Konga vs Jumia In-Depth Comparison & Review – Where Should You Do Your Shopping From


Konga vs Jumia: Jumia and Konga are undoubtedly the two most popular online shopping platforms in Nigeria, but while Konga is only available in Nigeria at the moment, Jumia, in addition to Nigeria, is also available in a good number of other African countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Uganda, Morocco, etc.

Both offer a wide variety of products from various brands ranging from Electronics to gadgets, clothes and clothing accessories, home and office furniture, kitchen utensils, and even food delivery services.

But which one among these two platforms is more reliable to shop with, especially when it comes to the quality of the products sold on them?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re about to find out in this in-depth comparison between the two shopping platforms, and to achieve this, we’ll be declaring a winner in four different categories, which are;

  • Product selection or variety: to know which platforms give you more product choices to choose from.
  • Ease of use: To know which of the platforms is easier to use both on the web and mobile versions.
  • Trust & reliability: To know which one gives you the peace of mind that what you ordered is actually what will be delivered to you.
  • Delivery: To compare the delivery rates of the two to know which one is cheaper and faster.

So, you’re ready?

Sure, then let’s begin. #enjoy.

Konga vs Jumia

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Konga vs Jumia In-Depth Comparison: Which Is Better?

Product variety

Both platforms have a similar selection of products of different kinds and from different brands, be it electronics, smartphones, digital gadgets, home and office furniture, wearables such as clothes, shoes, bags, watches, etc.


But in my experience, I’ll say that Jumia gives you even more, and the reason being that, not only do their products seem to be cheaper most of the time, they also run promo and discount sales occasionally which slashes the prices of the products even more.

For instance, the Jumia flash sale is a time-limited promo sale where selected products can get anywhere between 10 – 50% discount, and it holds almost every day, with a random selection of products from different categories.

Jumia flash sales.

And I’m not in any way saying that you don’t get discounted products or sale events on Konga, yes, you do, but they don’t come as frequently as what you’d get on Jumia.

Winner: Jumia.

Ease of use

Now, coming to the ease of use, first of all, both platforms offer two different means whereby you can shop for stuff on them, which are the web version and the mobile app, but if you asked me which one gives you the most ease of use, personally, I’d say I prefer Jumia.

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First of all, on the web versions of the two stores, I’ll say they’re both comparable in the sense that they both give you similar product filtering options that let you narrow down your preferences whether to the barest minimum or to the highest degree, depending on your choice.


But when you switch over to their respective mobile apps, that’s where things begin to take a different turn on the Konga app as it’s practically nothing to write home about when compared to its web version, and of course, the mobile app is where most people will be doing a lot of their shopping.

For instance, let’s say you want to buy an HP laptop from any of the stores using their web versions.

While on the laptop listing page, you can filter them based on Brand, Price, Rating, Screen size, Operating System, RAM capacity, Hard Drive capacity, CPU and CPU speed, etc.

Now, Konga on one hand gives you more options that are not available on Jumia by letting you filter products based on Battey capacity, Connectivity, Color, and even based on Products that are available for “Pay on Delivery“.


While Jumia on the other hand also gives you additional options that are not available on Konga by letting you filter products based on the “Seller score“, and where they’re shipped from, for instance, if you’re in Nigeria, you’ll see a filter that says “Shipped from Nigeria” and the same thing applies to people from other supported countries.

And then in addition to that, there’s also one nifty good feature on the Jumia that lets you sort products based on the “Product rating” which is entirely different from filtering products based on “Rating”.

Konga vs Jumia

And what this means is, when applied, you’ll first get to see the most rated, most sold, and most customer reviewed products, which can actually help you make a better and informed buying decision because from there, you can see what other people who have bought the same or similar products are saying about them, whether they’re good or not.

Something you don’t get to see often on Konga, because for some reason, people often don’t like to leave reviews on products they’ve bought on the platform, so you don’t get to read about their experiences.

Now, flipping both platforms to their respective mobile apps, and while you get exactly the same options you got on the Jumia web version on its mobile app, on the Konga app, the only filtering options you get are based on Free shipping, and pay on delivery, and the only sorting options you get are based on Relevance, and Price.

