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Goku.to – If you’re tired of paying the monthly subscription fees for movie streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, etc, there are a good number of sites like 123Movies, FMovies, GOmovies, MeMovies etc, where you can still stream, download, and watch your favorite and the latest movies for free.

But these sites always have one common issue, and that is, they’re always crippled with ads, so much that you eventually get tired and give up, and that is where Goku.to come in.


What is Goku.to?

It’s simple, Goku or Goku.to is currently among the newest and hottest free movie and tv series streaming and download websites.


Because it’s new, it simply means you’ll get little to no ads on the site when searching for your favorite movie or tv series.

  • Tap here to visit Goku.to official website.

Another advantage it has over other websites alike is the fact that it has all the latest movies as they’re being uploaded on the platform as soon as they’re released, even before they become available on major streaming platforms like Netflix.


So, as I said earlier, if you’re tired of renewing your subscription on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc, and are looking for the best free sources to stream and download your favorite movies and TV shows, then you can’t get it better elsewhere than Goku.to.

And below is how to download your favorite movies and tv series from the site.

How to download the latest movies and tv series from Goku.to

  • First of all, make your way to the site by following this link.
  • While on the site, you can sort for movies based on genre, country, and most rated movies on IMDb, or simply enter the name of the movie you want using the search button provided on the homepage.
  • When you’ve finally found the movie you’re looking for, simply tap on it, and you’ll be taken to a new page from where you can start watching it right there and then.
  • To start watching a movie, simply close the ad you see on your screen, and the movie will start playing.
  • To download a movie, simply tap the “Download” button shown from the list of buttons on the video player screen, and follow the prompts from the consecutive pages.
  • And if you do everything correctly, your movie should begin downloading in no time.

And that is basically how you get to stream and download the latest and your favorite movies and tv series from Goku.to.

And if you must know, below are some of the best free movie download sites that are also similar to Goku.

8 sites similar to Goku.to

And that wraps it up for Goku.to, the best website right now to stream and download all your favorite movies and tv series for free.


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