Latest Samsung Galaxy A Series Phones Announced in 2022, That You Can Buy Right Now


The latest Samsung Galaxy A Series Phones, 2022: Samsung is popularly known for its top-of-the-line flagship devices from the S and now retired Note series, but at the other end of the spectrum, they have an extensive catalog of midrange and budget devices from the A, M, and F series.

The A series devices are the most popular among the trio and arguably the best-selling midrange phones in the world right now, and because of this, today, we’ll be showing you the best and latest Samsung Galaxy A phones announced so far in 2022, that you can buy this moment, as we speak.

Samsung A series phones

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Latest & Best Samsung Galaxy A Series Phones (2022)

  1. Samsung Galaxy A73 5G
  2. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
  3. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G
  4. Samsung Galaxy A23
  5. Samsung Galaxy A13
  6. Samsung Galaxy A03 & A03s
  7. Samsung Galaxy A03 Core

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

See complete specifications: Samsung Galaxy A73 5G full phone specifications.

The Galaxy A73 5G is currently the highest-end A series Samsung phone that you can buy right now. Announced in March 2022, this phone is built on the blueprints of its predecessor, the Galaxy A72, as it takes everything that was good on that phone, and made them even better.

So, you get a 6.7 inches 1080p (Full HD+) Super AMOLED display ticking the clock at a 120Hz screen refresh rate, the processor has been upgraded to a Snapdragon 778G as opposed to the 720G variant used on the last model, you get a 108MP main camera with OIS and a 12MP ultrawide cam, while on the front rest a 32MP front-facing camera.


As opposed to other midrange phones within the same price range, this phone can record 4K videos at a maximum framerate of 30fps using both its rear and front-facing cameras.

The phone ships with Android 12 out of the box, and in line with Samsung’s commitment to providing longer software updates for its smartphones, the Galaxy A73 5G will be getting up to 4 yrs of major Android version updates, and one additional year for security updates.

Samsung A series phones

And in terms of build quality, the phone is fully fitted with an IP67 rating for ingress protection against water and dust.

So, if you need the best A series phone that Samsung could offer at the moment, and you have the cash to splash on it, then it’s definitely the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G phone.

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Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

See complete specifications: Samsung Galaxy A53 5G full phone specifications.


Just as it was between the Galaxy A72 and A52 phones from last year, this year’s Galaxy A53 5G is basically the same phone as the A73 5G but with a smaller screen, a different processor, and a different main camera sensor.

So, coming in at its usual 6.5 inches 1080p Super AMOLED display that again ticks the clock at a 120Hz screen refresh rate, the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is running on Samsung’s newly developed Exynos 1280 processor and has a 64MP main cam, same sensor as last year.

Samsung A series phones

In terms of software, once again, Android 12 out of the box with a commitment to four years of major Android version updates and one extra year for security updates, you get the same solid build quality as on the A73 5G with an IP67 rating, same battery capacity as well at 5000 mAh, complete with 25W of charging power, an under-display fingerprint sensor, etc.

So, in summary, if you want an easy-to-hold phone with more or less the same specs as the Galaxy A73 5G, and even coming at a slightly lesser price tag, then the Galaxy A53 5G is definitely the best Samsung A series phone to fill in that gap.


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Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

See complete specifications: Samsung Galaxy A33 5G full phone specifications.

And climbing down the spec ladder a little bit, we have the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G. This phone is a hybrid of the Galaxy A32 and A32 5G, both of which were announced last year, as it took every good thing on those phones, and combined them into one.

So, you’re getting a 6.4 inches Super AMOLED display with 1080p (Full HD+) resolution and a 90Hz screen refresh rate.

Like the Galaxy A73 and A53 5G, it also comes with an IP67 rating for protection against water and dust, and Gorilla Glass 5 on the display.

It uses the same Exynos 1280 processor as the A53 5G, has a 48MP main camera with OIS and an 8MP ultrawide, a 13MP camera sits on the front, and once again like the A73 and A53 5G, it can also record 4K videos at up to 30fps using both its rear and front-facing cameras.


