Top 60 Best Survival Movies on Netflix That You Can Watch Today


Do you enjoy watching movies where people struggle to stay alive? Whether they’re straight-up horror movies, natural or man-made disaster movies such as the likes of “2012”, zombie apocalypse movies such as the likes of “World War Z”, alien invasion movies, etc, if your answer is “Yes”, then you’ll definitely find this list of the top 60 best survival movies on Netflix that you can watch today, very helpful, and entertaining.

Survival movies on Netflix

So, you’re ready?

Sure, then let’s jump right into it.

…But before then, kindly take note that by the time you’ll be reading this article & in Netflix’s usual tradition, some of the movies listed here might not be available in your location, or even worse, completely removed from the platform, just in case you couldn’t find anyone of them on your Netflix’s app.

And with that being said, now let’s begin. #enjoy.

Top 60 Best Survival Movies on Netflix Today

Here are some of the best survival movies that you can find and watch on Netflix, today.

Interstellar20142h 49m8.6/10 (1.8M)
Titanic19973h 14m7.9/10 (1.2M)
Gravity20131h 31m7.7/10 (830K)
I Am Legend20071h 41m7.2/10 (764K)
Arrival20161h 56m7.9/10 (701K)
District 920091h 52m7.9/10 (686K)
Edge of Tomorrow20141h 53m7.9/10 (684K)
World War Z20131h 56m7.0/10 (672K)
Don't Look Up20212h 18m7.2/10 (541K)
A Quiet Place20181h 30m7.5/10 (535K)
Oblivion20132h 4m7.0/10 (530K)
Pacific Rim20132h 11m6.9/10 (506K)
War of the Worlds20051h 56m6.5/10 (453K)
The Day After Tomorrow20042h 4m6.4/10 (453K)
Squid Game2021TV Series8.0/10 (452K)
Armageddon19982h 31m6.7/10 (430K)
201220092h 38m5.8/10 (381K)
Bird Box20182h 4m6.6/10 (347K)
Annihilation20181h 55m6.8/10 (331K)
The Mist20072h 6m7.1/10 (315K)
Battleship20182h 11m5.8/10 (250K)
San Andreas20151h 54m6.1/10 (241K)
The Platform20191h 34m7.0/10 (231K)
Train to Busan20161h 58m7.6/10 (225K)
Battle Los Angeles20111h 56m5.7/10 (182K)
Unbroken20142h 17m7.2/10 (171K)
In the Heart of the Sea20152h 2m6.9/10 (141K)
The Shallows20161h 26m6.3/10 (135K)
Love and Monsters20201h 49m6.9/10 (130K)
Pacific Rim: Uprising20181h 51m5.6/10 (119K)
The 5th Wave20161h 52m5.2/10 (111K)
Geostorm20171h 49m5.3/10 (110K)
The Cloverfield Paradox20181h 42m5.5/10 (107K)
Poseidon20061h 38m5.7/10 (106K)
Lost in Space2018 - 2021TV Series7.3/10 (101K)
The Midnight Sky20201h 58m5.6/10 (84K)
The Blue Lagoon19801h 44m5.8/10 (72K)
Alice in Borderland2020TV Series7.7/10 (71K)
Into the Storm20141h 29m5.8/10 (69K)
Spectral20161h 47m6.3/10 (60K)
Extinction20181h 35m5.8/10 (54K)
How It Ends20181h 53m5.0/10 (54K)
All of Us Are Dead2022TV Series7.5/10 (52K)
The Silence20191h 30m5.3/10 (46K)
Cargo20171h 45m6.3/10 (45K)
Would You Rather20121h 33m5.7/10 (42K)
#Alive20201h 38m6.3/10 (41K)
Left Behind20141h 50m3.1/10 (40K)
The Rain2018 - 2020TV Series6.3/10 (38K)
IO20191h 36m4.7/10 (35K)
The Mist2017TV Series5.4/10 (26K)
Rim of the World20191h 38m5.2/10 (25K)
Against the Ice20221h 42m6.5/10 (24K)
Sweet Home2020TV Series7.3/10 (23K)
Awake20211h 36m4.9/10 (23K)
The Silent Sea2021TV Series6.9/10 (22K)
Black Crab20221h 54m5.7/10 (22K)
Mother/Android20211h 50m4.9/10 (20K)
The I-Land20194h 41m4.6/10 (18K)
Keep Breathing20223h 29m5.3/10 (12K)
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With the earth being crippled by disastrous sandstorms, resulting in a great famine that could mean the end for the inhabitants, a group of scientists and space travelers must make the daring journey to a newly discovered wormhole in order to find another planet that might be able to sustain mankind.

Having won several awards with over 145+ nominations, and a whopping 1.8 million votes on IMDb, Interstellar remains the most-rated space travel and mankind survival movie ever released.


Survival movies on Netflix

Titanic tells the love story of a low-class young man, Jack, who falls in love with Rose, an upper-class beautiful young lady when aboard the most luxurious ship ever built, the R.M.S Titanic.


Their love adventure is short-lived when the ship collides with an iceberg resulting in a life-threatening disaster as the ship begins to sink in the middle of the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean.

With not enough lifeboats to go around, the people must decide who to go first, and Jack and Rose are faced with the most challenging obstacle that puts their love to strain.

It’s a movie that weaves both romance and survival, leaving the audience sad and teary at the end, as one person has to make the ultimate sacrifice for the other person to live.


“Dr. Ryan Stone is a medical engineer on her first shuttle mission. Her commander is veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky, helming his last flight before retirement. Then, during a routine space walk by the pair, disaster strikes: The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Ryan and Matt stranded in deep space with no link to Earth and no hope of rescue. As fear turns to panic, they realize that the only way home may be to venture further into space.”

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I Am Legend

Survival movies on Netflix

“It is the year 2012. In the ruins of New York City. Dr. Robert Neville (Will Smith), who is a military scientist, is the lone survivor of a biochemical disease that was supposed to cure cancer three years previous. With only bloodthirsty zombies as his neighbors and his trusty dog, Samantha, Robert is trying to discover a cure for this disease and to find out any other people who might have also survived.”


“Aliens have landed on Earth, in 12 different locations. Language professor Louise Banks joins a US army team at one of the locations, in Montana. Her job is to try to learn the aliens’ language and enable communication with them. Through regular meetings with two of the aliens, she starts to compile a record of the aliens’ “language” – a series of drawn symbols. The important question is – are they friends or foes? Other nations with alien landings are starting to view them as a threat, making it a race against time as war with the aliens could erupt at any moment.”

And those are short summaries of the first five movies from the list, which brings us to the end of this long list of the top 60 best survival movies on Netflix today.

Give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you find it entertaining, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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