XOR Titanium – A Luxury Phone That Retails For $3,973, But Can Only Do Voice Calls and Send Text Messages.

Okay, now here’s a quick one, in the past and present, we’ve always had expensive phones that are kept apart from our regular thousand dollar costing smartphones from the likes of Samsung, Apple, etc.

I’m talking of phones that costs over a hundred thousand dollars, and many of them even topping the million dollar mark by a mile. Now these are no longer expensive phones, but luxury phones, and only the world’s richest and most famous individuals can afford them.

Some of these phones include the $1 Million dollar “Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot”, the $8 Million dollars “Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB”, or even the infamous “Black Diamond iPhone 5”, retailing for an eye watering price of $15.3 Million dollars. (source: Wonder List)

A Luxury Gold Crested iPhone.

Now Vertu, happens to be one among these luxury phone brands that designs and sells “bespoke” luxury phones for the few people who can afford them.

They later faced a sudden drop in consumer interest and eventually went under the radar. The last time we heard about the brand, it had just launched its Aster P Android smartphone exclusively in China.

Since then there has been little to come out about the luxury maker. Now, a group of former employees are aiming to revive the Vertu heritage under the Xor brand.

Pronounced “Eggsor”, Xor is co-founded by Hutch Hutchison who was the former design chief at Vertu alongside several of his Vertu colleagues. Part of the brand was financed by former Vertu customers who still desired the utmost premium phone money could buy.

Their first product is the Xor Titanium, a candybar phone hand-built in England with a whopping £3,000 ($3,973) price tag.

Xor Titanium

As the name implies the phone features a titanium casing combined with a leather back and an old-school T9 keypad. It runs a custom-built Linux-based software which is rudimentary.

As reported by GSMArena, the phone will be only able to make voice calls and send text messages. Although, it still boasts of some modern features like active noise cancellation on calls, and even wireless charging, and a battery that the company claims can last up to five days on a single charge.

Xor Titanium

Another interesting feature about this phone is something called the “remote key” which can delete all data stored on the phone, if the need arises.

According to Hutch Hutchison, the phone, Xor Titanium will launch sometime in during the first quarter of 2021.

Source: GSMArena

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