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How to Add Movie Subtitles To VLC Media Player When on Android Smartphones.

Okay, so here’s the drill. Today, I’m gonna show you two things. First is how to download movie subtitles for your favorite movies, and the second is how to add those subtitles when watching movies using the VLC media player on your smartphone.

So, if you’re ready, then let’s get started. #enjoy.

VLC subtitles.

For those who already have the movie subtitles downloaded and ready on their device, you can click the jump-link below to jump straight to how to add it to your VLC media player.

Jump to section: How to add movie subtitles to VLC media player.

While for those who don’t, and those who don’t even know how to find and download movie subtitles on their devices, then I guess you’ll want to read everything on this page completely, down to the very last word.

How to download & extract movie subtitles on your smartphones.

First thing first, you can go to any of the available movie subtitles websites of your choice such as Podnapisi, Yify Subtitles, etc, to download the movie subtitle of your choice.

You can check this link to see some of the best sources to get any movie subtitle you want.

The subtitle file comes in a compressed .zip format most of the time, so, you’ll need a file extractor app such as ZArchiver to extract the main subtitle from it, which ends with a .srt file extension format.

Download Now: ZArchiver file extractor android app (Play Store).

But, if yours already comes in a .srt format, then there is no need to extract it any further, and you can simply skip this part of the tutorial.

And as for those who don’t know how to extract zip files using the ZArchiver Android app, you can simply follow the link below to learn how to do that.

Learn Now: How to extract files to specific folders using the ZArchiver mobile Android app.

Now, after you’re done downloading your subtitle file and have extracted it to its .srt format, then it’s time that we add it to our VLC media player while watching the movie it was meant for.

Ready? Let’s continue.

How to add movie subtitles on VLC media player on smartphones.

Step One

First thing first, make sure that you’re using the latest updated version of VLC media player on your smartphone. You can quickly head over to Google Play Store to do that in case yours isn’t.

Step Two

When you’re done updating it, go ahead and use it to open any movie of your choice from your smartphone.

While the movie is playing, tap on your phone’s screen, and you should see some icon options shown to you. Go ahead and tap the icon located at the far-left bottom corner of your phone’s screen.

VLC subtitles.
Notice the icon at the left bottom corner of the screen, that’s the one.

When you tap on the icon, more options will be shown to you, and from this new set of options, select the one that says “Subtitles” by tapping on the downward pointing arrow beside it.

Notice the downward pointing arrow beside the “Subtitles” option? Tap on it.

When you do so, even more options will be shown to you, and from there, select the one that says “Select subtitle file“.

VLC subtitles.

When you do so, you’ll be taken to a file-explorer-like drop-down menu where you’ll be required to locate the place or folder on your phone where you saved the subtitle file of said movie. Remember that this file must end with a .srt format, else, VLC media player won’t be able to acknowledge its presence.

Notice that my subtitle file ends with a .srt?

So, make sure that you’ve followed the steps of downloading and extracting the subtitle file properly into its .srt format before attempting this.

How to add VLC subtitles – Step Three

When you’ve found the subtitle file, simply tap on it, and once you do so, you should start seeing the movie subtitles shown on your phone’s screen as the movie is being played via the VLC media player installed on your phone.

VLC subtitles.
As you can see, subtitles are now added to the movie as it is being played.

And that’s all. That’s how you get to add movie subtitles on VLC media player when watching films on your smartphones. You can simply go ahead and do this for all the movies on your smartphone.

And for those who don’t know where to download movies from, you can check out some of the best free sources to download high-quality movies of any kind, be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi, Tamil, etc, all to your device for free.

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And that wraps it up for today, if you found this post helpful, kindly give it a thumbs up by sharing it, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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