Recharge King App Review – A Simple Android App That Lets You Load Airtime Vouchers On Your Phone, Using Your Phone’s Camera


Recharge King is a simple android app that lets you automatically load airtime vouchers (recharge cards) into your phone lines, without requiring you to manually dial the digits in by yourself.

Sounds futuristic right?

But how does it work? Well, quite simple.

It uses your phone’s camera to scan the recharge card digits and tops up the airtime to the selected appropriate sim card.

Recharge King

The app was developed by Transsion Holdings, the same parent company responsible for the production and sales of Infinix, Tecno and iTel smartphones all over the world.

Though the app can be downloaded as a standalone third-party app from Google Play Store, but it comes installed by default on newer Infinix phones.


So having known this, how do we make use of the recharge king app on our android smartphones?


How to make use of the Recharge King app

Step One

If you’re making use of any of the newer Infinix phone models like the Infinix Note 7, Note 8, Hot 10, Zero 8, etc, the app should come pre-installed in your phone by default.

But if not, you can simply download the app below.

Download Now: Recharge King android app.

Recharge King App – Step Two

When you’re done downloading and have installed the app, go ahead and open it, and you should be taken straight to the app’s homepage, and it looks something like this.

From here, you’ll be required to select on which sim card that you want the recharge card to be loaded on or top-up.

After that, select “Next” or “Top up for others” in case you want to recharge a friend’s line.

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Step Three

After that, you’ll be taken straight to the scanning area where you’ll be required to place your phone’s camera above the recharge card to start scanning.

How to recharge or top-up airtime on your phone without dialing the digits

Recharge King App – Step Four

When the app has successfully scanned the digits from the recharge card voucher and you’ve confirmed that they’re correct, simply hit the blue button to finish the process which includes the app topping up your line with the airtime, and that’s all.

Recharge is successful, completed, and confirmed.

And that’s how you get to top up your phone lines from airtime vouchers, using the recharge king app. Kindly give this article a thumbs up by sharing it if you found it helpful, and as always. I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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