GOtv Jolli Channels, Price, & How to Subscribe to It


GOtv Jolli Channels – GOtv Jolli is the third most expensive GOtv package you can subscribe to right now. sitting right behind the GOtv Max package, and has over 65+ channels. And today, I’ll be telling/showing you everything you might need to know about this package such as the price, complete channel list, and even how you subscribe or upgrade to it using the MyGOtv app.

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GOtv Jolli channels

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GOtv Jolli Price

As I said, GOtv Jolli is amongst the cheapest GOtv packages, and it costs just ₦2,800, which gives you a total of 69 channels which I’ll be listing below along with their channel numbers.

GOtv Jolli Channels & Their Numbers

GOtv Jolli ChannelsChannel Numbers

General Entertainment Channels

African Magic FamilyChannel 02
African Magic HausaChannel 04
African Magic YorubaChannel 05
African Magic IgboChannel 11
Real TimeChannel 12
TelemundoChannel 14
TelevistaChannel 15
ROK2Channel 17
ROK GHChannel 18
Novela MagicChannel 20
CBS RealityChannel 22
Zee WorldChannel 25
E! EntertainmentChannel 26
TVC EntertainmentChannel 27
Big Brother NaijaChannel 29
Discovery FamilyChannel 50
TrybeChannel 97
WWE Channel HDChannel 128

Movie Channels

African Magic EpicChannel 09
TNT AfricaChannel 16
B4U MoviesChannel 24

Documentary, Lifestyle, & Education Channels

Spice TVChannel 10
Nat Geo WildChannel 51

Sport Channels

BLITZChannel 30
SuperSport FootballChannel 31
SuperSport Select 2Channel 34

Kids & Teen Channels

Disney JuniorChannel 60
JimJamChannel 61
NickelodeonChannel 62
PBS KidsChannel 65
Da Vinci KidsChannel 66

Music Channels

MTV BaseChannel 72
HIP TVChannel 74
Sound CityChannel 75

News & Commerce Channels

Al JazeeraChannel 40
BBC World NewsChannel 41
CNN InternationalChannel 42
Arise NewsChannel 44
TVC News NigeriaChannel 45
NTA News 24Channel 46
NTA ParliamentChannel 115
CHANNELSChannel 95

Local Channels

Sunna TVChannel 84
LAGOS TVChannel 90
NTA InternationalChannel 91
AITChannel 93
ONMAXChannel 96
Wazobia TVChannel 98
Galaxy TVChannel 99
OGTVChannel 100
Arewa 24Channel 101
WAP TVChannel 102
RSTVChannel 103
EBSChannel 104
BCOSChannel 105
ITV BeninChannel 107
BISCON TVChannel 108
Liberty TVChannel 110
Tiwa n TiwaChannel 111
R2TVChannel 112
RAVEChannel 113
NTA 2Channel 114

Religious Channels

FAITHChannel 80
Emmanuel TVChannel 82
Dove TVChannel 83

GOtv Max Audio Channels

Naija FMChannel 301
Wazobia FMChannel 303
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How to subscribe or upgrade to the GOtv Jolli package

Follow these steps to learn how to subscribe or upgrade to the GOtv Jolli package, using the MyGOtv app.

  • First of all, download the MyGOtv app from the Play Store if you don’t have it already installed on your phone before now.
  • After that, open it, and if you’re just using it for the first time, you’ll be asked to provide your GOtv decoder IUC number and your registered phone number. You might also be asked to set a password.
  • Once you’ve done that, you should be on the app’s homepage, from where you can select the GOtv package you want, which in this case is the “GOtv Jolli“, and simply follow the remaining steps to complete your payment.

And that’s all you need to know about the GOtv Jolli channels package. Give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you find it helpful, & as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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