What Happens When Facebook Ask You To Submit Your Nudes To Them


Alright so i was just taking a walk past MissTechy today and i came across this one peculiar post, and so i thought, why not share it with you guys over here to know what you guys think. And what is it? Now the thing is, in a bid to fight an ongoing #RevengePorn campaign, Facebook is taking measures to make sure that your nudes doesn’t get leaked.

Now i know most of us don’t understand a single bit of all what i just said up there, so lemme explain it in a more elaborate but simple way. So how many of us have ever been a victim of such scenario where you break up with your partner, probably a boy, and then in a bid to make you pay for breaking up with him, he goes ahead to leak your nude pictures online. Now that is what Facebook is trying to fight. Are we clear now?

Now the next question is, how does Facebook plan to achieve this good deed. Well first of all, i will say the first part of the job will be done by you. Now in case you’re suspecting your partner to be that kind of person that might want to leak your nudes if you guys eventually go your separate ways, all you have to do is first submit those nudes to Facebook using a Revenge Porn Helpline and Facebook will prevent them from being uploaded on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger.

Now you might still want to ask how does Facebook tell when your nudes are uploaded. Well this is how it works. So when you’ve sent your explicit contents to Facebook, these pictures will be given a unique digital fingerprint called Hashing and these Hashings (codes) will be stored in Facebook’s database not the original picture now. So when someone tries to upload same photo, the system will automatically recognize the codes and block the photo before it appears online. Cool Right?

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Now the Question is, if you were or you’re suspecting to be in such situation in the near future, will you submit your nudes to Facebook? And by the way, why do people take and store nudes of themselves?


So let us know what you think in the comments box below, and see you on the next one… bye..


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Article Source – MissTechy.com

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