How To Get A Virtual Mastercard or Visa Card In Nigeria, And The Best Platforms To Do So.


Today, I’m gonna teach you the different ways you can get a virtual card (Mastercard & Visa) in Nigeria without visiting a bank, as all you’ll ever need to do this is just your internet-enabled smartphone, and a little time.

But, before we get to that, first of all;

What is a virtual Mastercard & Visa Card?

Simple, just as the word is pronounced “Virtual“, a virtual card is any card that isn’t physical. This can either be a Credit or Debit Mastercard or Visa card, and they’re mostly issued to someone by a bank, or by any registered and trusted financial institutions in the country like Carbon, Kuda bank, Barter by Flutterwave, Alat by Wema bank, etc.

Virtual Mastercard and Visa card

The biggest difference between a virtual card and a physical card is the fact that not only can you hold and feel a physical card in your hand, but, you can also use it to make and process payments at physical payment gateways like withdrawing from an ATM, or even POS machines, but, virtual cards are mostly used for making and processing online payments like when shopping online, paying a merchant on PayPal, etc.

So, having known this, how can you get your own virtual Mastercard or Visa card right here in Nigeria, supposing your bank only gives Verve cards which can only be used to process local transactions, and don’t issue any of those top-tier cards physically?

Well, it’s simple, when you follow the steps below.

How to get a virtual mastercard and Visa card in Nigeria, using the Carbon mobile app.

You can easily get a virtual Visa card in a matter of minutes when you download the Carbon mobile app, and also by following the steps below.

Download Now: Carbon mobile app.

  • Go to Google Play store or Apple Appstore and download the Carbon app.
  • You’ll be required to create a unique account if this is your first time of using the app.
  • When you’re done creating your account, simply login to the app to get to your dashboard.
  • Before you can request for a virtual card, you’ll be required to upgrade your account at least up to Level 2, by verifying your email address.
  • After that, you can simply request for a virtual card by going to the “Cards” option located at the bottom of your phone’s screen.
  • For a start, you’ll be required to fund your online virtual card with at least, $5.
  • So, go ahead and do those, after which your card will be placed on a review process by the Carbon team.
  • The review process usually takes about one hour or more to complete.
  • If you passed the review process, you’ll be provided with your card details which includes the card number, the expiration date, name on the card, and the three digit unique cvv number.
  • After that, you can go ahead and start making use of your new virtual Visa card to complete payments anywhere on the internet.
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And just so you know, Carbon (formerly PayLater) is one of the most popular and trusted CBN Licensed online financial institutions we have here in Nigeria, and they also have a good presence in other parts of the world, especially Africa as a whole.


They are an online mobile loan company that issues and grant loans to individuals in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need of going to a bank, and without requiring you to provide collateral.

And aside from granting loans, Carbon also offers other services like Investment plans, yes, you can actually invest your money on the Carbon app, and it will keep accumulating interest for you, the longer it stays there, and you’re free to withdraw it whenever you feel like.

Virtual Mastercard and Visa card

Still aside from that, you can also use the Carbon app to process various online transactions like payment of all kinds of bills, buying of airtime and data, sending and receiving money, etc.

Other apps that you can find that are related to Carbon include; the Branch app, Fairmoney, Quickcheck, OKash, etc.


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And aside from using the Carbon app to get your own unique virtual Mastercard/Visa card online, there are also other apps from where you can do same. In fact, some banks even allow you to generate an online virtual card from their official apps and websites.

And below is the list of some of the best alternative platforms to get your online virtual Mastercard & Visa cards.

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Best apps and platforms to get a virtual Mastercard and Visa Card

  • Access bank app, and its official webpage.
  • First Bank mobile app, and webpage.
  • Zenith bank app, and its webpage.
  • Eco bank mobile app, and official webpage.
  • GTBank mobile app, and webpage.
  • Stanbic IBTC bank app and its webpage.
  • Kuda bank mobile app.
  • Alat by Wema bank app.
  • Barter app by Flutterwave.

So guys, this here rounds it up for today on how to get a virtual Mastercard and Visa card in Nigeria without visiting a bank, and also some of the apps and platforms to do so.

Kindly let us know if you were able to get yours by leaving a comment with us in the comments section below, and if you find this article helpful, kindly give it a thumbs up by sharing it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #peace out.

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