6 Practical Solutions To Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Popups On Your Infinix Phones.


Have you been struggling with the annoying “Unfortunately app has stopped” popup on your Infinix phone for some time now?.

How to fix "unfortunately app has stopped" on Infinix phones.
Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped. LOL!!

If yes, first of all, I want to let you know that you’re not alone on this, as this is one very common issue that plagues most android smartphones out there, regardless of the make or price at which you got the phone.

And because of this, today I’m gonna show you some of the most common factors that are most likely to contribute to some of the apps on your phone forcibly shutting down by themselves, and six practical solutions that can be used to address this matter.

So, you’re ready?

Well then, let’s get started. #enjoy.

6 Causes and practical solutions to fixing “Unfortunately app has stopped” popup on Infinix phones.

1. Phone running on too little amount of RAM size, with too many apps opened

One of the functions of the RAM in smartphones is to make sure that multiple apps can remain open in the background, even when they’re currently not being used.

The larger the amount of this RAM size, the more apps that it can contain and keep watch over so they don’t shut down by themselves.


But when you’re making use of a phone with very little RAM size, say something like 2 or 3GB of RAM size, and you’re the type that opens lots of apps and keeps them running in the background;

Automatically, the RAM will get filled up in no time and overwhelmed.

Now when this happens, the more apps you keep opening, the more apps that will be erased from the RAM’s memory and they’ll be forced to close by themselves, and when that happens, that one annoying notice, “Unfortunately Facebook has stopped” is inevitable.


So, what do you do in this situation?

Well, I bet you already figured that out by yourself, which is, normalize not opening excessive apps in the background when your phone is running on a small amount of RAM size.

Only open apps you want to make use of at the moment, and when you’re done, close them so that the rest apps can have some ventilation in the already jam-packed RAM’s memory.


Or better still, save up and buy yourself a much better Infinix phone with a fat RAM size that can contain whatever amount of opened apps that you throw at it.

Below are some the best Infinix phones that you can buy right now in 2021.

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2. Two many processes running at the same time, with a less powerful processor to handle them

While the RAM is there to make sure that as many apps as possible remain open in the phone’s background, the processor makes sure that these apps are carrying out their various activities and going about their business without crashing into each other.

These activities are called “Processes“.

Now the more apps you have opened simply means the more processes that the processor has to deal with.


Now, this shouldn’t be an issue if your smartphone is running on a very capable and fast processor, but what happens when the processor in your phone is not fast enough in handling multiple processes at once, probably due to the low processor spec and speed?

Automatically some processes will have to be stopped, and when this happens, the apps which are linked to such closed processes are likely going to shut down as well.


So, what do you do in such situations?

Well, likely the same thing you did in the first solution above. Avoid opening apps that you’re not gonna be using at the moment.

And secondly, Learn to turn off toggles such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Hotspot, etc when they’re not in use, all these things when left on, can contribute to more processes piling up in the phone’s processor memory.

3. Learn to clear Log and Cache files frequently

One common factor that can fill up a phone’s storage very easily is the presence of log and cache files, in other words, called Junk files.


When this happens, different storage-related issues are likely going to start popping up on your phone, with one of them being apps forcibly closing by themselves, and returning the “Unfortunately, app has stopped” notice.

How to fix "unfortunately app has stopped" on Infinix phones.



Learn to clear log and cache files often from your phone.

And secondly, you can also clear the cache and app data of a particular app that is returning the “unfortunately app has stopped” notice.

For instance, if an app such as Instagram is the one showing you “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped” popup, here’s what to do.

  • Go to your phone’s main settings menu.
  • From there, locate and tap on the option that says “App and permissions“. Although this option might have a different name, depending on the model and android version of the Infinix phone that you’re making use of, but even at that, it should still be something related like “Apps” or “Apps Manager“, or whatever.
  • Locate the Instagram app or whatever app it is that is causing the issue on your phone, and tap on it.
  • While in the app’s info page, locate and tap on the option that says “Storage“, and a new page will be opened for you.
  • On this new page, you should see two additional new options. The first one says “Clear data/storage“, while the second one says “Clear cache“.
  • Tap on the “Clear cache” option, and the app’s cache will be erased from your phone. This does not affect any sensitive data saved from the app that is stored on your phone. Doing this only completely clears the app log files from your phone’s memory.
  • Now go ahead and open the app once again to see if the issue persists.
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Now, if after doing this and the issue still persists, the next thing you’ll want to do is to clear the app’s data from your phone entirely.


Doing this will entirely erase all data from the app that is saved on your phone such as login details, etc, but it is more likely to fix the problem.

To clear apps data, simply follow the same steps listed above, but this time, tap on the option that says “Clear data or storage” instead, and after that, you can open the app again to see if the issue still persists.

4. Failure to update apps to their latest versions

Many a time, apps can get caught up with bugs, and when this happens, these apps have a tendency to malfunction in whatever smartphone that they’re installed in.

And that is one reason why app developers are always on their toes, looking for and fixing these bugs from time to time, usually with new app updates available in Google Play Store.

But when you fail to update yours, automatically the bugs will keep bothering you, and one of the ways they do this is by crashing the app in question, whenever you try to open and make use of it.


And if left for a longer, same bug can multiply and start affecting other unrelated apps installed on your smartphone.


So what do we do in this situation?

Simple, tame the habit of updating apps to their various latest versions frequently. Preferably, as soon as they’re released.

That way, you’ll be one step ahead of others who are also using the same app without updating theirs.

5. The newly updated app version might actually be the one containing the bug.

Sometimes, updating apps to their latest versions is not usually a good idea, cause that particular new version of the app might actually be the one that contains the bug that can cause the app to crash on its own, and return the “unfortunately app has stopped” notice.

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So what do you do in this situation?


Rollback to an old version of the app by downloading and installing it from a trusted source such as APKMirror, and wait till the developers release another new version of it while confirming that it is officially free from the bugs.


So you see, updating apps might just not be the solution always.

6. Your phone itself might actually be under a spell of virus infection, bug activities, and malware.

If you have tried all the methods and steps above, and yet the issue persists, then it is very likely that your phone might be under a virus infection.

When things like this happen, apps are likely to close by themselves, your battery is likely going to start draining faster than usual and becomes even more difficult to charge, and a host of other issues that will keep cropping up as the days go by.


The only sensible solution to this problem is to format the phone in question, but before doing this, make sure that you have verified that the phone is actually being held under a virus infection because formatting a phone simply means erasing every single piece of data and files stores in it;

And after formatting it, when you turn it on again, the phone actually will feel like new, free from the virus and all.



If after doing all these things and the issue still persists, then it is probably a good sign that you need to replace that phone of yours with a new one, assuming that you’ve been using it for such a long time now.

So, save up, get yourself a new and better Infinix phone if Infinix smartphones are still your thing, and be free of all the problems.

And that wraps it up for today on the six practical ways to fix “Unfortunately app has stopped” popup on your Infinix smartphones.

Kindly give this article a thumbs up by sharing it if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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