111h 46m
Good Will Hunting19972h 6m
The Bourne Identity20021h 59m
The Martian20151h 24m
Ford v Ferrari20192h 32m
The Adjustment Bureau20111h 46m
Eurotrip20041h 32m
The Talented Mr. Ripley19992h 19m
Invictus20092h 14m
Rounders19982h 1m
Chasing Army19971h 53m
We Bought a Zoo20112h 4m
Syriana20052h 8m
Downsizing20172h 15m
The Brothers Grimm20051h 58m
The Good Shepherd20062h 47m
Hereafter20102h 9m
Inside Job20101h 49m
The Informant!20091h 48m
Titan A.E20001h 34m
The Rainmaker19972h 15m
The Legend of Bagger Vance20002h 6m
Stuck on You20031h 58m
Courage Under Fire19961h 56m
The Zero Theorem20131h 47m
Behind The Candelabra20131h 58m
Promised Land20121h 46m
School Ties19921h 46m
Margaret20112h 30m
All The Pretty Horses20001h 56m
Geronimo: An American Legend19931h 55m
Gerry20021h 43m
Magnificent Desolation: Walking On The Moon 3D200540min
Running the Sahara20071h 42m
All In: The Poker Movie20091h 40m
American Teacher20111h 21m
Elysium20131h 49m
Jason Bourne20162h 3m
The Departed20062h 31m
The Monuments Men20141h 58m
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Please note that depending on your location, you might not be able to find some movies on the list when you search them on Netflix as most of them are location-restricted.

Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is one of the most popular movies featuring Matt Damon that you can find today. It’s a war movie that tells the story of four brothers who went to war during the second world war.


Three of them are KIA (Killed in action) leaving only one, Private Ryan. Their mother, Mrs. Ryan, is to receive all three of the grave telegrams on the same day.

In a bid to alleviate the situation, the United States Army Chief of Staff, George C. Marshall, decides to send out 8 men (Cpt. Miller and select members from 2nd Rangers) to find him and bring him back home to his mother.

This is definitely among the best & most rated Matt Damon movies you can find on Netflix so far.

Good Will Hunting

Another very popular Matt Damon movie you can find on Netflix right now is “Good Will Hunting”.

It tells a story of a 20 yr old young man, Will Hunting, a mathematical genius who works as a janitor at MIT but couldn’t find a purpose for his life.


When he was almost sent to jail for assaulting a police officer, Professor Gerald Lambeau decides to bail him out under the condition that he works with him for math every week and that he visits a therapist. Little does he know that the therapist, Sean, will change his life in so many ways.

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So, that wraps it up for the best Matt Damon movies on Netflix that you can find today.

If you have any questions or contributions to make, kindly leave them in the comments section below, & if you find this post to be helpful, then kindly give it a thumbs up by sharing it, & as always, I'll see y'all tomorrow, #peace out.

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