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How To Download + Setup Google Lens App On Any Infinix Phone in 2019

•   Are you finding it difficult to download and make use of the Google Lens Camera app on your Infinix smart phone? Well, say no more..

•   Google Lens is a camera app that does more than just a camera app, it is used to analyze a photo and fetch details and information from them.. It extracts texts from images, does real time live language translations, helps you search for products online by making use of their images and many more..

•   The Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus are the only Infinix smart phones to launch and have this Google Lens thingy because they are an androidOne device, but today, we’ll be showing you how to download, setup, use and enjoy it on every other of your Infinix smart phones.. #enjoy

How to download Google lens on any infinix phone

Okay, so far so good, we’ve only recorded the new Infinix Note 5 and 5 Stylus smart phones, to be the only Infinix smart phones to come with this new Google Lens thing.

Although sometime early last year, Google made the Lens as a standalone app which can be downloaded from the Play Store and used by any supported android smart phone out there, and what is the pre-requisite for your phone to be supported?

Simple, your phone must be running on anything from Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. But even at that, there is a 60% chance that you still might not be able to download the Google Lens app on your phone even if it is running the latest version of Android..

Now you might want to ask, how did i get to know all this.. Pretty simple, because right here, I’ve got an Infinix Zero 4 smart phone, running on Android 7.1 Nougat, but i still wasn’t able to download the Google Lens app from the Play Store, instead, here was the reply i got when i tried to..

Google Lens app 2018

So if you’ve been or you’re currently facing the same issue right now on your Android or Infinix smart phones of being unable to download the Google Lens app on your phone and probably being unable to enjoy all the goodness and fun it brings along with it..

Well need i tell you? That story is about to change right now and right here.. Today i’ll be showing you in step by steps, how i was finally able to download Google Lens app on my non supported Infinix Zero 4 smart phone. enjoy..

Google Lens app 2018

First Of All – What Is Google Lens

Okay, so Google Lens is ehhmmm a.. “scratches head“.. now i don’t know what better noun or adjective that i should use to describe it properly, but for the sake of this article, I’ll just say, it is more of a camera app, but not just your everyday camera app that everyone is used to.

No, in this case it is not used in taking photos, but it fetches information from a photo.. jargon right? Well It is used in doing things like fetching texts from a photo, lets say you saw an unusual quote on one of your old calendars hanging on the wall, and you want to quickly share that quote with everyone following your social media handles without having to start typing everything one letter after the other.

Well just simply point the Google Lens camera on it and extract the text from it, on most cases, it will even tell you from whom the original quote was from..

Google Lens app

Apart from just fetching texts from photos, it is also used to extract phone numbers, dates and addresses from business cards, it is as well used to identify strange plants and animals, do live language translations, scan bar codes and many more.. So you see, the possibilities are just endless..

Download Google Lens app for any Infinix phone

So like i said up there, the Infinix Note 5 and 5 Stylus android phones are the only Infinix devices for now that supports and has this lens thingy, probably because they are androidOne devices, but after reading this article today, you should be on your way to get and enjoy it on every other Infinix smart phones out there.. and once again, i’ll say enjoy.

How To Download, Setup and Use Google Lens Camera On All Non Supported Infinix Phones In Just 30secs

Already, first of all, to know if your android smart phone is eligible to have this Google Lens thing or not, there only one way to find out..

  1. Quickly run to Google’s Play Store, and type “Google Lens” into the search bar up there.. or you can as well quickly do it by hitting this link.
  2. Now if your phone is supported for it, you should see the app and probably a download button right next to it.
  3. But if your phone is not supported, on most cases, you wouldn’t even see the app at all, and even if by chance you do, you’re probably gonna get this message right next to it.
    Google lens app

So like you already know, this tutorial is for only those people whom their android smart phones do not have support for the Google Lens thing. So if you followed those steps up there and luckily you found out that your own does have support, then just go ahead and download it and save yourself the stress of reading this.. But if yours doesn’t, then i bet you should continue reading and following until we get to the promised land.

  1. Now follow this Link to APK Mirror, they have all the previous and latest updates of all Google Lens versions.
  2. So from there, download the one which suits you best, which is probably gonna be the most recent version
  3. Install it to your phone and open. In some cases like mine, it will ask you to update your Google App from the Play Store before it could work, so just do all that, and open it again.. And that’s it. You now have a real live working Google Lens app on your android smart phone. So just go ahead and start lensing

Now not only can the Lens app be downloaded and used as a standalone app on its own, Google also allows you to integrate and use it with other Google products such as the Google Assistant App and the Google Photos app.

All you just have to do is update these both apps to their various respective latest versions, and you’re good to go. Now that’s how you can download, setup, use and enjoy the Google Lens apps on all of your Infinix android smart phones and every other general android smart phones as a whole.

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