It comes with Android 12 out of the box, and it’s covered by Samsung’s four years of major software update commitment, the fingerprint reader is hidden under the display, and it even has a set of stereo speakers.

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For power, you’re getting the same 5000 mAh capacity battery with 25W charging as the A73 and A53 5G phones.

So, if you want a Samsung A series phone that comes very close to what you’d get on the A73 and A53 5G phones, and at an even lesser price tag, then you should definitely not sleep on the Galaxy A33 5G.

Samsung Galaxy A23

See complete specifications: Samsung Galaxy A23 full phone specifications.

Being a successor to both the Galaxy A22 and A22 5G phones from last year, the new Samsung Galaxy A23 has to cut some corners in order to balance the specs difference between those phones, while also keeping the price reasonable as well.

So, on here, you’re getting a 6.6 inches 1080p LCD display with a 90Hz refresh rate, whereas the non-5G Galaxy A22 got a 6.4 inches Super AMOLED display with the same 90Hz screen refresh rate, but the only disadvantage was that its resolution was stuck at 720p as opposed to 1080p on the A23.


So, you see, one (old) has a better display panel, while the other one (new) has an overall higher resolution and even a Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the screen when the Galaxy A22 and A22 5G didn’t have any.

Samsung A series phones

But moving away from the display, the Samsung Galaxy A23 is running on a Snapdragon 680 4G processor meaning that the phone doesn’t feature 5G, and no one knows for sure if Samsung has plans of later releasing a 5G version of this phone sometime later.

But moving further, you’re getting a 50MP main camera sensor that is fitted with OIS, and a 5MP ultrawide sensor, while you get an 8MP sensor on the front, and unlike the A73, A53, and A33 5G phones, this one’s video recording capabilities are limited to just 1080p@30fps for both the front and rear-facing cameras.

As expected, it comes with Android 12 out of the box, and once again, unlike the first three phones, this one is limited to just three years of major software updates which again is still huge, considering the fact that the competition, Xiaomi and co. doesn’t even get you up to two years.


You get the same 5000 mAh capacity battery as the rest of the phone we’ve discussed and the same 25W charging power.

Samsung Galaxy A13

See complete specifications: Samsung Galaxy A13 full phone specifications.

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And moving down even further, the Samsung Galaxy A13 comes as a successor to the largely popular Galaxy A12 from last year, making just very subtle upgrades, especially in terms of the display, camera, and processor.

So, on here, you’re getting a pretty large 6.6 inches LCD display with a 1080p resolution, and no high screen refresh rates, in comparison, the Galaxy A12 came with a 6.4 inches LCD with a 720p resolution.

Samsung A series phones

It has an Exynos 850 processor, ships with Android 12 out of the box, and will be getting two years of major software updates, the camera too has been upgraded from a 48MP main cam on the Galaxy A12 to a 50MP variant on this one, and you also get a 5MP ultrawide sensor, you get a side-mounted fingerprint reader, a 5000 mAh battery, and with a 15W charging system.

Samsung Galaxy A03/A03s

See complete specifications

And coming to the bottom of this year’s Samsung Galaxy A series phones are the Samsung Galaxy A03 and A03s, and these ones are targeted at people on the bearest minimum budget who just need a smartphone to perform basic tasks.

So, on here, you’re getting a 6.5 inches 720p LCD display on both, the MediaTek Helio P35 processor on the Galaxy A03s and an unnamed Octa-core processor on the A03, the cameras are slightly different also, as the A03 features a 48MP main cam, while the A03s features a 13MP variant, you get Android 11 on both phones, with Samsung’s One UI 3.1 core version, and 5000 mAh batteries on both phones.


But in case you even still want to go lower, there is a Samsung Galaxy A03 Core, and this one features the same 6.5 inches 720p LCD display as the A03 & A03s, it has a Unisoc SC9863A processor, it’s a 28 nm Octa-core processor, comes with a single 8MP rear-facing camera, Android 11 Go Edition, and the same 5000 mAh battery.

And that wraps it up for the Samsung Galaxy A series phones released so far this year.

If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comments section below, and if you found this post helpful, then kindly give it a thumbs-up, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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