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And that’s it.

But on the Jumia app, you get exactly the same options you got on its web version, which makes Jumia the clear winner of this category because of course, most people will be doing their shopping on the mobile apps by the way, and with the lack of proper product filtering and sorting options on the Konga app, it completely takes away the ease of use of the platform.

Winner: Jumia.

Trust & Reliability

Now, for trust and reliability, which simply means which of these platforms can you have more confidence and rest of mind that what you ordered is actually what will be delivered to you, well, first of all, I’ll say that it kind of has something to do with the last category we just finished discussing up there, “Ease of use“.

So, like I said before, on Jumia, there is an option that let you sort products based on the “Products rating“, which is available not only on the web version but as well as the mobile app.

With a tool like this in hand, on the products listing page, you’ll first start seeing the most sold, most rated, and most reviewed products in a category, and from there you can know what other people who have bought the same products are saying about them.

Verified customer purchase feedback on Jumia.

Again, there is a filtering option available on Jumia called “Seller score“, and a seller score is measured by;

  • How long a seller or vendor has been selling products on the platform.
  • The number of products they’ve sold so far.
  • Order fulfillment rate.
  • The quality of the products, and customer rating.

And this score ranges from 10% to 100%. So, the better the score, the more confidence you’ll have that you’re buying from a trusted and genuine vendor or seller.

Konga vs Jumia
Jumia seller information page.

And even more on Jumia is that oftentimes, you’ll come across some products that are marked or labeled “Official store“.


When you see a product like this, it simply means that such a product is being sold either by the manufacturers themselves or by a vendor who is an authorized and official distributor of the said product.

Products with the “Official Store” label on Jumia.

And Jumia even has a separate section where you can see a list of all the official store brands on the platform, and to do so, simply follow the link below.

See now: All official stores available on Jumia.

Now, Konga on the other hand also has a similar “Seller score” and “Brand store” feature on the platform, but it’s not just on par with the amount of information you get on Jumia at first glance, and again, for some reason, the seller information page doesn’t load up when using the mobile app, which once again makes Jumia win this category.

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Konga vs Jumia
Konga seller information page.

Winner: Jumia.


To keep the long story short, in terms of delivery, I have found Konga’s to not just be cheaper, but at the same time, faster.


While on Jumia their delivery fees are not only costlier, but they also take a longer time to deliver your products as opposed to Konga.

And again, you’re more likely to find products that are available for “Pay on delivery” on Konga than you’ll do on Jumia.

And as such, Konga wins this category because of its cheaper delivery fees, combined with the faster delivery rates.

Konga vs Jumia: Summary

So, in summary, you can see that Jumia is by far the better platform or online store to shop with, because;

  • In terms of product selection or variety, Jumia actually gives you more, in addition to the occasional discounts they usually put on some of their products.
  • Secondly, in terms of the ease of use of both platforms, you get more product filtering and sorting options on Jumia, both on the web version and the mobile app, something that cannot be said the same for the Konga mobile app.
  • Thirdly, for trust and reliability, I find Jumia to give more peace of mind because even before ordering a product, you already know what others are saying about it through customer reviews, and you can even judge the ingenuity of a vendor using the seller score.
  • Moving further, Jumia even takes it up a notch by marking supported products as “Official store” right there on the products list page, so you’ll immediately know they’re coming from their respective manufacturers or authorized official vendors.

The only place where Konga takes the cake is based on delivery, but I don’t think cheaper and quicker delivery rate and time alone are enough to sway people away from Jumia to shop on Konga, I mean, what’s the use of a quicker delivery time if you’re not sure of what you’re getting in the end?


In essence, I prefer paying the slightly higher delivery fee and waiting a bit longer, maybe by a day or two to actually get what I ordered from Jumia than to be in a hurry and get what I never ordered.

And that wraps it up for today for the Konga vs Jumia in-depth comparison.

If you have any questions or contributions, kindly leave them in the comments section below, and if you find this comparison helpful and informative, then kindly give it a thumbs up by sharing it, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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