DStv Packages, Prices, & Complete Channels List


DStv packages, prices, & channels – If you’re a DStv subscriber or planning to purchase a DStv decoder, and as such, want to know the DStv packages available today, with their prices, and channels list, perhaps to know which package better suits your budget, then you’re at the right place as I’ll be showing you all that you seek today.

DStv packages

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DStv packages and prices

DStv PackagesPricesNumber of Channels
DStv Premium₦21,000160+ Channels
DStv Compact Plus₦14,250145+ Channels
DStv Compact₦9,000130+ Channels
DStv Confam₦5,300105+ Channels
DStv Yanga₦2,95085+ Channels
DStv Padi₦2,15045+ Channels

DStv Premium

As the name hints, DStv Premium is the highest tier of DStv packages, both in price and the number of channels it contains.

So, for a monthly subscription of ₦21,000, or ₦231,000 if you choose to go yearly, the DStv Premium package brings you all the MNet movie channels, Universal Studios channel, KIX, TNT, ROK, WWE, and all SuperSport channels for sports lovers.

DStv Compact Plus

DStv packages and prices

Sitting just below the Premium package is DStv Compact Plus. This one brings you over 145+ channels which include three MNET movie channels, Universal Studios channels, KIX, TNT, ROK, WWE, and all SuperSport channels.


So, if you feel the Premium package is too expensive for you to afford, then for almost half the price, I don’t think you’ll really be missing much if you went for the Compact Plus package.

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DStv Compact

And just right after the Compact Plus package is the regular Compact DStv package. Again, this one is almost half the price of its Plus package and brings over 130+ channels which include ten movie channels, nine Sports channels, and a host of others.

The other three DStv packages include the DStv Confam, DStv Yanga, and DStv Padi channels.

And that wraps it up for the DStv packages available today, and their prices. If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comments section below, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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